Another Taste of Cold Play

Be careful what games you play. I love writing about HOT detectives and I crimes so my m/m stories tend to be gritty and in your face. This one is no exception. It’s the second in a trilogy and Game Over just began to scratch the surface of the man hiding behind the tough guy persona. Come take a taste of the inner creature.


“Cat got your tongue? The man was into you, buddy. Good God, talk about undressing you with his eyes. He ripped them off and tossed them into the crowd.”

“Yeah. He was something else.” Tony shook his head. The black man was not his usual ColdPlay_Cover-smallattraction, but between his tough guy exterior, rippling muscles and the attire that only personified the dangerous man concept, he was indeed turned on. Enough so his hand was shaking. The animal attraction between them was also evident. Then again, maybe Jonah was right and he needed to come out of his shell.

Jonah burst into laughter. “You really do need to get laid if that’s the only kind of reaction you can give. Come on.”

“Ya want every man and woman in here to hear you?”

“As if you would care about the women,” Jonah teased.

“Another word and I’m gonna take you out in the parking lot and kick your ass. You got it my friend?” Tony issued him a hard glare.

Jonah held up his hands. “Just sayin’. So sensitive,” he said, using a nasally voice.

This time Tony held up his middle finger. He studied the crowd, trying to catch a glimpse of the man and for the life of him couldn’t stop his hand from shaking. Clammy, he rubbed his palm on his jeans. “He’s hot but I ain’t lookin’.”

“Yeah. Yeah. You need to stop mourning just like I did. Life is too short. Get out and play a little. Get your groove back.” Jonah handed him a beer as he swiveled his hips, pursing his lips as if for effect.

Troy shook his head and snagged the beer from Jonah’s hand. “You’re a riot tonight. I don’t need my groove on other than to catch the bad guy.”

“Not tonight. We’re playing hard tonight. Remember?”

“Like you’re going to let me live it down.”

“What are friends for?” Jonah took a gulp of his beer and nodded toward the back of the room. “What’s wrong with playing anyway?”

“Maybe nothing for regular guys.’

“And you’re some super hero?”

Tony snorted. “No, but I’m a cop and I can’t play. Not allowed. Besides, I have work to do.”

“And who’s in charge of the rule books?” Jonah raised his eyebrow. “Oh come on. Live a little. You know the saying, ‘all work and no play makes a dull boy’. My friend, you are boring as hell.”

“Thank you so very much.”

“Christ. This is a bar and we’re having fun. Find a guy and dance or something.”

“What, and be all over the front page news?” Tony huffed. “Not gonna happen.” The A little m:m tonguemen in his department knew he was gay, but flaunting it in front of the good people in his precinct? Not gonna happen. They didn’t need to know his personal business. He’d been down this road once before, letting his guard down enough to pull Caelen closer to him. So he’d lost the love of his life and almost the promotion he’d been vying for.

“You need to learn to live or die of boredom. You’re a hot guy. It’s time to take a chance.”

Tony heard him, knew what he was saying was right but he remained hesitant. Maybe too many what if’s. “Not gonna happen.”

“Fine. Have it your way. So, I hear they have a band. What do you think about the place?”

Tony took a gulp of his beer, his thoughts all over the place. He thought he’d never be able to find himself attracted to a man again after Caelen walked out of his house and his life forever. Sighing, he couldn’t get the ugly day out of his mind for a full day. “It’s hot, good vices and cold beer.”

“You sound like a freaking brewski commercial. God, what is with you tonight?”


“And you’re surly too. Just what I need in a best friend.”

“Who says I’m your best friend?” Tony looked serious for a second then slapped Jonah on the ass.

“I think that’s considered sexual harassment, boss.”

Tony groaned. “You gonna be holding that over my head forever?”

“My current plan, so get used to is, ole Cap-e-tan.” Exaggerating the words, Jonah stood at full attention.

“Unbelievable.” He took another long pull on his beer and scanned the crowd again. God, he was pathetic. “Be back. Hittin’ the head.” Setting his bottle on top of the bar, he could see a mischievous grin crossing Jonah’s face.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

“Royal comedian, aren’t ya?”

“All in my spare time, boss man.”

Tony waved him off as he eyed the sign for the bathrooms. As he pushed his way through the partying crowd, he thought about Caelen. His fiancé used to love to come to places just like this and he remembered over the last few months never having the time. The truth was he’d never deemed what Caelen saw as important anything being close to vital for him or his life. He simply lived and breathed the precinct, his work and hunting down criminals.

Groaning, he slapped his hand on the door to the bathroom and walked inside. Walking toward the bay of urinals, he tried to push thoughts about Caelen out of his mind. His lover was never coming back. The ugly expletives he’d screamed after Caelen and the fact he’d pitched what little Caelen had left in the brownstone out the window right in front of his lover’s car probably sealed the deal they were never getting back together.

As he unzipped his fly, wrapping his hand around his dick, he exhaled slowly. Time was supposed to heal all wounds. Right now he knew whoever came up with the ridiculous notion was a freaking moron. He closed his eyes, shoving the memories back into a box and proceeded to do his business. When he was finished he took a step back.

Tony heard the sound of a man clearing his throat, the sound guttural and for some reason extremely sexy. Dear God, he was horny as shit. He opened his eyes and instantly his blood boiled. The ugly fluorescent lighting wasn’t able to demur the fact the black man was just about the sexiest guy he’d ever laid eyes on.

The man tilted his head, allowing his eyes to fall very slowly down from Tony’s face to his chest, settling on Tony’s crotch, a smile curling on his mouth.

Tony had never felt so embarrassed or titillated in his life. There was no need for undressing with his eyes. The stranger, the rough-hewn man was devouring him. Hehot black man realized his cock was swelling, growing hard in his hand. Instead of easing his stiff cock back into his pants, he wrapped his hand around the base, stroking up and down, clenching until the friction created a series of sensations skittering down both legs. He was about as turned on as he could be. The very thought Jonah had managed to push in to his mind remained like a beacon, encouraging him to let go, enjoy the ride. And he wanted a savage ride like nothing else. Swallowing hard, Tony hesitated, debating his actions.

The black man inhaled deeply, allowing the exaggerated sounds to fill the space. He walked closer, his eyes never leaving Tony.

Tony shifted back and forth on his feet, stroking up and down as he eased his hand between his legs. His heart was thumping against his chest, the combination of fear of getting caught and the delicious aspect of being watched by a total stranger fueling the deviant inside.

“Nice cock.”

Remaining quiet, Tony savored the way the man was looking at him and could tell by the bulge between the stranger’s legs how turned on his was. For a few minutes he continued his lurid actions, anticipating being interrupted at any minute.

“Fascinating,” the black man said, his voice filling with a sensuous husk. He moved closer until he was a mere six inches from Tony.

“What’s that?” Tony could barely get the words out. Electricity sparked between them and he longed to see the man naked.

“I think you know.” Taking a single finger, he slid the tip down and back up the length of Tony’s shaft, a slight hiss escaping his lips.


Tony Dartanian was thrilled with his promotion. Becoming Captain of the prestigious Philadelphia Police Department had its share of perks. The grueling position had also cost him his fiancé, the only man he’d ever been in love with. Between the long hours and his horrific moods, Caelen finally had enough and walked out the door, ending their five-year relationship with barely a word. Devastated, he had no time to grieve. A serial criminal was in their midst and to date had burglarized over a dozen businesses. The last heist had ended in a security guard’s death. “Cold Play” as the man had come to be known, was elusive and highly intelligent, and Tony made it his mission to hunt the man down.

Steele Prentiss had spent his entire life on the run. Exhausted, he’d settled on Philadelphia as his final big score. Then he was going to retire to sunny Miami where the cocktails never ended. Everything was going according to plan until a pesky police officer hounded his every move. Frustrated, he decided on a cat and mouse game in order to lure the detective out in the open. Little did he know the game was going to sink knee deep in secrets and lies. Electricity between them rocked their worlds, tempting both men into crossing more than just one line. But someone was watching… When the threats began, pushing the city into a state of panic, would the two men work together or become mortal enemies?

I so hope you enjoyed.

Kisses   xxx


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