Can a Man Rev Your Engines?

It’s Thursday and time to indulge in your fantasies – taking you back in time to an earlier piece. This one I love so much cause he’s a dangerous man, Harley and all and he is a real life friend of mine – well in a lot of ways. So enjoy and remember – we all love a little naughtiness.



“Raw, uninhibited and very orgasmic sex is what it’s called girl.” Stephanie told herself and chuckled, pushing the repulsive thoughts about her past aside. “Time to put the wicked girl into motion.”

God, she’d looked forward to this mini-vacation since she and David had planned the naughty event together. Unfortunately, the past threatened to consume her as it had for the past eighteen months. Their conversations late into the night had been her only guilty pleasure and her release from everyday life and constant torment. No! SheHot guy in dark car clenched her fist and threw her head back, steeling her nerves. Marty was not going to steal this from her. This weekend would belong to her and to David and nothing was going to stand in her way of happiness and pleasure. Nothing. Then why was she trembling?

“Damn you Marty. I am through with you and with this bullshit!”

On shaky legs, Stephanie walked away from the quiet comfort of her well-worn Firebird toward the spot David suggested they meet, under the entrance sign to the park. Humming the same Disney tune that had given her a hint of tranquility these last long months, she moved forward, her confidence growing with each step. Perhaps she was ready indeed. Ready for kinky unbridled sex until your breath is caught in your throat and you are begging him to fuck you. You want him thrusting into your molten pussy until you can no longer stand. Mmmm….. Stephanie laughed at her own lurid thoughts as she picked her way through the teeming activity of happy families from visiting states gathering their picnic baskets and outdoor toys. Stopping short, a tiny whimper escaped her lips. Stephanie could see the large sign in the distance and just make out the man, her fantasy lover, the one that was soon going to become a reality.

Passing the last bank of recreational vehicles, she jerked to a stop and tried to focus. No way. She fought a giggle that bubbled in her chest. “Thank you Fairy God Mother of Wanton Needs, I have just found 1-800-sex-stud.” Was it possible to faint when first meeting a man? Stephanie had no doubt about that delicious answer. Hell, yes! As the sultry breezes danced across her flushed skin, the only thing she heard over all the raucous noise around her was the wild thumping of her heart battering her rib cage. Her mouth suddenly went dry and she wanted nothing more than to race to him, kiss him passionately and rip his clothes off. Where in the hell had this reaction come from?

Never would Stephanie have imagined she could be dragged from the near depths of hell from just seeing one man. Maybe their naughty conversations had healed her after all. Hold on girl. Control. He’s just a man. But he wasn’t, just a man. He was gritty, opinionated and sexy as hell. At that moment, he might possibly be her savior.

David Tyler stood next to a sparkling Harley wearing a seductive gaze, the huge shining machine a sensuous backdrop. His long muscular legs were trapped in tight black jeans and a white tee shirt clearly showing exactly why God made man in the first place. The look on the man’s face told Stephanie several things about the stunning hunk that took her breath away and set her blood to the point of boiling. He was hungry, he was impatient and she suspected given their blazing conversations that he was going to ravage her body in such a rough and tumble fashion that she would never be able to walk the same way again. His mischievous look was nothing less than beastly. He eyed her and the smile became more wicked with each ticking second.

Had a man ever looked at her as if she was rare filet?

Trying to swallow a tight knot, Stephanie’s pussy moistened her scarlet lace panties and tiny beads slipped past the tight elastic, trickling down her shaky legs. She resisted the urge to wipe them away. If any of the vacationing sun worshippers, standing close by saw her do that, there would be no doubt in their minds, there would be no doubt what was going through Stephanie’s. Fucking, uninhibited carnal fucking. David was going to thrust into her hot molten pussy like a wild animal. And Stephanie wanted nothing more. Allowing her scandalous girl personality to take over, she remembered the amazing past few months of scathing nights on the computer as she stood quietly calming her nerves.

They’d never met face to face, never even talked on the phone. Somehow the mystery was far too delicious to resist. They certainly didn’t know everything about each other at all and while she realized she was being impetuous, Stephanie had learned only recently that life was far too short. For some unknown reason, she Hot man on Harleytrusted him completely even though she suspected David held a few secrets of his own. Her own past was so damning, she’d decided to never tell him about Marty. In truth, they didn’t talk about their previous relationships at all. That had been the rule from the start and somehow not knowing so few details was another raging turn on. The one thing they did talk about was passion, their cravings and everything that they wanted. Wanted? Hell, her body tingled so badly every lonely night that Stephanie found herself using one of her saucy little vibrators at least twice a day to relieve the sheer pressure.

David nodded to her as if beckoning. His famished gaze alone was enough to force her to her knees to suck his cock. She shuddered with raging need as his grin turned wolfish. Through the months of emails and intense overtly sexual instant messages, they’d developed a fascinating relationship. Relationship? No, what they had experienced had been a sensuous illusion where a man and a woman could be anything and everything. Their talks had been a Godsend for Stephanie, keeping her active and working. Over the months she’d grown to care for him deeply. Without a doubt, she had it bad for the rough-hewn man and from the way he licked his lips, his own needs were just as ferocious. Now their torrid affair based on fantasy would turn into reality.

While she was still petrified, the tingling in her pussy told her she was going to be able to move forward and to finally let go. Just seeing David’s handsome face forced her nipples into diamond hard buds scraping against her bra so painfully that she wanted to rip the sweltering lace off her body. Stephanie giggled at the vision of the nefarious deed being done in broad-daylight, in a parking lot and directly in the middle of a tourist filled park in Virginia Beach. Licking her lips, she trickled a single finger across her lips to tease him.

“Come woman.” David growled, tipping his head

“Who me?” Stephanie answered innocently.

“Now. Or I’ll drag your hot little ass over here and you’ll suffer the consequences.”

His demeanor now playful, she couldn’t help but be thrilled they were finally meeting. They’d chosen to meet in a public location. Why? She wanted to be careful. It had been at her request when they finally decided it was the right time to meet and to determine if they were ready for something a bit saucier. Something wicked. Something life altering. Now being here, seeing him, every part of her being was so glad she’d broken through the shell.

They’d been introduced through a mutual friend. Erica was the only person other than the police and her attorneys that knew what she’d been through. Stephanie had thrown the idea aside for almost two months before she succumbed and when she and David finally connected, the sparks flew instantly. From day two they had talked fiendishly dirty to each other. She could write sizzling erotic novels easily after their rather scandalous conversations late into the night. Hours had been spent on the computer teasing and tempting, bordering on torture for both of them. As she stared at the handsome blond, a whimper escaped her mouth. Stephanie wanted the man desperately. Her hunger had become insatiable and now there was no denying it.

“Did you hear me?” David asked sternly.

The husky timbre of his voice sent ragged thumps bouncing through Stephanie’s heart. She took another step forward and gave him the naughtiest minx smile she could manage.

Horrendous violence had nearly destroyed the strong confident woman she had once been. Through their shameless chats, Stephanie was back with a vengeance and she loved David for it. Through the anonymity of the screen she could save the “tasty, like a dark chocolate treat meant for the soul.” There was nothing they hadn’t talked about doing to each other, kinky little thoughts that broiled through the internet lines. She’d opened up to him about all her pent up wicked desires and his last words to her had been, “Get ready sugar cause I’m going to fulfill every one of them and leave you panting for more.” Stephanie shivered just thinking about his commanding statement.

“You have sixty seconds or I will spank that pretty little ass of yours.” David inched forward and raised his eyebrow.

The thrill of his words and the meaning sent another series of shivers dancing down her spine. “Let me think about that.” It was plain to see by the bulge in his skin-tight jeans exactly what he wanted to do to her.

Without a doubt he was prepared to fulfill two of her almost dangerous and secret fantasies. One, a long ride on his Harley to a surprise location where he was going to fuck her hard, rough and multiple times both on and off the massive beast. Two, he was going to indulge her in her most shameless desire, a threesome. His selection? The mystery lover was a friend David trusted implicitly and one that she’d only heard WildEngines_cover-optomized-for-websnippets about. Stephanie fought a niggling of apprehension as she chastised herself. She was going to do this. Period. Granted, no doubt having sex with two men she’d never met before was outrageously sinful. Delicious. Completely ridiculous. Yet in that moment, she allowed her desires to win out over logic.

“Now!” David demanded.

“Mmmm, yes sir.”

The tease blatant, she studied his face, every part of her quivering as she inched closer. He more than lived up to his pictures. David was just shy of fifty, but absolutely a stunningly gorgeous man with a ripped body. From their conversations, she knew he had no idea just how good-looking he was. Masculine and carved, he could have graced the cover Harley Men of America magazine. Now, that brought some scintillating little thoughts dancing into her mind. Him, her, a camera. He stood just over six feet and his massive hulking muscles from days in the gym sent her erotic desires into overdrive. His dancing sky blue eyes sent a ripple of heat tingling through her pussy as they blazed a silent trail down the length of her body and back, finally giving her a knowing and rather savage look.

David grinned as he tipped his head and moved from beside the bike. As he advanced toward her, his movements were predatory and he kept his eyes locked onto hers. The way he stalked stated very clearly that she would succumb to his touches, his control. Now standing barely a foot in front of her, the air crackled around them.

“Somehow dear lady you look as if you could feast on my body. Tell me, is that what you want?” His voice was electrifying, dark and dangerous.

Suddenly, the rest of the world seemed to slip into oblivion. “More than you know.” Stephanie swallowed hard, watching the way he studied her. My, oh my, how she wanted nothing more. Dear God. David was standing not inches from her in the flesh, the man she’d fantasized about every day and night for all these long months. No doubt in her mind now that he was worth the wait and the moments of apprehension.

He glided to within inches of Stephanie and his smile grew lustful. Wicked. The hungry look was a knowing of what they were to become. “You’re incredible. I have been crazy thinking about meeting you, doll face.”

“And you are finger lickin’ good.” The words slipped out before Stephanie could stop them. “Shi!”

His head tipped back and he roared with laughter. “Then you can lick me all you want, baby.”


The thought of having a torrid affair with one delicious male took her breath away and moistened her panties. Stephanie Simon was more than ready to have her most secret and sinful fantasies fulfilled. She craved a hunk on a Harley and had a luscious man in mind, David Tyler. The perfect candidate, he was a six foot golden haired God that had his own massive steel machine. Unfortunately they had never met. Introduced by a friend and conversing via the Internet, they had told each other their hidden hungers until they had to meet. Hers was a wicked tryst on the back of the bike and a ménage. David had the handsome third in mind and prepared a weekend affair that both would never forget.

Their meeting electric, the long ride to a secluded spot nestled against the backdrop of the ocean set off an explosion of passion. Fueled by her hunger, he swept her off her feet as they explored a taste of voyeurism, a wild ride across a pool table in front of his friends and the desired ménage that left her engine revved for yet another ride. But, they both held a terrible secret and one that threatened their future happiness. As their horrors collided and their trust in each other was challenged by lies and anger, they both had a difficult decision to make and one that could either bring them peace or destroy them forever.

I hope you enjoyed

Kisses   xxx



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  1. PaParanormalFan says:

    Hi Cassandre,
    WooHoo you have me fanning myself 😉 I don’t know how I possibly missed this one! OMG “Revving Her Wild Engines” sure got me going this morning 😉 so much so that after I read that Smokin’ HAWT excerpt, I hurried off to purchase a copy to set my Kindle on fire!!!!!! Thank you again for Always bringing it 110% to your Fans, your Awesome!!!!
    PS: I just pinned this book on Pinterest, I thought I had pinned all your books, now I’m going to double-check. I also re-posted this blog post on my G+ page, of course I had to rave about you, one of my veryyyyy favorite, talented Authors in my post 🙂
    Take Care Cassandre & Stay Naughty,
    G+ & Pinterest: PaParanormalFan


    • behalle says:

      oh you thank you so so so so much! I love ya! Tell me what you think.


      • PaParanormalFan says:

        You are sooo very welcome & such a Sweet Person 🙂 That’s what sets you apart Cassandre, you’re Fans know you Luv Us 🙂 You show Us all time with each Incredible book you release under 2 great personas & your Fantastic Spicy 😉 Blog posts that I LQQk forward to each day. All while still keeping up with your very busy “regular life”, that’s why we Luv Ya back! 🙂
        As soon as I’m finished, Ohhhh I’ll be sure to let you know what I thought of “Revving Her Wild Engines”, after I’ve finished with my cold shower! LOL That seems to happen quite often while reading your books….as well as going through manyyyyy batteries. ROFL OMG I’m sooooo Bad!!!!!!! 😉 LOL
        Take Care Cassandre & Stay Naughty,


  2. Katrina says:

    😄😄😄 love the end


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