Ya Know You Need a Spanking…

Of course  you do. It’s Saturday and that means Saturday Spankings? Just what are we talking about?  A whole bunch of talented authors bringing you their stories about…


Yes, a much needed discipline. I have a saucy piece from a little short story collection being published at any minute – and it’s all about control. I love writing about Domestic Discipline so please join in savoring something that is all about being spanked.



Dani heard nothing but blah blahs and echoes.

Mark rose from the chair slowly as he grabbed her hand. “Forgive us. I need to talk to Dani about something in private. Shouldn’t take us too long. If brunch comes, please dark_dangerous_delicious_cover_control_500_x_800start without us.”

Dani couldn’t stand to look at any of them as he led her away from the table. Her heart was racing and she could barely keep up with his longs strides as he led them both out of the restaurant and toward his truck. For some reason she was thinking she was so glad he’d parked away from everyone else. Then it suddenly dawned on her what he was really going to do. He was going to spank her right here, in the middle of the parking lot in the middle of the day. Oh Shit. She’d never been disciplined outside of their house other than an occasional swat on the ass.

There were few outward signs that Mark was pissed except for his even gait and deep breaths. When he arrived at the truck he let go of her hand and turned to face her slowly. “I believe you purposely lied to me and…”

“No! I didn’t. I was just…” After interrupting she could tell he went from pissed to something else. “I’m sorry.”

Mark shook his head. “I honestly don’t know what’s gotten into you lately. We’ll deal with this in much stricter methods when we get home, but I can’t and won’t allow you to think you can behave this way. Not in front of our friends and not because we’re not alone. The lies are starting to get out of hand. And texting while driving? We’ve talked about how dangerous that is more than once.” He kept his eyes pinned on her as he unlocked the passenger door, opening it slowly. “I’m truly disappointed that I have to treat you like a child here of all places.”

the beltDani was unable to say anything. A frog the size of a small dog has crept into her throat.

“You’ve been doing so well. Now this…this crap, Dani. God.” He opened the glove compartment and pulled out a hairbrush with a wooden handle. As he turned to face her he cupped her chin, rubbing his thumb back and forth across her lips. “I think stress at work is making you lash out and do impetuous things. I think you need to be placed on a regimen. We’re going to work on that. Okay?”

“Yes…yes, sir.” A regimen. Great.

“Good girl. Now take off your panties and hand them to me.” Mark climbed into the truck, settling on the passenger seat.

A quick darting glance over her shoulder told her there was no one coming. My God, she was as nervous as a kitty cat. She managed to remove her panties without showing her ass and as she handed them to Mark, she realized she was shivering.

He nodded as he grabbed them and patted his lap. “Raise your skirt and climb over my lap.”

There couldn’t be anything more embarrassing than receiving a spanking here, where others could see. Nothing in the world had prepared her for the wrenching nausea, the way her legs quivered. Gulping air, she raised her skirt and just about as awkwardly as possible, finally managed to climb then was half pulled over his lap. The light breeze blowing across her backside was enough to remind her she was so very exposed.

“Hold your arms out straight and remain still. I’m only going to give you twenty swats right now. We’ll finish up later with much stricter punishment, much more in the line of what you deserve.”

Twenty? My God that might as well be a hundred with the dense brush. The moment he slid the cool wood back and forth across her ass she clenched her eyes shut.

“You do know why you’re getting a spanking?” Mark asked as he pushed up her shirt and pressed one hand on the small of her back.

“Yes, sir. For back talking and lying to you.”

“Among other things. We’ll deal with the back talking during this session. I need to calm down before I deal with the other. Right now, you’re going to understand you can’t behave in public badly any more than you can at home.”


“Ooohhh!” Screeching, she bit her lip as her body jumped involuntarily.

“Stay still.”

Slap! Crack!

I so hope you had a little rush…

Kisses   xxx


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17 Responses to Ya Know You Need a Spanking…

  1. Bob says:

    Sounds like this going to be a good story Cassandre, It almost sound like was right there 🙂 when is this book coming out?



  2. I love how the breeze blows over her skirt and reminds her she is outside….wow!


  3. Renee Rose says:

    So very delicious! But I think Kathryn will spank YOU for going over 8 sentences… 🙂


  4. bentalice says:

    The first line sucked me into this short and delightful piece. And did I mention how much I love the cover? Very tasty throughout.


  5. Love the build up with the consequential tale of why… and working it out with a regimen… compelling the interest… And if Renee’s prophetic vision comes through, perhaps we can have a post from you and Kathryn… lol.. ☀


  6. Casey McKay says:

    He keeps a hairbrush in the glove compartment?? Geez, this guy means business! I really enjoyed this!


  7. afteroldjoe says:

    Incredibly hot! I want a car spanking.


  8. krblake says:

    Nah, I won’t spank you for going over. However, I might order you to bend over for being late. Hmph! You’re forgiven though, because I really loved the snippet. And when it comes down to it, I’m a softie. Hot off the presses, eh? I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for posting.


  9. Very hot snippet Cassandre! Nothing like a hot outdoor spanking 🙂


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