Sex Clubs…America’s Dirty Little Secret

Ppsstt… I’m not talking about the typical tittie bars you’ve heard of since you were a kid, the ones situated in the worst part of town. Come on, you’ve been to one of them in your life even if you’re a woman. I sure have and in fact almost got a job pole dancing – but that was a few years ago. Still, the experiences gave me an entirely new understanding and appreciation of what the women go through. Then Pole Dancerthere are the sexy clubs designed for just women with male strippers. YUM is all I have to say. They’re more stylized or so it seems given so many just about to be married women go to one for their last big hurrah. That’s still not what I’m talking about.

I have a m/m book that just came out that’s the second in a trilogy based on Game Over. The first happened to be my very first m/m piece. I realized after the second one just came out I have done quite a few where there are sex clubs as a backdrop. Cold Play, the second, not as much as Game Over but since a kink club is where so much of the situations happened in the first one, I did include a moment or two. I also have this type of club presented in an erotic thriller penned by a pseudo of mine and that one takes kink clubs to an entirely different level. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about – there are all kinds of kinky erotic clubs in America, ones that are located right there under your nose. For certain BDSM clubs, they are held in houses sometimes as well as fancy hotels where they rent a ballroom and hire guards to only allow in the guests who are confirmed. Within the confined and usually posh setting many things go on including all the aspects of BDSM you might be thinking about. From flogging to electro play, fire cupping to spanking benches and rooms specifically designed to allow the guests to enjoy every pleasure you are longing for  – you’re going to find what you want.

GameOverIn some cities, such as Washington DC, there are clubs that no longer hide and are prominent tax paying members of society. The Crucible is high class and you just might be surprised at some of the members – they are quite the upper echelon of DC and for some, if people knew they were attending function as a Mistress or Master, they could potentially lose their jobs and livelihood. The club is exclusive and well attended and they keep personal and bodily safety in the forefront of their mind. The events are both kinky as well as educational and the atmosphere – from what I’ve seen on line (yes they have a website) is amazing. You are able to let go of all your inhibitions. Everything is completely consensual of course.

Now there are other clubs too that might just surprise you and they happen to be the ones included in Game Over and Enslaved – the piece by my other pseudo. It’s funny. I have many sexy blogs and one written by a good friend of mine was about Sex Clubs in Amsterdam. They exist as the country is they are MUCH freer with their sexuality. Sex is highlighted and presented in a favorable fashion and you can find anything and everything you are looking for. You can walk down certain streets and naked women are standing like mannequins in the windows, undulating and inviting all those who pass by – men and women. Sex as an industry is huge in the Netherlands. By the fact the blog is one of the continually most read, I’d say people are very interested in kink clubs, wouldn’t you?

So the kind of club I’m talking about is where you can have every fantasy come true. The club is designed much like an entertainment facility where there is a staging area where men and women, who’ve been hired as sexual performers, to indeed perform an act of sex on stage. Whether there is a moment of flogging on the “X” cross or perhaps a sexy ménage in which burglars break in and “take” the woman by force, almost any scenario you can think of is highlighted and customers love it. For some clubs, this goes a bit further.

For the most part from what I’ve read (a couple of clubs in Paris they are open to the public) theses clubs are both secret and by invitation only. You don’t get to walk in off the street and see the fantasy of you life played out on the stage. You also don’t have the option of having your particular fantasy selected from all the other patrons who are vying to have theirs selected. And if yours is chosen, what then? Well imagine if you were given the opportunity to become one of the performers. Imagine if you longed to be punished severely for being the very bad little girl you are. Or perhaps you long to be tied and forced to performFour hot ones acts of fellatio with several men. Before you scream in horror, not only are the performers all screened for diseases on a regular basis, but so are the patrons. The clubs are very careful about who they have on their staff and who they let in. So take the fear of disease off the table.

As a customer, you sign off on a waiver and are allowed to put your name in the hat so to speak to have your kink request fulfilled. I can only imagine how terribly exciting it would be to have three masked men do whatever I had decided was my kinkiest fantasy. Come on guys, we all have them so don’t shy away here. We all long to be spanked or taken by “force”. We wouldn’t mind being blindfolded, not knowing what’s going to happen or have strangers simply make you do things you would never think about doing in your vanilla life.

Well, if you know you can’t do that in real life, there are books that help you live out your fantasy vicariously on the steamy pages. I think about writing Game Over today and the hero is a cop, who uses the fantasy option to lure back the love of his life, a man who is going to leave him. Imagine a high-ranking detective who has a penchant for kinky sex. Do you really this this couldn’t be true? Hmmm…

Just a sexy thought for the day and next time you see a plain brownstone building where very nicely dressed men and women seem to be flocking to, think again about what might be going on behind closed doors… Yes, America, you have more than one Dirty Little Secret.

Kisses   xxx


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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2 Responses to Sex Clubs…America’s Dirty Little Secret

  1. A very nice post here Cassandre, I know here in NYC, where my primary residence is, there is the Premiere Club “Paddles” Name says it all. And in years past, there were two other’s of note, “The Vault” and “Hellfires” both of these were a little more seedier and have gone to the BDSM play-pen in the sky. There are of course a whole host of others here in NYC and other cities but Paddles is one of the best in the USA. As you say, you can find the club that fits your kink and live out and view your wildest fantasies. It still remains a mystery why the US has not come to that openness that other countries have in just being yourself in your own time and space…


    • behalle says:

      I agree with you Joseph and it’s obvious to be people here crave more. I think giving them clubs that are well maintained would be an excellent addition to the clubs we have. We shall see what time brings. Meanwhile i’ll keep writing about them.


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