The Intensity of Unbridled Passion

Doesn’t that sound delicious? Aren’t you ready for something so scintillating to happen? I know the answer or me. I crave something wild and passionate. I have a re-release of one of my first books in early June and the title just had to change to better reflect the entire new collection. This one allows my heroine to become completely unbridled. Enjoy… And think wicked thoughts


Racing to the phone, Halle Tremont caught it on the fourth ring. “Yes,” she forced, slightly out of breath after from nearly running from the production room. She listened intently and the eerie breath sounds sluiced a hint of fear through her loins. Her pussy quivered knowing as if by instinct alone what was to come.

“Take your panties off.” The velveteen voice on the other end of the line dripped with danger and authority.

“What?” Halle paled and turned back toward her open office door. While it was private, it was also encased floor to ceiling in glass. She swallowed and her legs shook as the teeming activity of the company pulsed in front of her.

“Take your panties off, now! Finger that sweet little pussy of yours until you cum.”AcceptingHisControl_Cover-small His tone wasn’t just commanding; it harbored the intensity of a famished man, and one that would force her to obey.

“I can’t,” she whispered softly, covering the mouthpiece as if the rest of her vacuumed world could hear the man that held the reins of control. Halle’s eyes fell to her skirt. The slit of a lavender thong was soaked from the naughty thought. The wafting scent of her sex sent electric pulses through her brain. This can’t be happening.

“Oh, but you can and you will.” He gave her another wicked laugh, but his sinister tone held nothing that would indicate humor.

“I…I have clients in today.” Halle panted in a more ragged whisper, the suffocating heat seeming to overwhelm her flushed system. Why she had worn a suit that day, she would never understand. Halle tried rationalizing his words and tried to control her screaming emotions. Her mouth ran dry from the shameless thought. “That’s too wicked. I just can’t.”

“You will do as I say.”

Halle’s eyes darted to the doorway. Would anyone see her? A sharp hiss drew her attention back to the phone.

“Okay.” She juggled the phone managing to shrug out of her Armani jacket, letting the crisp linen fall to the floor. Glancing at the group of business associates leaving the boardroom who seemed pleased with the latest contract, she shivered. Halle was a highly respected commercial property manager and partner in the firm of Stevens, Tremont and Foster. Her entire staff thought of her as nothing but organized, polite and reserved. Little did they know the kinky sex acts she craved. No one knew what holding handslascivious acts she performed with the sexiest man she had ever known. Snake. Her nipples shifted against her filmy blouse sending shock waves through her pussy. One thing was certain. She was no longer the good girl they thought they knew and understood.

“You know what’ll happen if you don’t obey me? I will punish that sweet little ass of yours until you cannot sit for a week. Take them off now!”

“You’re watching?” Halle more accused than asked.

“Yes.” His chuckle was chilling.

Near panic set in. Dear God, why did she allow their sinful little games to start? That particular day had been nothing short of extraordinary. He’d stripped her naked in a public restroom in an Italian restaurant on their second date. The moment he thrust his thick cock into her tight pussy, she’d screamed creating a frenzy of activity. How she fondly remembered being driven into a manic state as the owner pounded on the locked door. Whew. That memory left her horny and hungry.

Stealing one last look at her employees, wishing she had agreed to the fifty thousand dollar blinds for her office, she turned toward the gleaming windows facing the street. Her office overlooked some of the river city’s most spectacular views and several of the recently refurbished offices were ominously close. Close enough for someone to see clearly into her office with a telescope or a high-powered camera lenses. She studied the building across the street squinting, trying to detect any activity. Trying to detect him. Like that would ever happen. He enjoyed playing cat and mouse and she was his prey. Why was it she was quaking when she knew damn good and well he couldn’t see her? But then again, he had recently upped the game to near dangerous levels of exposure and still he wanted more. Anything was possible.

“Now!” His voice now a growl, his clipped laughter shuddered through the phone.

Halle loved the slice of anxiety, the rush of pleasure every time he suggested another nefarious act, but today his request caught her off guard. “I…I have to put the phone down to do what you want.”

“So do it!”

She laid the phone down carefully on her desk. Now fighting the urge to turn around, she simply eased her lithe fingers up her quivering thighs to her thirty-dollar panties. Never would she have believed she would have either cared or spent so much on underwear before. And now, Victoria’s Secret regularly sent her coupons for her extended misuse of the angel VIP card. Halle maneuvered the thong down her hips, shimmying as she stood in front of her desk praying to God the expansive mahogany hid her scandalous actions.

Halle jerked the thin lace over her heels and held it up directly in front of the Come when I saygleaming window. The sunlight of the early summer sun danced across the reflection. The scent of her hunger, pungent and spicy, hardened her nipples. She scanned the horizon, searching. Wishing. Could he honestly see her and her panties? Knowing his amazing capabilities, the resounding answer was yes. She tingled as a cool breeze wafted across her bare pussy.

Her hands shook as she picked up the receiver, barely able to form a coherent sentence. “I…can you see them?”

Snake growled. “Bad girl, I can see them. Fascinating. Tell me woman, did you know I’d be burning hot for you today? Did you know I’d want to play with you and make you cum for me? Do you know how stunning you look and how much I want to bury my dick inside your sizzling cunt? It is dripping your hot peaches and cream juice?”

Halle’s heated blood coursed through her system taking every cell prisoner as she batted her lashes and simply nodded.

“Mmm, how delicious. I can almost taste you now, sweet and tangy at the same time. I can’t wait to dip my tongue into your honey pot.” Snake’s timbre dropped to a throaty baritone. “Show me that bare little pussy of yours.”

“I…“ Halle could sense his excitement building.


Raising her skirt, she nibbled on her bottom lip. This was going entirely too far, but she couldn’t resist the man. Stealing her nerves, Halle lifted the short blue skirt past her thighs. Anxiety and blatant desire raced across her body sending shivers down her spine.


Halle Tremont always had difficulty with a man taking control. Her every fantasy was about a rough and tumble hunk guiding her, training her and allowing her to release her needs and dark desires. Domination was something she craved – yet no man had been able to tame her.

Without a doubt, Halle loved kinky sex, but she’d always had difficulty letting go. That is until one man usurped the kind of control she’d been craving all her life. When the mysterious phone call came in the middle of a busy morning at her office commanding her to remove her panties, she was shocked, but she did as she was told. Unfettered by the brazen request, she stood in front of the window allowing her voyeur to see all of her as she engaged in a little play. There was little she wouldn’t do for the mystery man who garnered her attention and allowed her to revel in her kinky side.

Snake Brennon wanted Halle hot and hungry and their shameless affair had thrown them into some interesting positions; making love in the middle of an elevator, at his construction site and in a restaurant bathroom. There was nothing they wouldn’t try. Snake knew what she really craved and with the help of her best friend and one very exotic party, he set out to fulfill her every fantasy. The first? Being pampered by several hand selected masked male volunteers pleasuring her naked body in the glistening pool while the guests observed. The second? A night of uninhibited passion as she lay bound, gagged and blindfolded. Enlisting the help of the same secret lovers, Snake was determined to give her the most uninhibited night of her life. But unanswered questions remained. Who were the stunning men and could Halle savor the salacious acts or would the final kinky event put an end to their relationship?

Hungry yet?

Kisses   xxx


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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