Be Careful What Games You Play

What would happen if you were so attracted to someone you simply couldn’t resist the electric draw between you? And what if that man was a bad man?  The very first m/m book I wrote came to me out of the blue and Game Over was a success. Almost instantly readers asked for more of Tony and Caelan. Their story and their love isn’t traditional at all and in Game Over, you merely get to see a glimpse of Tony – the rugged detective and the man he considers to be the love of his life.

Then things happen… A trilogy was born based on all the requests and Cold Play hit the pre-release status a couple of days ago. I thought you might like a taste of my sexy cop thriller, and a very hot interracial m/m story…


Steele Prentiss sat nursing a beer, idly watching the basketball game on the oversized television. Granted, he had no idea who was playing and didn’t give a shit to find out. The darkened bar suited his mood, but the animated customers, hooting and hollering over every goal were getting on his nerves. Grousing, he took another pull of his ColdPlay_Cover-smalllukewarm brew and contemplated ordering something else. He eased back against the bar stool and scanned the perimeter of the bar.

From where he sat he had a bird’s eye view of the entire place. At least the joint was good for people watching. The comings and goings of men and women bent on having a good time and liquoring up quickly in order to achieve their goals was fascinating. He’d never been much of a drinker, preferring to keep his faculties in check. Tonight however he felt like indulging, and he certainly didn’t think he’d have to opportunity to find what he craved sexually. Not in an upgraded sports bar. He’d have to find something else at a later time. There was still work to do. The thought giving him a shudder, he shook his head and couldn’t wait to get the hell out of Philadelphia and onto sunnier pastures. However, he had a score to settle first, one he’d been waiting to finish for a hell of a long time.

Soon enough. Steele had been so patient and he refused to fuck it up. He’d waited, his thought and moves perfected for several years, planning and watching. Now he was ready to take what belonged to him, what had been stolen from him so many years before. He could still remember the words spoken in laughter. You never meant anything to me. Get out. Then the sound of sirens had followed. He was going to give the jerk off a taste of his own medicine. Jail time or worse. The game was already fun and the ending he hadn’t decided on just yet. While one man in particular was his target, the others were merely fodder. He chuckled at the thought.

The bastards had no idea he was messing with them. Just like he’d been shoved around all those years ago. If he played his cards right he’d be rolling in dough, their dough to hottie with tatsbe exact, and watching them being carted off to some nice prison. “Mmmm…” He rolled the sound under his tongue, imaging all the delicious rounds of debauchery he could get himself into in Miami. The city was the next stop on the horizon and one of permanency. While he hated to admit he was bone tired of working like a dog, he was just that.

“You want another beer?”

Hearing the gruff voice, Steele turned his head slowly, narrowing his eyes. He could see a flash of fear on the bartender’s face because of Steele’s stature as well as his piercing eyes. Wearing his disgust for mankind like a badge of honor, he knew how dangerous his demeanor appeared to those who didn’t know him. And he rarely allowed anyone inside his psyche or his life, preferring to live and breathe completely alone. There were less complications and no one asking about his past or his family. “JWB on the rocks.”

“Comin’ right up.” The bartender gave him a solid once over before nodding and retreating into the shadows.

Steele rubbed his jaw and glanced back toward the door of the bar. The long day had left him filled with tension and aching muscles. He was getting way too old for this shit. As he finished off his beer, he thought about the last eighteen years of his life, realizing other than his beloved Porsche he had little to who for all his hard work. Moving from city to city had seemed like a good idea when he was in his twenties. If only his life hadn’t been interrupted twenty years ago, maybe he’d be a completely different person.

Twenty? Hell, he hadn’t been happy since he was a boy and even then his life had been difficult. If only his family had taken another road, selected another state in which to live in. Maybe he’d be on the straight and narrow. He growled under his breath. There were too many maybes and he was now in charge of his life. He was also in charge of retribution, and his way. The delicious thought kept him going.

Tonight he needed to get laid to ease the tedium. He wasn’t a patient man and no matter how good the end result was going to be, he was ready to bag the entire operation. There were too many loose ends as it was. His partner was good at what he was doing, gathering information as well as taking care of security, but he’d been squirrely lately, fear creating mistakes. Well, Steele certainly understood why. It wasn’t every day you took on a refuted mob family. So many people had died at their hands and it didn’t matter how much time had gone by. The men were still powerful. Too powerful. Selecting Damon he thought had been wise, but now he wondered. blakc and whiteRubbing his eyes, he realized he was questioning his entire decision process. Revenge was sweet, but a bitter taste was already in his mouth. On top of everything the cops were hot and heavy and dirty cops no less. He smiled to himself as he looked around the bar. Every city had them. His beloved hometown had been riddled with cops on the take, a product of the very group he was itching to expose.

He thought about the newscast he had heard while taking a shower. The police were already hounding him. Not that he could blame them. Still, he hadn’t quite expected the fact the cops would start to unravel his puzzle so quickly. Frustrated, he was on edge and ready for all this shit to be over with. The Philadelphia cops were formidable folks. The thought gave him a chuckle. This was beginning to be more like a cat and mouse game but jus who was the cat? Maybe he could use the dirty cop angle. So many thoughts remained in the back of his mind.

“Here ya go.” Pushing the glass across the bar, the slick looking bartender gave him a knowing smile.

“Keep them coming until I say no more.”


Be careful what dangerous games you play… 

Tony Dartanian was thrilled with his promotion. Becoming Captain of the prestigious Philadelphia Police Department had its share of perks. The grueling position had also cost him his fiancé, the only man he’d ever been in love with. Between the long hours and his horrific moods, Caelen finally had enough and walked out the door, ending their five-year relationship with barely a word. Devastated, he had no time to grieve. A serial criminal was in their midst and to date had burglarized over a dozen businesses. The last heist had ended in a security guard’s death. “Cold Play” as the man had come to be known, was elusive and highly intelligent, and Tony made it his mission to hunt the man down.

Steele Prentiss had spent his entire life on the run. Exhausted, he’d settled on Philadelphia as his final big score. Then he was going to retire to sunny Miami where the cocktails never ended. Everything was going according to plan until a pesky police officer hounded his every move. Frustrated, he decided on a cat and mouse game in order to lure the detective out in the open. Little did he know the game was going to sink knee deep in secrets and lies. Electricity between them rocked their worlds, tempting both men into crossing more than just one line. But someone was watching… When the threats began, pushing the city into a state of panic, would the two men work together or become mortal enemies?

What do you think?

Kisses   xxx



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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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