Being Sinful…Indulging in Your Fantasies

Mmm – it’s that time of the week to indulge in all the sexy things you hunger for. I take you back to an older piece, one that you just might have to take a “bite” out of the entire story. I write a lot that are meant for nothing but reminding you that life is supposed to be about pleasure. Let’s take a look at my second book…


Would your man know if you were hiding behind a mask, tempting him to taste his wildest fantasy?


What could you give a man for his birthday that had everything? That was Brittany Cox’s daunting task. David Miller, her secret lover, had every expensive toy money could buy. On one snowy winter night after a wicked round of sex, he admitted that he wanted his friends to watch their passion. Unfettered, an idea was brewing. When hePole Dancer presented her to her neighbor, forcing her to have sex in the hot lights of her picture window, she developed a naughty plan of her own. Unfortunately on the night of his birthday, she had to work. As the stretch limo took David and three of his close friends to their secret destination, he was shocked.

The strip club was not his idea of the best place to be without her. As the guest of honor, he was given front row seats to the show. The masked vixen hired began her dance of seduction. When she attempted her version of a lap dance, he broke the rules and touched. Shoved into a darkened room, he was undressed and tied to a chair. The dance not yet over, the mysterious woman teased and tasted, enlisting help from his shocked friends in an audience full of hungry voyeurs. Horrified, David refused to enjoy the stunning woman and he knew that Brittany could never forgive him for such betrayal. What David could not know what that there was another beguiling secret yet to be revealed. 


“No you don’t!” Brittany Cox scooted out of his reach only long enough to yank off her crimson lace bra before being jerked over his knees. Fully naked, she squealed in delight as his hand came down firmly across her bottom. Crack! She shivered and feigned fighting his action, but they both knew that she craved his firm touch. In truth, they loved their fiendish little playtime. As he spanked her in rapid, swift slaps, she moaned loudly. Melting from the intense pleasure, Brittany knew her bottom was becoming deliciously scarlet and yet he continued the serious discipline. “Oooohhh!”

“Such a naughty girl.” David let her go and eased her onto her knees, crushing his lips over hers in a manic kiss that took their breath away. When he broke the heat moments later, he traced a lazy circle with the tip of his tongue around her swollen good morninglips until she sighed.

“What was that for?”

“Being late.”

Huffing, she pushed his naked body back onto the rug and gave him a saucy look. “You’re under my control tonight. Remember? You’re my toy to play with as I please. We decided.”

“Uh huh. I don’t think so.” David spread himself on the soft pelt and gazed into Brittany’s eyes, folding his arms behind his head. “You’ll get it later, bad girl.”

“Mmmm. I don’t think so.” No, Brittany had to come up with a rather nefarious plan. Although it had been on her mind for weeks, something was off. Nibbling on her bottom lip, Brittany faced a serious debate and she knew she had to figure it out. Soon. Time was of the essence and she had to make the present exactly what David wanted. Hovering over the man of her dreams, Brittany smelled David’s exotic cologne and let it fill her senses, making her cunt was as wet and hot as it had ever been. He always had that effect on her. She closed her eyes and imagined. Think girl, think. What sensuous and steamy gift could she give David for his birthday? The man had everything. Toys. Cars. Expensive jewelry. And he could buy anything he wanted. What in the world could she possibly give him that would sizzle his naughty boy tastes?

As Brittany leaned over David’s buff body and placed her hands on either side of his hips, a wicked thought about his present suddenly came to her shameless mind. After all, he was a risk taker. Right? She could give him one lascivious night where she would fulfill his every sexual fantasy. Brittany knew exactly what he yearned for, exhibitionism. Voyeurism. David relished kinky, uninhibited sex acts performed in front of his friends. The decadent thought was perfect and one he’d never officially disclosed, but Brittany knew what he craved from the rather perverse yet seductive poems he penned her late at night. David loved teasing her with tiny red foil bags full of treats that always included a tasty poem telling her exactly what he wanted to do to her in a steamy bath, in a car, on the beach – practically everywhere that his depraved mind could think of. The dichotomy of his rugged masculinity and the sensuous writings lit a fire of raw passion deep within her.

 Do it, do it, do it!

The little voice caught her off guard. While she certainly wasn’t shy, some of their best buddies might not understand just how wild and wicked David and Brittany could Her-SInful-Long-Legsbe. For various reasons they’d kept their torrid affair secret. Her rather scandalous idea would definitely place them directly in the white-hot spot light. And David had been hinting the last week relentlessly about taking their relationship into the light. In fact, the poem David had written the night before was nothing short of breathtaking and stuck in her mind.

I will ravage your delicious body until you moan

     I will breathe life into your essence, a shimmering well

     I shall make you mine as the others watch

     And yet, it shall be me falling into your heated spell

     Allow me to take you to new heights of pleasure

     And where we go from there is pure ecstasy

David Miller knew how to turn up the heat, but could she throw all her inhibitions aside? Brittany opened her eyes as he moaned slightly and traced just of the tip of her finger down over David’s muscular chest past the edge of his carved hipbones until she found the most heavenly looking shaft she’d ever tasted. With lazy movements, she circled the blood engorged cockhead seconds before she darted her tongue out for a taste. Tempting. As she savored David’s cock, Brittany knew the answer. Now she just had to put the mouth-watering pieces together without him finding out.

Mmm – what do you think – tasty? Have a great day!

Kisses   xxx




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