Dangerous Cowboys

It’s that time again – indulging in your fantasies and today is all about the cowboy – oh and a sexy menage. Oh and a little BDSM. I wrote this piece a long time ago and it’s a little sleeper with danger, espionage, murder, arson and oh yes a hot cop cowboy and a hot American Indian. So what’s not to love? Take a taste of…



It was cowboy country in Colorado and while Julia Barnes loved her new home she had a job to do and one that would expose several prominent members of the protected ranching community. Several of the ranchers were selling their souls to the devil andcowboy without shirt allowing their cattle to be slaughtered for scientific experiments while they hid behind their laurels. She was incensed and her expose would surely stop the horrendous actions. Meeting the main suspect wasn’t what she’d expected and when she and the infamous Tray Masters had an intimate moment Julia was furious. It didn’t matter her best friend wanted the two of them together. Tray was the enemy. 

Unfortunately someone wanted Julia dead. Threats had been coming for weeks but when they escalated to the point she was forced to turn to her sworn enemy for help she was left rattled. What neither of them knew was that there was a master plan in the making and one they had no control over. With the help of Tray’s best friend and the lawman in town, Steven Sanders, they were able to slip into hiding but both men held a terrible secret and one that threatened not only their livelihood but their very lives. Amidst a backdrop of lies and deceit Julia was faced with her ultimate enemy. As the three raced to find answers after finding a level of passion none of them realized, they were forced to face several ugly truths. In the end too many lives would be lost. Could they save each other or succumb to the madman who held the key to a tragic past? 


     Julia Barnes eyed the gorgeous day and smiled. Her deadline was fast approaching and she was more than just a bit ready to get the flaming article finished and out to her editor. What a horrible piece and yet one that had to be told. Sighing, she gazed at the mountains. She loved her new home giving the gorgeous countryside full of ranchers and cowboys, every girl’s fantasy. Unfortunately she had a terrible feeling after the damning story broke she was going to be rode out on a rail or skewered. But she had to tell everyone the truth. As she waited for the light to turn green she heard the loud rumble and instantly bristled. She’d been following the man for weeks so there was no doubt the sound of his he-man engine. As the truck flew by her exceeding the speed limit she finally snapped.     

     “Ah shit! Here we go again. What a freaking asshole!” Julia pounded her fist on the dashboard and growled. Yeah, she knew she shouldn’t get quite this pissed off but damn it, the guy was a flaming asshole. Anyone who drove like a bat out of hell and zigzagged in and out of heavy traffic in the middle of the freaking day was a nutcase. American IndianOkay, it shouldn’t matter that her pussy clenched every time she saw his sizzling skin or dazzling eyes, right? No, he was a menace to society and she was going to do something about it, even if it killed her in the process.

     “Come on handsome cowboy. Give me all you got.” He drove like a bat out of hell in a hand basket every day. Julia had his number – all, studly, blond and extremely desirable. The way he rode a horse was so… She hissed because she couldn’t deny it, he was every girl’s fantasy wrapped up in a lean package of all cowboy and more than a bit wild and wooly. Without a doubt Julia could picture herself under his carved body as he thrust his cock into her molten pussy while she wrapped her long legs around his waist. “Stop it girl! Let me get close to you guy and show you who’s boss.” Okay so it wasn’t just he was a wretched driver that pissed her off. Tray Masters was on the most wanted list for killing innocent animals for money. His and other ranchers in Colorado were finally selling their souls to the devil, big business and vacation spots in the desert at the price of slaughtering helpless cattle.

     Julia Barnes, wildlife photographer, advocate and hater of losers and cowards was determined to be his demise, wealthy as hell or not. The article would blow to door off the hinges of their operation. Thank God she had a publisher who was behind her all the way. Julia was damn close to breaking the entire things wide open and while she needed to calm down and remember that very detail it was tough. Horrible pictures of the dead animals floated to the surface and she hated him even more.

     While covering her tracks and working on an expose of the entire ranching scheme she’d managed to see Tray’s poor driving skills almost every day slamming her in the face. The guy lived on a huge cattle ranch just close enough so that he was able to wreck her nerves just about every time she drove. If she had been a different kind of person, she might have followed him and cussed him out, or worse. Unfortunately she’d been acting like a damn woos, at least most of the time.

     On this day, he’d just pissed her off to the point of zero return. Maybe her nerves were finally frazzled. Hissing, she gunned the engine of her red dodge ram and grew determined to catch up with him. There was no doubt she knew her Hemi could catch him. He wasn’t hard to see. That was for damn sure. Supped up midnight black 4 x 4 Black dodge ram of his own, glistening sterling wheels, with a rebel flag in the back window. All he needed was a gun rack, a few Budweiser cans floating about and a cage for the coon dog and he’d be a glorious redneck. Cowboys. She was sick of the lot of them. Nibbling on her lower lip Julia swore to herself. Okay, so she drove a pick up truck too but living in the country and having one especially as a single woman was a good idea. Damn good in her opinion and an absolute necessity.

      So many vile thoughts flew through the back of her mind. As she laughed she turned up the satellite radio. A little eighties music always put her in the mood for so many things. She snarled as he dodged and weaved around the beat up Pontiac grand prix and the sleek Toyota with a slight skid. How long had she resisted the urge to follow and confront him? Too God damned long. So she made that are-you-crazier-than-a-loon decision and followed him. At speeds exceeding the speed limit Julia raced down the four lane highway toward the country roads near the glorious mountains. Along the way the traffic thinned out and she almost lost her nerve. Damn it, Tray started weaving in and out of the traffic with wild abandon. There was no doubt he knew she was behind him, chasing him. His blatant actions just pissed her off even more.

     “Bastard!” She screamed out the window. The late morning Saturday afternoon was teeming with bright crystal blue skies and soft floating clouds. She was supposed to be going to the store, purchasing a new outfit for the party tonight and getting housework finished so she didn’t feel guilty. Instead, she was floating around after a lunatic in a pick me up truck, as her daddy used to call them. Oh how the wretched need to take him down burned within her. Damn it!

     Tray was obviously toying with her when he could tell he was being followed. He sped up and slowed down to allow her to catch up with him. “Damn it all to hell you RustlingDanger_smallfucker!” She growled and checked the side mirrors. The jiggle of the air fresher caught her attention. “Yeah, I know. Slow the hell down.” Sighing, Julia knew she was never good at taking advice and especially not her own. It was the pot calling the kettle black. So she followed him further into the countryside as he turned onto several side roads, dodging and weaving, gunning and revving as she imagined him laughing hysterically. The biting thought boiled her already over heated blood. What she would do to the jerk when she got her slender hands around his neck. He’d be calling for the paramedics.

     Cursing to the very Gods above at the intrusion, Julia was forced to slow down and almost completely stop for a crossing tractor, guiding his wide body into the lane, She nearly lost sight of Tray’s truck until she saw the splash of dust up ahead on her right. Turning quickly onto a street the back tires spun out. She gunned the engine again until she saw his truck crossed sideways across the road dead in front of her and the man standing with his arms folded glaring, waiting for her arrival. As he baited her Tray grinned like a damn loon.

     Damn it, she knew it. “Fuck!”

     Her reactions almost not quick enough to stop the impending accident, Julia slammed on the brakes and the truck spun toward the ditch. Just missing it by a hare’s breath she jerked the truck to a stop and cursed out loud. “Shit! Shit! Shit!” Goddamn the asshole who boiled her blood. She didn’t need anymore crap in her life. As dust flew around the cab of the truck she couldn’t see a damn thing but puffs of red clay and shadows. But she heard a noise and knew instantly as her door was jerked open.

     Just then large rough hands yanked her out of the truck. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing, little lady? You nuts or something?” His voice was deep and surly but the hint of gloating was evident in his weathered smile and muffled chuckle. A slight imposed snarl curled on his lips as he glared at her but a mischievous glint in his eyes gave him away.

     Dear God his body screamed all male and a sensuous one at that. Grimacing, the feel of her nipples scraping against her lace bra sent a series of shivers down her spine. “Me? You jerk! You friggin asshole! You’re the one who’s crazy you little creep!” She struggled to free herself and stamped her feet. Her jerking motions pushed her against the side of her truck.   

     Sighing, Tray let her go but continued gazing at her, shaking his head. He took off his sunglasses and placed them in his shirt pocket. “Women.”

What do you think – need to rope and ride ’em?

Kisses   xxx




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