The Brutality of Nightmares

It’s time to indulge in your fantasies – bringing back and older piece. Today is all about brutality – that is of haunting nightmares, ones that drag you straight into your personal Hell. It’s also about two men and one man who have a caustic relationship – yet they can’t get enough of each other. It’s very f/f/m with some fairly heavy BDSM thrown in from a player who will have you questioning many things about yourself. Take a taste of…


“You will learn from me as you would any Master and yet I will forever be the man who owns you. I will train you as you need to be trained and in turn you will become my slave.”

Shane snarled as he glared at the man, the monster who’d tortured him for months. DAZZLE-by-Cassandre-Dayne-smallRage boiled within him to the point he no longer cared what happened. Grinning, he spit hot bile across the man’s face and was delighted to see a shocked expression.

Simply wiping his cheek, the Master lifted his head. Snatching Shane’s cock and balls, he twisted them until Shane screamed in agony.

“Aaaahhh!” Blinding anguish coursed through his body.

The Master closed the distance until his face was merely two inches away from Shane’s. “I will forgive your impetuous infractions this one time as you have suffered a loss. Your friend was a traitor and received what he deserved. No matter. Today you will become mine.” Nodding to the two guards waiting in the shadows, he instructed in his native tongue as he folded his arms.

Terrified, Shane refused to allow the man to see just how much. As he was jerked to the steel table and forced onto his back, he struggled but knew it was no use. The feel of the cold metal against his sweat-laden skin gave him a series of shivers. He clenched his fists as both wrists were manacled and thumped his head against the table.

The Master said nothing as Shane was chained to the method of torture. He glided toward a small cabinet and opened both doors slowly. Selecting an instrument, he turned slowly and held the ancient piece out in front of him. Nodding in reverence, he mumbled in Chinese before moving toward Shane.

Out of the corner of his eye Shane could see the weapon and couldn’t help the small gasp of anguish that flowed from his mouth. As the two guards lifted and secured his legs, he was left completely immobilized. A rush of panic washed through his system and as he watched the man, his Master heating the sharpened point he sucked in his breath.

“You fought bravely and well and yet you’re the weaker again. We’ll make you strong, boy. Eventually.” The Master continued his practiced chat in a low timbre as he slowly walked toward the open fire. Placing the entire length of the blade into the flames, he lowered his head.

It wasn’t so much the thought of the horrors that would be inflicted on him but the crackling sound he’d always remember in his nightmares. As he watched his Master near, he arched his back, straining to meet and accept his punishment.

The Master stood in front of his, holding the blade as he nodded, every movement sweet kissclearly defined by the ancient teachings. Saying a few additional words, he lifted the blade.

As the heated steel sliced through his skin, Shane was brought to the perfect dichotomy of anguish and ecstasy and knew this was his place in the world.


Shane Whitlow took a deep breath and as he exhaled slowly he lifted his right leg, twirling the nunchaku over his head. The feel of the cool loquat wood in his hands was more than just invigorating. His cock ached as he practiced his daily routine, craving more than just sex. This was nothing new. He hungered for something almost brutal every day yet the discipline kept him in check. In truth the daily routine kept him sane. The sound of the kusari connecting against the tips of the chucks gave him a smile. Naked, he moved toward forward and backward in stealth like fashion as his Master had taught him over a decade before. A brutal taskmaster, the man was an artist when it came to killing and training. Shane’s practiced dance remained silent except for the whooshing sound the weapon made in the air.

Stealing a glance at his reflection in the mirror, he emitted a single hiss. Strategically placed over the stone fireplace, the massive piece allowed him to scrutinize every movement, perfecting and honing his skills. He nodded toward his reflection and emitted a single smile. Masayuki was glowing from the glimmer of sunlight flowing through the window. He studied his dragon tattoo, covering the entire length of his chest, and paid homage to the creature living in his nightmares. The name of a powerful teacher and warrior seemed befitting the being that would forever remain with him.

Turning in a full circle, he held the nunchucks high over his head before he brought them down with a harsh snap. As he crossed his leg and placed his foot on top of his knee he held the stance, counting to a full minute as he locked eyes with the haunted man staring back at him. This was the only freeing moment of his day and one so revered he took his powerful weapons with him wherever he went. Inhaling deeply, the scent of burning incense filled his nostrils and his soul with reminders of days gone by.

Shane shifted his stance and closed his eyes, envisioning the moment of his capture and of his freedom. Somehow he could still hear the rattle of his chains as he was led to and from his cage daily. He twirled the instrument high over his head as the memories turned into vivid visions. It was always taught to him that forever and beyond was measured by our place in the past. Shane’s place was one of control and one of being controlled. He was proud of what he’d learned from his Master and the man who’d become his lover and his torturer.

Hearing a rustling noise, Shane turned slowly and nodded as Jade stepped into the room. While she almost never bothered him during his morning routine he could see her look of admiration and curiosity. Smiling, he nodded as he lowered the nunchucks. There was something beautiful and haunting about Jade Chen and the way the scarlet silk sheet was draped around her was strikingly powerful.

“I’m sorry to disturb you. I woke and didn’t realize how late it was,” Jade said as she turned to go.

“Please. I’m almost done. Come.” Beckoning her with a single finger, he allowed his lust filled gaze to glide down the length of her body and back up. With the simple turn of his head he could tell she knew exactly what he was saying – what he was requiring.

Her eyes opening wide, she lowered her head before allowing the material to slip sensual hold 2down from her body.

The whooshing sound of the crisp sheet floating to the floor gave him more than just a smile. His cock swelled from the thought of ravaging her body again. Shane never grew tired of her feminine scent or her taste. Narrowing his eyes, he stretched and swung the chucks one more time as she advanced before placing them carefully on the mantle. There was no doubt she was terrified of the methods of combat. She’d known her share of horrible men in her past and one in particular had left a scar from his vicious use of them on her body.

The fact was something that would forever remain in the back of Shane’s mind. His strict discipline had given him more control than most. “I’m hungry.”

“You’re always hungry.” A slight smile crossed her face as she pushed her long, midnight locks behind her shoulders. “Insatiable in fact.”

“You didn’t seem to mind last night or the night before.” Jade remained a constant in his bed and in his life and while they weren’t exclusive, he savored their moments of passion, especially when shared with another.

Licking her lips, she stopped just inches in front of him and slowly lifted her head, locking eyes with his. “I’m not certain I remember.”

It was their game, her challenge and the only one he would allow and while she knew better than to cross the boundaries she enjoyed pushing his buttons. They enjoyed their special secret times together and it was more like a cat and mouse game than anything else. Showing Jade his hand, he flexed it open before hovering just an inch from her heated skin. Inhaling, he moved his hand down the length of her body slowly until his fingertips were barely touching her shaved mound. As he grunted, the timbre more beast than man, he allowed a single finger to swirl around her clit before he kicked her feet apart. “I bet you taste sweet.”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Her voice barely more than a purr, she grazed her fingers up and down his arm.

There was something about the way Jade touched him that sent shivers skating down his back. She was the only woman who could get a reaction from such a gentle caress. There was no doubt he preferred his sex brutal and he had another to share those moments with. Yet this lovely flower would crumble if touched with anything other than kindness. Sadly, she wasn’t aware of the fact. In her mind she wanted to be dominated to the point of becoming a slave and it was something he’d refused more than once. The ugly aspect was a difficulty in their relationship. Relationship. He wasn’t certain he could handle the concept ever again. “Yes, I would.”

Jade gave him a wry grin before wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft. Stroking up and down the length, she dragged the tip of her finger across his sensitive slit as she leaned forward and licked a lazy circle around his mouth. “Mmm…”


Shane Whitlow owns one of the best advertising firms in town. Dazzle, Inc. is savvy, on fire and includes the wealthiest customers in the business. His competition fears his ruthless tactics and some say the man will go to go to hell. Jade Chen and Lisa Lin are his best employees and at odds with each other for the position of Vice President. Both would do almost anything Shane asked, even if it means slipping into his bed. Enjoying the pleasures of the flesh, Shane indulges in both women on a regular basis even bringing them together for wild weekends of unbridled sex – the only relationship he can handle. Haunted by a tortured past, he’s incapable of love.

Unfortunately for one girl, her boss’ brutal business tactics become too much when she’s required to help destroy Dazzle’s only competition. Sickened, she begins a scheme of her own, uncovering a sordid past. As her own dark needs drives her into the arms and bed of another man, the completion makes an offer she can’t refuse. As the plan envelopes, embroiling the unlikely ménage in a twist of fate, Shane, Jade and Lisa are forced to make choices none of them can understand. Unfortunately the past tragedies resurface, threatening their very souls. Faced with his brutal demons, Shane realizes the error of his ways but it is too late to change or will he lose the one woman he’s learned to love?

I hope you enjoyed

Kisses   xxx


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