There’s Something HOT About a Man With a Gun…

Well isn’t there? Oh come on ladies and gents alike. You know you love it. Still participating in the Rebel Ink Press Earth Day Blog Hop and I hope you’re lovin’ all the sexy authors. I wanted to bring you my upcoming very sexy m/m suspense piece. It happens to be the second in a trilogy that is from my very first m/m – Game Over. Readers asked me for more and so… Don’t forget to stop by Rebel Reasoning for all the links to the other authors and enter the rafflecopter for a chance at a free kindle…

Without further ado…


Chapter One

“Rest assured, Captain Dartainian. You are going down. One way or the other. One wrong move and you will go down. You might think you’re something special now, but trust me, you’re nothing but white trash and you know what happens to trash, ColdPlay_Cover-smalldon’t you?”

“Goddamn it I’m sick and tired of bullshit!” White trash. Shuddering, Tony Dartanian punched the wall in his office, anger boiling through him. The ugly threat alone from some unknown person, the message left in a disguised voice only added to the nasty mood his was in. This wasn’t the first time either. He was by far the most hated man in town. He’d show them all. The very notion of being labeled a dirty cop boiled through him. His entire life he’d fought against this very concept, working like a dog to prevent any cloud hanging over his head. While he’d heard the rumor mill since he’d been promoted, the innuendos as well as the threats he refused to tolerate. Clenching his fist, he shoved the group of files off his desk, savoring the way they fell onto the floor. An honorable man. That’s all he’d ever wanted to be, in his career and in his life. Sadly, the challenge was driving him into Hell.

Somehow the words ‘anger management’ flowed into the back of his mind. He had damn good reasons to be pissed and more than one. He was being held hostage by an asshole – a thieving, conniving jerk off. The Mayor was already breathing down his neck about catching the bad guy and members of the Press had left him several messages, of which he was ignoring pretty much all of them. There was a lingering fear or organized crime sweeping through the city and in truth, he had a feeling the concept was spot on. Their town was in the midst of what he considered to be a crime wave and the latest bout of robberies were just another hit – one Philadelphia didn’t need. The city’s agenda reeked of drug crimes including prostitution and mob related murders. bw man in chainsAnd now the constant barrage about dirty cops. The Press was having a field day.

He glared at the television set and realized he looked like a coward, racing away from the bank of reporters, his back to the cameras. Jesus. He was actually running. What was his freaking problem? That’s right. They’d been hounding him relentlessly, vying for the next great story, bloodthirsty for taking down men of honor. He raised his eyebrow as he watched the procession, wondering just how long it was going to be before the Mayor was knocking on his door, asking for his badge.

“And what exactly do you plan on doing about this crime spree? Do you see this as a challenge to your new position?”

“You do realize you’re not well liked, Captain and that some people think you bought your way into the position?”

“I don’t answer to such ridiculous accusations!” Tony snarled, snapping his head in the direction of the reporter.

“Great. I look guilty as fucking shit.” Tony moved closer to the television. There were way too many smug looks on men and women in the audience. How did he get to be the bad guy? Granted, the economy was in the toilet, his Precinct had the worst arrest record in the city and his tactics remained questionable, but… He laughed as he rubbed his eyes and watched the train wreck continue.

“Detective Dartanian…what are…”

“That’s Captain Dartanian!” Tony quickly corrected.

“Captain Dartanian, how do you plan on have in place in an effort to capture this group of bandits?”

“Do you really think you can clean up your jurisdiction or are you way in over your head?”

“Do you care to comment on the accusations you have a dirty cop in your GameOverdepartment?”

“Goddamn.” Group of bandits? Dirty cop? The assholes were pulling out all the catch phrases. “Fuck me.” Grabbing the remote, he flicked the switch off and tossed to plastic piece on top of his desk. Given just how many people were questioning what he was doing, he knew the real finger pointing would start soon enough. He had to push the vile assertions and innuendos aside. They were kicking him in the ass. The case was something else entirely and only added to the bad moods everyone was in.

Several businesses in the high rent section had been targeted over the past three weeks. All of them hit during the night with no one the wiser as to how they managed to get past the seemingly airtight security systems. The stint had started with a bank and rolled. There were no witnesses and no connections other than a few of the business owners were targeted more than once. The whole think stunk of pure vendetta. And the owners were taking everything in stride. At least somebody was. Tossing his pen, the metal banked off the desk and against the window. The tiny ping made him hiss. “Fuck!”

“Whoa, Captain. Are you all right?”

Eyeing the young officer, he turned and glared out the window of his office, his brand new office, and resisted snarling. Evening was setting in and he’d been at the office since the wee hours of the morning attempting to put pieces of a puzzle together.  He rubbed his forehead, wishing he were in anguish. Feeling anything right now would be an improvement from being conscious of absolutely nothing. No sensations and zero emotions. Well, except for anger. He was full of rage. “Yeah, I’m just dandy. Sick and freaking tired of games. That’s all.”

Standing wide-eyed, the uniformed man had a curious look on his face. “Oh, do you mean the jewelry store heist? Pretty cool, huh? Hell, they left all the diamonds right in the safe. What kind of thief does that? The alarms weren’t tripped either. The truth is the person disarming these systems is damn good at what he’s doing. Cool stuff.”


Be careful what dangerous games you play…

Tony Dartanian was thrilled with his promotion. Becoming Captain of the prestigious EarthDayHop_ButtonPhiladelphia Police Department had its share of perks. The grueling position had also cost him his fiancé, the only man he’d ever been in love with. Between the long hours and his horrific moods, Caelen finally had enough and walked out the door, ending their five-year relationship with barely a word. Devastated, he had no time to grieve. A serial criminal was in their midst and to date had burglarized over a dozen businesses. The last heist had ended in a security guard’s death. “Cold Play” as the man had come to be known, was elusive and highly intelligent, and Tony made it his mission to hunt the man down.

Steele Prentiss had spent his entire life on the run. Exhausted, he’d settled on Philadelphia as his final big score. Then he was going to retire to sunny Miami where the cocktails never ended. Everything was going according to plan until a pesky police officer hounded his every move. Frustrated, he decided on a cat and mouse game in order to lure the detective out in the open. Little did he know the game was going to sink knee deep in secrets and lies. Electricity between them rocked their worlds, tempting both men into crossing more than just one line. But someone was watching… When the threats began, pushing the city into a state of panic, would the two men work together or become mortal enemies?

Mmmm…what do you think?

Kisses   xxx


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