Something Heinous

Could you write something so heinous, so disturbing that you have to ask yourself if you might just be a little bit…well sick? And what is heinous any longer? Let’s face it. We see and hear horrible stories all the time of murders and serial killers, bent on revenge and simply slaughter people for the fun of it. We can turn on the television every day and learn something wretched about humans we didn’t anticipate. We enjoy seeing carnage and bloodshed. That’s why horror and slasher flicks are so popular. We can’t wait to have that hapless blond bimbo get the knife right through her gut and you know you’ve cheered on the bad guy or the bloody murdermonster more often than once. Right?

What about a traffic accident where we’re all craning our necks to see who was maimed? Come on, it happens all the time. Well on this Memorial Day I realized I have written a heck of a lot, something of course I love to do. What I have to do as an author is write more than one book at a time. That’s just me. Because I write thrillers as well as simply fun sexual pieces, I need a break from one to the other to keep me fresh. Other authors ask how I write so much in a day and other than the fact I can type fast, the secret is variation. I am much more refreshed if I take a break from my serial killer slashing his fifth victim after having cut off her hand with a hacksaw and move to a passionate scene in St. Maartin. No cringing, I enjoy writing about horrors more than bump and grind. There’s only so much sex I can read or write or write again. I’m a very creative person and you would be shocked the kinds of sex I have written about or thought about BUT after awhile it’s parts going into other parts. Right?

Laugh – go ahead. But that’s the truth. There’s much more complexity to figuring out a new and highly inventive method to hunt down human prey. Ironically my thrillers books have been called too heinous to be a romance. Really? Well there is always a love interest and yes, they have to catch the bad guy or slaughter a sexy vampire along the way while fighting an evil curse, but the love in the end is that lights at the end of the tunnel. So what’s not romantic about cutting up zombies? Yes, I’m snickering for a few reasons.

I am currently writing three books right now – all completely different and that’s keeping me on my toes. In addition I’m writing a poem with another author and more just for my collection so you can imagine the dichotomy of all of them. One is an interracial piece set in the 1970’s of which the white girl is the hidden person. Oh trying to keep everything from clothes to the fact women didn’t act the way they do powerfulnow is quite challenging. The second is a sequel to a m/m trilogy that is very demanding since there is a huge mystery smack in the middle of it. No serial killers yet anyway. The third…well the third is tough to describe. Let’s just say that by the time I was writing my chapter last night – toward the end of the book – I was in tears. Why? Because my heroine was so abused by someone she trusted that the book wraps itself around some truly heinous acts in the past along with something that happens in present day. This is full out graphic and very descriptive about several methods of pure torture. It’s brutal. Trust me. I won’t tell you any of the premise yet because it might spoil it but… Here’s where the twist comes in.

Have any of you looked on Amazon as of late to see all the books titles like (Fucking my Daddy’s Best Friend and his office mates?) or (Lactation Love – a woman’s milking journey)?  I know – I just made those up but they are close – very close. You scratch your head and go – WHEW. Then you look at their sales – yep. They are hot sellers. That’s because we all crave reading something dark and vile and you know why? Because we have that trait buried deep inside. There isn’t a single one of us on this planet who wouldn’t do something well… let’s just say out of the norm.

This book crosses every boundary and pushes every edge to the breaking point. It started as a kinky idea I tossed past a good friend of mine, another author who is a bit out there himself. He writes horror and erotica and we were teasing about the wicked books that are selling so much, commiserating about why ours weren’t. We tossed around ideas – he happens to be a writer who can write just as fast as I can if not faster – and several ideas were born. We kinda went – let’s take the gross and heinous out for a spin – maybe try our hand at pushing all those boundaries of violence and captivity. See women seem to want to be abducted and used – whether by aliens or cowboys. You can easily see that in sales. That’s where our book was born – then something happened along the first chapters – it got a hell of a lot darker. He is writing the male POV and I am the female and the back and forth has been amazing. I write a chapter then he does blindly, reacting to what I’ve written as he’s reading it.Bad Things There has been no real planning other than the story line and it’s been a wild ride. I can’t seem to catch my breath. Writing the three books at the same time – holy cow kids. My abilities as an author have been stretched to the limits.

Now, it’s so heinous that we are using pseudonyms and if we can get it published it’ll be a miracle but… It’s a damn good story about two victims over coming horrendous things in their lives. It’s not for the feint of heart of those who will easily be disgusted but I can tell you there has been nothing so emotional I’ve written ever. And I do mean EVER. Christian Jensen has brought out a side of me that’s well… WHEW. He is ubber talented and I am very glad we’re collaborating. That being said we are also sharing a table selling books at Fandomfest – the HUGE sci-fi/fantasy conference in Louisville in July and we’re going to be on several panels together. We have even decided on a combine theme for our little table – Passion, Pain & Perversion – Escape to the Extreme. What do you think? If you happen to be around Louisville July 26 – 28th – stop by and visit. You might see a taste of…. Toxic Leash.

Oh and both Christian and I have a couple of books out for free this weekend. He writes under a pseudo as well as his real name. I hope you’ll stop by and enjoy his writing style. He’s not a sane man… LOL

Kisses   xxx





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