How Far Would You Go To Save Your Marriage?

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EarthDayHop_ButtonI pose the question – how far would you go in order to save your marriage, especially if you’ve tried just about everything else including counseling? Would you consider something so dramatic others – including family and friends would gasp? I’m talking about moving into a DD (domestic discipline) relationship. It is exactly what you’re thinking – being taken in hand by your husband. He rules and when you disobey your are disciplined including being placed over his knee for a good old fashioned spanking. Yep. It’s coming back in style – much like 1950’s household. Well, I love writing about it and this is my first in what I hope will be a long line of stories. I hope you enjoy.


They both laughed and for a few seconds tension eased enough Shannon could breathe. “I think David’s having an affair.”

“I guess that’s going around,” Tina said through clenched teeth. “I hate to hear it about David. I would say I could never see him cheating on you but I would have sworn Joe couldn’t do that to me until the bright and sunny day.”

“I guess you never know. I found some emails and they’re pretty damning.” Shuddering, Shannon had memorized several of them and as the worlds flowed in the back of her mind she cringed. You’re a sexy man and I know I could help ease you out of your blues. I know what a man like you needs, what he craves. We can share so much together. Shannon could almost hear Jade’s husky voice purring out the words.

“Do you think this affair has gotten physical yet or just flirting?”

“The flirting has gotten to the point of talking about shoving his cock in her pussy. Isn’t that bad enough?” Shannon realized her voice had raised just enough to allow the older couple across the aisle to give them sneering looks.

Tina opened her eyes wide. “Don’t snap at the messenger, girl.”

“I’m not. It’s just…” Shannon couldn’t finish.

“I’m just suggesting if this sexy flirtation has stayed as sexual bantering then maybe you can salvage your relationship. That is if you want to. Only you can decide.”

“Yeah, I guess.” Taking a sip of her wine she sat back as the waiter approached.

“Do you love him?”

“Have you decided, ladies?” the young man asked.

“Give us a few minutes,” Tina said as she smiled sweetly. “We’re in no hurry.”

“Take your time.” The waiter gave Shannon a smile before walking away.Undoing His Belt

“At least you still have what it take, honey. I’d flaunt it if you ask me.” Tina purred and licked her lips before lifting her glass of wine. She kept her eyes pinned on the waiter’s ass.

Shannon groaned. “You’re incorrigible and I don’t want anyone else.”

“You just answered your own question.” Tina smiled coyly. “Now what are you going to do to fight for your relationship?”

“That’s just it. All we do is fight. We fight and yell, I throw temper tantrums and he tells me all the bad things I’m doing. That starts another round of fights. I know it sounds silly, but if we could be on some neutral territory for a little while we both might calm down.”

“That’s what you need to do and to talk to each other, not at each other,” Tina suggested.

“That’s what I tell him.” Shannon thought about the fight from the night before. They’d both gone over the rational edge, but she’d really pushed the envelope. “I try so hard it seems like and we just can’t find dispassionate ground. There are days like I feel I’m completely out of control. I can’t seem to focus. I find myself just losing my sanity. I know, don’t laugh at me here.”

“I’m not laughing at all. That would be like the huge pot calling the kettle black,” Tina said, a grin spilling across her face “When I found out about Joe I was a bitch on wheels. Whew. The man was terrified to sleep in the house.”

Shannon chuckled. “Well that I can understand. But I don’t know. Maybe our marriage can’t be saved.”

That look“If there’s still love, then any relationship can be saved.” Tina’s eyes flashed. “So you’re pitching the most fits? And yes, men can pitch wild and wooly ones.”

Grinning, Shannon nodded in agreement. “David certainly can. I don’t know really, probably I am. He has his days and screaming battles but I really go over the top.”

“Attention?” Tina tilted her head.

“Who me? As in like a child?”

“As in exactly like a child. My bet is he’s working a lot like he always did years ago. Right?”

Shrugging, Shannon couldn’t even count the number of weekends he didn’t go into the office or have some paperwork to complete. “True. The firm is doing well and he works extended hours.”

“Cut into your passion and intimacy?”

“Yes. What are you getting at?”

“If you can’t get David’s attention from simply being his wife you’re going to try and garner it anyway you can. That’s human nature and that’s always been your personality. You refuse to take no for an answer. You’re sullen when you don’t get your way. You tell little white lies when it suits whatever point you’re trying to get across and you can be a drama queen. Tell me I’m wrong.”

While Tina’s eyes were twinkling and a mischievous grin riding her lovely face, Shannon was still incensed. For about thirty seconds until she realized every word her friend was saying was true. She acted like a stilted prom queen far too often. “Fine. You’re right. You make it sound like I need to be put over his knees and spanked like a very bad girl.”

“Well…” Tina took a sip of wine before leaning over the table, her eyes locked on Shannon’s. “How far will you go to get your marriage back on track?”

“How far?”

“Yes. To what extreme will you go to in order to fix your relationship?”

“Counseling just doesn’t work for us. We just find a way to get around the system I think,” Shannon stated. She thought about the few times they’d gone together and she realized now she and David had merely been playing at changing their ways.

“I’m not talking about counseling, other than what you do together. And you both have to be honest and very open with each other.”

“Those are certainly attributes that help in any relationship, so what are you talking Anticipation_Cover-smallabout?”

Tina glanced around the restaurant and lowered her voice. “First of all, I am talking about a good old fashioned spanking.”

Shannon burst into laughter. “How much wine have you had? A spanking isn’t going to fix what’s broken with us. Trust me.”

“I’m not talking about a single spanking. I’m talking about a lifestyle change.”


Shannon Parker loved her husband with all her heart but every day they seemed to be growing further apart. Married to David for almost ten years, their relationship was loveless and they were constantly bickering. Unfortunately she couldn’t stop blaming him for all their problems and she suspected the bitter arguments were pushing him into the arms of another woman. When she confronted him with her thoughts, her ugly words screamed during a heated battle, he threatened to leave, sending her into a tirade of nasty innuendos.

At her wits end, a chance encounter with an old friend gave Shannon an unconventional idea and one she’d never considered. After days of contemplation, she knew this might be their last hope at reconciliation. Determined to win David back, Shannon suggested a change – domestic discipline – into their household. Confused and unsure of the idea, David spent a full week reading about the lifestyle. Making a difficult decision, the first day of the rest of their life brought about excitement as well as apprehension, yet she refused to go back on her word. And when David texted her reminding her of the night’s discipline, she entered into hours of heated anticipation. Could their love survive alternating the balance of power?

Hmmm – so could you do it?

Kisses   xxx



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