Does Bisexuality Really Exist?

Mmm – I have this sexy piece hot off the presses and the theme is all about bisexuality so the question came to mind. Does this really exist? I’ve found I have about three different styles of writing erotic books that continue thread after thread. One is interracial and you all know how I’ve mentioned time and time again I don’t see color in people and I love all flavors – yummy. I also have found I enjoy writing same sex almost more than writing heterosexual pieces and in truth my menagem/m pieces do so much better than my others that I have to stop and seriously consider whether I’m going to do any additional het pieces. The other one that I do a huge portion of is combining all of the above.

I have a piece out right now that involves three men who are lovers  – one being black – with a woman and they indulge in not only a tryst which might or might now turn into a relationship but engage in the practice of BDSM. Now what’s not to like, right? Unleashed isn’t selling. I have to scratch my head and go – there has to be a reason. Is it the concept that bisexuality doesn’t exist? I thought I’d take the rather interesting thought out for a spin. Let me ask you that question – do you think you could ever engage in something involving either the same sex or if you consider yourself mostly homosexual – with the opposite sex? Let me talk from experience first.

My first husband was bisexual – or so I thought. That being said he decided after we’d been married for two years that he preferred living the gay lifestyle and to date I don’t think he’s been with another woman. I certainly don’t fault him and we are friends. Now you may ask – was he able to not only engage in sexual activity but did he enjoy? I’m going to be truthful – he enjoyed to a point. When he suggested we add a third (completely safe and a dear friend of ours) he was much happier. Was that something we engaged in all the time? No. We had a fairly traditional marriage and of course his parents were VERY happy for those two years.

Do I honestly believe partly the reason he married me is to please his parents? Yes, I do. I can’t fault him and I went in with my eyes wide open. I was and I guess to some degree still am a bit of a wild child and men and women alike realize I’m certainly not a prude when it comes to sex. Do I perform ALL the kinky acts I write about? DUH – NO. I’m not a stupid woman and of course have practiced safe sex all my life but I certainly have had my share of different flavors- we’ll leave it at that.

I’ve also discussed before the concept of a polyamory relationship – in which three or more people live and love together in a committed relationship. It’s not only possible but a growing trend for many reasons including certain people enjoy being with more than once person. I’m not the kind of girl who believes in the single knight in shining armor and I think that a polyamory situation would be delicious – but my twist is that I would like to have my men sharing passion as well.

That continues the path down the question road – can two men share each other and a woman? In truth I think they can. I’ve been criticized by reviewers who say – I can’t believe a gay man would suddenly turn. I honestly think DLSThePolitician_Cover-smallthey’re missing the point. In my pieces I don’t suggest that the gay male would suddenly want and crave a woman and that’s it – they’re getting married and having babies. Uh, that’s not going to happen. I am suggesting that some men are bisexual and can indeed enjoy both sexes. When you meet someone you are attracted or not attracted. It’s no difference whether you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual or het. You crave and want the person you do. Gay men desire other men and typically heterosexual people long for the opposite sex – BUT there are times we find the same sex attractive. Come on… You can’t tell a lie. I find women beautiful and attractive and sensual and would consider. (ahem – again we’ll leave it at that) But I LOVE men. SO… I think the question still stands. It isn’t meant to be trite or inconsiderate or make light of what you enjoy and want and your choices. It’s meant to ask yourself could you enjoy and do you believe it’s possible?

I think a lot of people consider hungering for both sexes a Dirty Little Secret – hence the name of my just released piece. But honestly, if we were all true to ourselves I think we would admit we would at minimum taste a member of the same sex. I know guys – you’re shuddering, but for those who want and can embrace that side, delicious. Give it some thought…

I’ll continue to write about the idea knowing my experiences in the past and the desires I continue to have. You as readers might not engage in a relationship that some might call unconventional but I hope you can allow your mind to be open to the another hold 2possibilities. Here’s a taste of Dirty Little Secrets – The Politician which tackles the issue with so many politicians hiding behind a mask and about bisexual love. Mmmm… I Someone once told me – when you open your mind to non-traditional possibilities there’s no end to the future. Hmmm… Something to think about. 

Kisses   xxx 




Parker Jameson was on the fast track to the White House. Being one of the youngest Senators on the Congress floor, he had his share of supporters, men and women hanging on his high-profile coattail. He also had those determined to see his demise. Constantly under a microscope, he lived a clean life, a completely honorable man. Or so he liked everyone around him to believe. Little did they know what damning secrets he’d been harboring for years. His relationship with a prominent male businessman was only half of the mystery enshrouding his life. After a nasty confrontation during an important press conference, a media expert was hired. 

Briana Porter was known for her assertive methods in handling politicians who seemed hell bent on destroying their careers. A sizable offer was on the table. Working with what had to be the most difficult man in Congress, she questioned her ability. In her opinion Parker was far too arrogant to tame, yet she knew she had to try. When sparks flew and a line was drawn in the sand, she set her sights on more than just taming the savage beast. Confronted with the one secret she had no idea how to handle, Briana ran away from the man she was falling in love with. There was no way she could handle being a third. That is until one steamy night… 


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