Are You a Bad Girl?

The question this Friday is – are you a bad girl? Now you now we’ve all been. You know you’ve tried to push your partner to see what he would do. Right? Have you slipped into that role of being one, the girl he wants to swat? I think we all have and what’s wrong with a little kinkiness in your relationship. What’s one way to get your Spank me hardheart pumping while doing this? You know…

Spanking – I think we all love it and you all know I write highly erotic books that deal with all aspects of passion including BDSM, voyeurism, public display, ménage and same sex. Included of course are more vanilla aspects of kink including spanking. Now, probably all of us have swatted our partner a time or two on their ass during a heated moment but what if you craved more? What if the very thought of being disciplined set your soul on fire and sent quivers dancing into your pussy? What if the anticipation of him coming home, expecting you to be in position on the edge of the bed, naked and waiting for exactly what you crave forces trickles down your spine? Hmmm…I think the thought is very tasty. I’m been talking a lot about relationships that involve spanking, but what about for fun more than anything. What about a bit of roleplaying? This weekend seems perfect to me.

Roleplaying is a bit more than just a swat while making love. And for some couples they want to introduce a little bit more into their relationship, maybe moving into domestic discipline. For those that desire more than a subtle slap, it’s perhaps difficult to tell our partners that we long for them to take control and issue discipline on more than just an occasional basis. And there are some that enjoy the lifestyle of maintenance spankings once or twice a week and punishment spankings when necessary and the naughty girls or boys sometimes misbehave on purpose. What kind of spankings are we talking about? Sometimes the preferred method is over the knee and usually with a bare bottom. For some reason having your man hold you down while his hand strikes your ass over and over again until you whimper and beg him to stop seems like the total moment of submission to his control as head of the household.

There are others that prefer an all fours position to enable the implement to be swung at just the right speed. Many couples are very creative in their tools and not only does their collection include belts and paddles, but spoons, spatulas and floggers as well. Others also like canes and even the use of switches. Can you imagine watching him cut a very green twig and you know it’s going to strike your naked ass soon enough and your cunt clenches in delicious anticipation?

But for those of you who simply long to have spanking in your life every once in awhile, roleplaying might be for you. You get to be the bad girl you’ve longed to be. He gets to take you over his knee and make certain you realize he’s in charge. You get to act out and throw a tantrum. For him, he gets to be the authoritative man, use his commanding voice while telling you how naughty you are. So think about this Friday and he calls you at work, or he texts and tells you to be prepared when he comes home…

Left breathless, Macy jumped at the slightest sounds as she gazed out her bedroom window. Swallowing hard, she thought about Damion, the love of her life and the man that is in complete charge of her welfare and her discipline. The moment he found out about the credit card bill, she knew what was going to happen and in truth, she’d been craving punishment for some time.

She fidgeted with the blinds before pulling back and yanking off the last of her clothes. Standing naked, she gazed at the clock and whimpered. Damion was due any time. Nibbling on her bottom lip, she eyed the implements she had selected. His message was very clear. Select four and then I’ll decide. This time I won’t go easy on you. Groaning, she closed her eyes and inched toward the bed. Macy grazed her hand across the paddle first and then the brush shivering. The belt was his favorite but he often used the cane because he knew how much it hurt.

Rubbing her wrists, Macy hears his car pull into the driveway. Shuddering, she climbed onto the bed and fingered the restraints. There was no doubt he was going to tie her down. The whipping would be severe enough but she more than deserved it for her ridiculous childish behavior. Spreading her legs wide, she lowered her head in the required stance and waited, her heart thumping into her chest. Macy thought about the Take it all offpast few years and the time it had taken to convince Damion this was the right dichotomy for their relationship and now he took her pleasure and pain very seriously. The waiting was the worst. Macy knew he would fix a cocktail and have a few sips as he took off his shoes and got comfortable before sauntering up the stairs. It was all to help her understand the seriousness of her actions.

As she heard him trudging up the stairs what seemed like hours later, she shivered and swallowed hard. The door opened and Macy inhaled deeply hearing his ragged sigh.

“You’ve been a very bad girl,” his dark voice whispered.

There was no reason for her to admit anything. Begging and pleading would do no good.

Damion moved forward until he was directly behind her. Taking a single finger, he glided it down her spine to the crack of her ass. “I realize I’ve neglected your maintenance spankings and now I know that’s part of the problem. Starting this weekend, you will receive three a week until we are able to see how you are.”

Macy nodded slowly. “I understand.”

“What have you selected for me to use tonight?”

Shifting her head around, she whispered. “The brush.”

“Hmmm…then we’ll start with that,” Damion said quietly as he eased a pillow under her stomach before tying her wrists and ankles.

The ties remained attached to the bed always and for some reason the thought brought giggles bubbling from her chest.

When Damion had secured her tightly, he brushed the flat of his hand across her ass before slowly picked up the brush. “We’ll start with forty slaps from the brush. Do you understand why I must punish you?”

“Yes,” she breathed, every part of her body shaking.

“Very well. You’re a very good girl and I just need to remind you of that.”

Crack! Slap!

The first few hard smacks were painful, but Macy relished in the feeling, her entire body shaking.

Pop! Crack! Whoosh!

Damion stopped and rubbed his hand across her ass. “You’re doing very well.”

As her punishment continued, Macy closed her eyes. This was exactly where she was supposed to be.

What do you think? Something you might crave perhaps? Here’s a naughty little poem to give you further thoughts.




I beckon

You come

Your eyes full of trepidationbend over

Yet a slight smile curls across your face

I nod

You whimper

Your legs trembling as you come closer

Yet you obey without a question

I sigh

You hurry

Your mind understanding of what’s to come

Yet your soul needs peace as only I can give

I growl

You scamper

Your body closing the distance, ready for your punishment

Yet your lips open and close as if to beg

I pat

You nod

Your hands shaking as you climb across my lap

Yet you succumb and relax, the anticipation of what you crave

I inhale

You pant

Your legs opening wide, begging to be whipped

Yet the little girl remains shy and nervous

I smack

You jump

Your body trembling with each hard strike

Yet you meet every whip, wanting more

I moan

You sigh

Your soul at peace from the hungered discipline

Yet you will ask for more, knowing only I can give you what you need

And again…I beckon

I so hope you’ve enjoyed and have a wonderful weekend.

Kisses   xxx


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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