And Then He Saw Her…

And wanted her… It’s a rainy Saturday here and just managed to add another portion to the second piece I’m working on with co-author Christian Jensen. I have to say his drive pushes me harder and vice versa and I love that for both of us. We’re also working on our own pieces and it’s been amazing so far what we’ve produced. In case you missed how we are writing – we have a basic, VERY BASIC idea of the story then I write a portion – of which he has no idea what I’m going to write. Then he takes it and I have no idea how how portion will change the story. It’sI Like to Watch keeping it fresh and terribly exciting. This piece is completely different than where I thought it would go. One piece of art will be the cover – hoping to complete this weekend and here’s a tasty treat for you. Enjoy… Oh by the way – Chris and I received a compliment that the darling man who is editing the piece can’t tell who is writing what – the highest complement for two authors working together. Do you think you know who wrote this passage?


He owned this place. This bar, this hotel, this convention were his. Thomas moved through the crowd and smiled at all the little people. He signed a couple dozen autographs all while looking for the tall vixen with the mouth of a sailor. A mouth for seamen. A mouth for semen. Thomas smiled at the idea and pulled the little notepad from his pocket and the Mont Blanc and scribbled the idea. Smiling at his genius Thomas scanned the crowd one more time. He was growing tired of pretending to give a shit about the people here. He was sick of hearing how brilliant he was. Of course he knew he was brilliant, he got to hear his own thoughts.

And then he saw her. Perched in a chair in the back corner of the bar she sat perfectly erect with a glass of wine in one hand and a naked breast in the other. He licked his lips as she teased the nipple. There was no shame to this girl. Her public display was getting a lot of attention but the sheep were too busy pretending to be repulsed by her brazen show to say anything. He knew most of them secretly wished they had half her gall.

Thomas wasn’t like the other sheep. He saw an opportunity and wasn’t about to let it slip by. He moved past the crowd at the bar and headed silent as a shadow to their table. He stood there as the perfect voyeur, watching as he so loved to do. The vixen slid her other breast out of the clinging red dress and stared in defiance at her companion, a fairly attractive man easily ten years Thomas’ junior.

Taking a step forward Thomas placed both hands on the table and leaned low enough to be heard only by them. Let the prying ears and eyes be damned.

“I like to watch.”

An instant flash of recognition crossed the man’s face but all the vixen displayed was annoyance.

“Do you now?” She looked down at her naked breasts and slid a finger around an erect nipple.

“Put the girls away Alexa,” The man motioned to an empty chair at the table. “We have Bad Girl jessie for flasha guest.”

Amazingly the brazen woman did as instructed. Her eyes betrayed annoyance at the intrusion but she refused to question him.

“I am very…enamored by your play,” Thomas extended a hand. “Thomas Moore.”

“Zane,” the young mans hand was thick and calloused, the grip incredibly strong. “It’s an honor to meet you Mr. Moore.”

The blonde rolled her eyes in obvious exasperation.

“Alexa, is it?” Thomas extended a hand and reluctantly she took it. She clasped the tips of his fingers like she didn’t want to touch him past that.

“Yes,” She smiled with no humor. “It is.”

“You’ll have to excuse Alexa, Mr. Moore,” Zane shot a look at the woman and immediately her eyes filled with conflict. She knew to obey but the inner strength was making it hard in this circumstance. “She can be a little impatient when her pussy gets swollen.” The look of shock that flittered across Alexa’s eyes was priceless and Zane loved every second if it. He lifted his beer and drank before motioning to the waitress. “I’ll have another beer, the lady will have another red wine, and Mr. Moore?”

“Bourbon, on the rocks.” Thomas smiled politely and waited for the waitress to leave. “So, as I was saying…”

“I don’t think really want to be put on display…” Immediately Alexa knew the problem with her words and cringed. Thomas simply arched an eyebrow in response which enraged the woman even more. “What you walked into was a private moment, Mr. Moore. Yes, it was a very public private moment, but it’s something just between us Giving thanks before a mealand…”

“Alexa,” Zane held up a hand. “I think it might be interesting to indulge the man.”

“You do?” Alexa immediately recoiled at her words and stared defiantly at Zane as she said “Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl,” Zane smiled at Thomas. “She will need to be disciplined for the outburst, of course, but I am sure that is something you’ll be interested in seeing?”

“Very much so.”

“Good. You can meet us in my room in an hour, Mr. Moore,” Zane placed a twenty on the table and got up. Alexa followed suit. He picked up his beer and motioned for Alexa to take her wine. “I will ask that you are not early though. We need some time to our selves before we can accept your audience.”

“Very well spoken sir,” Thomas was actually jealous of the way Zane spoke. He was much more intelligent than he had initially surmised. “Are you a writer?”

Zane seemed to sink within himself for the briefest of seconds.

“Yes, I’m actually on several panels at the convention,” He regained his composure quickly. “We’ll see you in an hour.”

“You absolutely will,” Thomas sipped from his bourbon. “I’ll have to check out your book.”

“Which one,” Zane said over his shoulder. “I have forty of them.”

Kisses darling children…


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