The Fine Art of Licking

Yes, close your eyes and imagine the way you’ve licked something incredible. Think about the last time you slathered your tongue through a trail of warm chocolate or a dripping ice cream cone in the middle of a sizzling afternoon. Mmm… What about licking the remnants of a strawberry margarita off the rim of your glass as your stare longingly at what could only be considered the hottest hunk in the chocolate white lickingjoint? Ready for something even hotter? The single most delicious moment regarding licking for me as a saucy woman is the first tasty drops of pre-cum after I’ve worked him up to a frenzy. Dragging my tongue through perfect pearl beads is as close to heaven as I think I will get – being a very naughty girl and all.

Are you hot and wet all over yet?

I tend to love all things seductive. Have you figured that out yet? I also think you can make something passionate out of almost any occasion and I love to mix up the wet heat. Notice I used the term wet – as in very wet? I love trying new things and then again creating something kinky without spending a lot of money. I tend to write several books at one time and I usually have something kinky smack in the middle. We’ve all read and talked about sex clubs and playrooms nestled in tidy little basements. I enjoy the concept of going to Hedonism, where everything is on the menu – and I do mean everything. For most of us we can’t pick up and run off to an exotic island. For others we won’t allow ourselves the opportunity to try something completely out of our comfort zone. Licking is something we do every day, we might not understand it can be a fine art. Mmm…

While sucking a man and enjoying the “fruits” of my labor is indeed tasty, there are other very inexpensive treats within reach. And I’ve always said you can make anything passionate I you use your imagination. I enjoy writing about incredible edibles and just how much they can kick up your level of hunger. What am I talking about? Well think of your cabinets and refrigerator right now. What kinds of sexy and sweet things chocolate and man lickingdo you have nestled inside that you may just learn a few new ways of using them? Now we all know you can buy edible body paint and even panties, but who needs to order or go out when you have everything you need inside your kitchen? Come on…be wicked for me.

Think about jams and jellies – wouldn’t a dollop of raspberry splashed across his heated chest be something tempting? Imagine leaning over and licking all the way down from his collarbone to his navel. Yummy is all I can think about. Whipped cream of course has been used many a time. While I like the freshly created variety, a can will do nicely here and while creating the next great masterpiece on his back and perfectly carved ass, you can begin to envision all the sinful things you’re going to do with his body. Then there’s a taste of champagne. Now if you can really just imagine, champagne, when used correctly is a very powerful aphrodisiac for women. How so? She’s a little hot and wet and in need and as she opens her legs wide, begging him to take and taste her, he pours a trickle of the bubbles down and across her pussy. Are you getting a little hot and bothered yet?

Um, ladies… Imagine taking a deep sip and then leaning over, wrapping your hand around the base of his cock, bringing the tip to your mouth and slipping the shaft inside, sucking hard as the liquid oozes out of the sides of your mouth. Gentlemen, trust me, the effervescent effect will have you arching your back and begging for more. Then of course there is a long line of honey you can drip down and across and lick and nip. Granted, you’ll both probably need a long, steamy shower, but are you really complaining?

Let’s take a look at my very favorite and truly sinful use of food. Chocolate. Ummm… conjures up all kinds of thoughts, doesn’t it? Sadly, I’m allergic to dark chocolate but there’s white chocolate and butterscotch and many delicious types you can use. For me the best way is to warm up a bar and then drizzle all-the-way-down-the-length-of-his-naked-body. Imagine the possibilities as you then sit back and admire your work of art. Perhaps you can tease him just a bit, nipping as a few stray drops bead across his skin.

If you’re truly an artist then you can always do a little finger painting, or nipple painting, or even a touch of slip and slide, if you get my drift. Then as he moans and begs, you can take his chocolate covered thick stick into your mouth and truly celebrate the flavor and the scent of your man. And think about it too – a little cream with your dark chocolate would be a nice mixture, wouldn’t it? Don’t worry ladies, you’ll burn off enough calories you won’t need to exercise later – I guarantee it.

chocolate licking herNow, I can imagine he’ll want to return the favor and enjoy swiping his finger through the warm substance before brushing the tip of his finger around your nipple and then dragging you down to suck all the gooey goodness off. I can also envision him pulling you up and down his hips, just to remind you that you belong to his desires and then as he continues to tease, slipping his hand down your chest to touch and tempt, you can arch your back and began a long, hard ride.

So I ask you again? Are you all hot and wet and in need and… I challenge you to tell the kinkiest way you’ve used chocolate and I might just pick a winner to receive a copy of a hot piece coming in a couple days – it’s a re-issue of what used to be called Shadows of Panic & Wicked Desire. Now it’s in the collection called Unbridled Passion – Accepting His Conrol. I’ll allow your imagination to get the better of you…

Are you ready to be a very bad girl yet?

Kisses   xxx




Halle Tremont always had difficulty with a man taking control. Her every fantasy was about a rough and tumble hunk guiding her, training her and allowing her to release her needs and dark desires. Domination was something she craved – yet no man had been able to tame her.

Without a doubt, Halle loved kinky sex, but she’d always had difficulty letting go. That is until one man usurped the kind of control she’d been craving all her life. When theAcceptingHisControl_Cover-small mysterious phone call came in the middle of a busy morning at her office commanding her to remove her panties, she was shocked, but she did as she was told. Unfettered by the brazen request, she stood in front of the window allowing her voyeur to see all of her as she engaged in a little play. There was little she wouldn’t do for the mystery man who garnered her attention and allowed her to revel in her kinky side.

Snake Brennon wanted Halle hot and hungry and their shameless affair had thrown them into some interesting positions; making love in the middle of an elevator, at his construction site and in a restaurant bathroom. There was nothing they wouldn’t try. Snake knew what she really craved and with the help of her best friend and one very exotic party, he set out to fulfill her every fantasy. The first? Being pampered by several hand selected masked male volunteers pleasuring her naked body in the glistening pool while the guests observed. The second? A night of uninhibited passion as she lay bound, gagged and blindfolded. Enlisting the help of the same secret lovers, Snake was determined to give her the most uninhibited night of her life. But unanswered questions remained. Who were the stunning men and could Halle savor the salacious acts or would the final kinky event put an end to their relationship?

About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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1 Response to The Fine Art of Licking

  1. Tonya Kinzer says:

    Damn, Woman!! Yes, I’m hot and bothered. Love your writing and lack of inhibitions when you write. I love that you get right to the point, taking your readers along with you. OMG….and I love chocolate, honey, raspberries….and champagne! Thank you for such a fantastic article on the art of licking *squirming in my chair* and I’ve shared the link! Muah!


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