The Need to Completely Let Go…

Could you? Really? Mmm – imagine…  I’m still hoping with all the folks at the Rebel Ink Press Blog Hop and today  is all about letting go – being the woman you’ve craved being but are so terrified of allowing? You know you long for something kinky, something completely out of your comfort zone. Well, I have the taste for you. Don’t forget to stop by all the other bloggers and click on the rafflecopter link for a chance to win lots of goodies. Now take a taste of…


“Can I help you with something?” Marsha asked eagerly. “I know how important this meeting is.”

“Just hold my phone calls.” The newest employee was a hard worker and very loyal, UntameMe_Cover-smallsomething Jennifer valued more and more. She’d caught two of her employees doing the nasty in the vault just a week ago. Well, at least someone was getting some nookie.

“No one will get to you, trust me.” Grinning, Marsha walked toward the door. She stopped short and turned around. “May I just add, I’m thrilled to be working with you. Your reputation in this town is so incredible and to think you took a chance on me is amazing and just… Well, I’m honored you took a chance on me.”

Jennifer tilted her head back and for a few seconds remembered the very day she’d said something just like that to the former President of Liberty Savings & Loan, God rest Marcel’s black heart. And to think Marcel White had been a snake in the grass, something she refused to be. How long ago had that been? Why she’d succumbed to going out with the man’s son to the Savings and Loan Conference and Dinner, she’d never know. The smarmy man was all hands and hair gel. Shuddering, the echo of Nelson’s sloppy wet kiss would forever be ingrained in her mind. Yuck. “Thank you very much and we’re glad to have you. Close my door on your way out.” She waited until her office door was indeed closed before lowering her head to her desk, groaning. She clawed the papers on top of a stack of files, crumpling them into a wrinkled mass. The days were getting longer and the nights filled with bleak and lonely boredom. My God. She was a pathetic woman.

The fact her friends and family had been nagging her to begin dating again was bad Punish Meenough. Actually purchasing a new dress, dolling up and pretending to have a good time with a man simply because of past connections was too much. And she refused to get hooked up with a man who was six inches shorter than she was. No, she preferred the tall, muscular and very blond type. Sighing, her thoughts meandered to the one man she’d been fantasizing about the last few weeks, and she couldn’t even remember his name. Shame on her. But my-oh-my the dreams had gotten wild and wicked with her becoming his total and complete submissive. This side of her had always been buried deep inside and now was bursting at the seams. As if she could ever trust a man enough to submit to him. Trust was something she might never find again, but if she did, she wasn’t going to let it or the man who’d allowed her to be free again get away. Not without a fight.

What in God’s name had happened to her drive, her verve over the last few years? Once a bright eyed, bushy tailed go getter, she’d been reduced down to a conservative woman, one who’d allowed her marriage to go to hell in a hand basket. Jennifer relished the struggles of owning a bank from the long hours to the difficult Board meetings with shareholders. Her blood pumped when she was forced to face difficult situations and time after time she’d come out top dog. Even the economy hadn’t take but so much of a bite out of her ass.

That is until she became more concerned with besting Eric, dragging his name, reputation and the hussy she found him with through the mud. Finding Eric tied down in their bed, spread eagled while blond bimbo of the year sucked his cock, Goth music blaring in the background, hadn’t been her finest day. Nor had lighting the comforter on fire. Thank God she’d come to her senses before blood loss or maiming had begun. And the smoke damage had been minimal.

Shuddering, she lifted her head and swiveled her chair. The view out her third story window was beautiful and she rarely even bothered to look at the manicured grounds surrounding the building she owned. Well, owned was merely a measure of how much she actually owed another bank for the two hefty mortgages. At least Jennifer had EarthDayHop_Buttoncome out very well in the divorce settlement. Yes, hiring the rather evil private detective had certainly been worth the dollars spent.

Eric was all but living in squalor now. Maybe he could get a job as a stripper somewhere. The man was angry and continued to berate her as often as he could. Like it was her fault his ultra Christian company had been shying away from him lately. They certainly didn’t want any scandal associated with them. Jennifer snorted. She knew the very principals of the firm Eric worked for had a mistress or five hidden away. Just poor Eric had gotten the shaft. Awe, too bad.

For a few seconds she leaned back into the soft leather, exhaling slowly as she envisioned her mystery hunk yet again. He was blond and muscular, with long legs and a barrel chest. His eyes were a stunning reflection into his soul, a quiet reminder of so many things she hadn’t tasted in years. Jennifer longed to have a man, of course she did, but her ex had left her with a rather bitter taste in her mouth. There had been moments she’d thought about pitching for the other team. Oddly enough her dream man seemed to be real, or at least from the few times she’d seen in coming home. The man who cleaned her pool had blond hair peeking out from the cap he always wore and a rough-hewn body. Sadly, she’d never been close enough to really check him out. Mmm… But she could dream and pant and…

Inhaling deeply, she groused to herself, ugly thoughts about her wretched love life filtering into the back of her mind. Scooting her chair forward, she glared out the window, wondering what all the other little people had going on in their meager lives. Where they happy living out a concept of the perfect marriage, the righteous decisions they’d made? Or were they actively searching for something carnal, something dark and kinky and a very awakening of themselves that no one had ever seen? Grinning, Jennifer planted both feet on the low window ledge, nuzzling deeper into the leather chair.

She forced the chair to swing back and forth, the slight creaking sound of the metal base somehow comforting. As she continued the action, Jennifer felt her skirt creeping up her legs until the thin fabric was mid thigh, the material digging into her legs. Shifting forward in her seat, the move shoved the skirt up even further until she was able to open her legs wide. Now she swiveled back and forth, her actions getting faster. There was something playful and very enticing about thinking about her mystery lover while she was just about ready to garner a client worth a cool ten million dollars.

If only her bank customers could see her now. Jerking to the right, Jennifer glared at her office door and giggled as she pointed a single finger. “What they don’t know won’t hurt them.” Easing back in position, she opened her legs wider as she brushed a three fingers up from the inside of her knee to her inner thigh, marveling at the subtle yet very powerful tingling sensations trickling into her.

Jennifer grinned as she glanced out the window, sliding her other hand up to her silk blouse. As she fumbled to unfasten the buttons, she thought about the shopping trip to Saks Fifth Avenue to purchase the very expensive blouse, the utter desire she had in seeing the delicious piece. And the knowledge at the time she didn’t give a shit how much she had to pay to have what she called the ultimate in silk attire. The very thought made her want to rip the damn thing to shreds.

She managed to pop open enough buttons, enabling her to slip her fingers under her lacy bra, one that cost most than most people made in a at least three days worth of decent pay, as she pressed her other hand up the inside of her thigh. “You’re one very bad girl, just like your Master says.” Saying the words out loud gave her a rush of adrenaline.


For bank owner Jennifer Reynolds, life was almost perfect. She lived in the finest house in a pristine neighborhood in Atlanta, surrounded by all the toys and treats money could buy. Respected by her peers and thrilled with her employees, everyday was a challenge in the best regard. Life was also boring as hell. Recently divorced, she’d taken her cheating-lying-no good-piece-of-trash husband to the cleaners and then some. Now she was back on track and attempting to date. For all practical purposes she should be happy. Sadly, no one knew the inner girl, the one who craved laced in purplebeing owned and disciplined. She longed to be collared and obey one man, giving him every pleasure imaginable. The thought daunting, how could she allow the real woman out when everyone thought she was a powerful, extremely conservative and very dominating soul?

Stephen “Taz” Parker was a pool cleaner and while he hated the job, the security paid the bills and allowed him time to paint. Art the only love of his life, he was determined to make something of himself. Barely twenty-five, he had time, or so his friends continued to tell him. He was also lonely and hungering for a significant other but few women could handle his particular brand of kink. Preferring older women, the moment he met the luscious Jennifer he was hooked and determined to cut through her straight-laced ways. Cleaning her pool became the one job he adored if for no other reason than catching a glimpse of her voluptuous body. Sadly, she was rarely ever home. There was something about the woman that ignited every passion and his gut told him she longed for a strong man who would encourage her to explore every fantasy. When a chance meeting one sultry afternoon occurred out of the blue, he was determined to find out – at any price.

Ready to lick and taste a sexy younger man? Hmmm

Kisses   xxx


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