BAD Things…

I love bad things in creatures and in men. I ten to walk a bit on the dark site, the edgier side and that gives people certain interesting observations about me. What they don’t know CAN hurt them MUAH. Seriously, I love writing in the paranormal, stretching every boundary and I have a trilogy of all well Bad Things. This is the second in the collection and releasing on June 30th. I love weaving curses in my stories along with the desperately dangerous characters. Bad Things Hunger, the first – was a third place winner in the erotica and second place in a collection with the Paranormal Romance Readers Society soo…. Here is a taste of



And as the Time of Passing occurs on the black night, beginning the new millennium of our kind, the moon shall bleed upon the earth. Those who are meant for the beginning of forever shall lead. A child shall be brought forth to begin the next phase and the kingdom shall be reborn. The new king must take a bride by the passing of red moonthe first Crimson Moon in order to take back his place among the side of the Satan. Bewarethe magic of one will hide behind a mask of purity until the time is right. Be fearful of those who are not what they seem, for the evil heart shall inherit the Earth. The signs are clear, the foretelling etched in stone.

And only those chosen will survive.

Yes, the signs were very clear. The Telling was upon them, and he would rule once again. Chuckling, he licked his lips in delicious anticipation of what was coming. No one understood. No one.

He stood on the banks of the shore, gazing out into the darkened night, almost soothed by the ocean’s gentle waves. Yet the wind was kicking up, indicating an approaching storm, one that would no doubt be violent. Holding out his arms, he inhaled the salty air as he thought about the weeks ahead. For better or for worse he was going to be the sole reason for changing the face of the world. Humans had no idea about the horrors they were going to face at his hands and those of the creatures who served his needs.

He closed his eyes, visions of the past meshing together with the recent slaughters. There was no doubt he was ready to assume command, a place that had been foretold since the beginning of time. While he wasn’t a patient man, he was one who realized the importance of prudence. The virtue was something his maker had drilled into his heart and soul through centuries of brutal discipline. He’d fought the training, his vanity and personal needs overshadowing his honor and respects. Now he wished he’d paid more attention. Then perhaps things would have been different. Still, as he thought about all he’d learned he nodded, remembering the days with disdain. The intense preparations had honed his skills, making him the Master he was today. There was something to be said for extreme torture.

Anger boiled beneath the mask of humanity he was forced to wear. He thought about the sequence of events that brought him here; one moment in particular would possibly tarnish their efforts, but then again, it was necessary. Suddenly barely able to contain his building rage, he fisted his mouth and allowed the fleeting memories of his man in ropeslife so long ago to overtake him. He was through with being patient. He was done with heeding orders. Now was the time to take what he wanted, what was rightfully his.

Lifting his fist to the billowing clouds, he growled. The first lightning strike, slicing into the darkened waters, caught him off guard. As a second and third bolt flashed, current raced through the humid air, sending a spark of electricity down the shoreline. The storm was going to be damn intense, which suited his mood. As the wind continued to pick up, grabbing grains of sand from the beach surrounding him, he made a promise to himself and the very monster that had created him: He was going to be vindicated and he would annihilate the entire human race. The thought was far too delicious. Some would fight him ferociously, but no matter. This was going to go the way he wanted, no matter how many casualties of this great war there would be.

“Yes! You will belong to me.” He burst into laughter as he envisioned her face, her bright eyes and the very smile that had lured him in centuries before. She would belong to him, and for the rest of her rather fragile life she was going to serve his every need, fulfill his greatest sexual fantasies. Their union had been etched in stone since the beginning of time. There was no way she could deny him any longer, no way he would allow her to. And then when he was through with her she was going to live in the fires of Hell forever, serving the rapid dogs who serviced their masters. Then she would learn to pay for her sins.

His eyes flashing, he studied the impending storm clouds and nodded. “You already belong to me. Come, my precious, and take your place beside your rightful owner.” He allowed his body to shift, morphing into his true form. As his fingers became talons, he darted a glance back at the sky, mesmerized by the sheer beauty. “Soon you will belong to me!”




“I can’t believe you have a son, and I can’t believe you didn’t tell me. Me, for God’s sake.”

Anastasia Lucard glared at Kristoff Chenault, her lover, submissive, and co-worker in Bad Things, a kink club smack in the middle of downtown Charleston, South Carolina. The last few days had been a lie, and now she and members of her Pride were going to pay a significant price for their insolence – for her insolence. If only she’d paid more attention to her instincts then maybe the monster wouldn’t have the upper hand. Sighing, she rubbed her eyes and studied the bedraggled group of men and women, fresh from a bloody battle in the woods. From her father to Joseph, another Pride leader, they were all in wait of the terrible foretelling. Their enemy had taken one of their own. Even being were-tigers couldn’t save them from the horrors of death and destruction.

She saw the pensive face of the only human in the room and was at a loss for words. Detective Devon Brazlin was a take-no-prisoners kind of man, and she had no doubt this entire situation stymied the hell out of him. After all, it wasn’t every day you learned the woman you were sleeping with was a monster in disguise, and there were more creatures ready to take over the beloved city, turning humans into slaves. The BAD-THINGS-2-STALK-by-Cassandre-Dayne-smallthought alone was far too surreal.

The conservative city was home to many things, including a powerful religious syndicate, one they would forever fight. One of their tactics was Bad Things; the highly revered club provided every method of kinky fantasy for special clients, including many politicians and high-powered businessmen and women in town. Offering anonymity as well as indulging in their particular proclivities, the business also offered Anastasia the ability to stay close to the pulse of the city while indulging in her own private hungers. Despite this advantage, she wasn’t left completely empowered; so many in the closely-knit community hated the secure and misunderstood club. People were fearful of what they didn’t understand. And for some reason she simply allowed herself to fall into a very human life, ignoring every clear warning. Many would die because of her impetuousness. Her enemy had been under her nose the entire time, disguising himself as someone harboring the good of mankind. The irony wasn’t lost on her.

God and Satan were a mainstay in man’s many beliefs, and through the years stories about evil creatures filled books and lit up movie screens since the earliest days of films. Little did humans know creatures lived among them, fighting for their place and had been long before Adam and Eve were created. The mysteries surrounding were-creatures were tall tales indeed. From the fact they ate human flesh and drank blood, to the methods in which they hunted and killed terrified humans, and rightly so. Sadly, the majority of them were true. At least their wretched behavior had been mostly contained over the centuries. That is until now. Lucas Throne, better known as Christian Sowers within city limits, was the monster of her nightmare. The curse was real. The time was right. People would die. Were-creatures all across the worlds were experiencing blood lust, including members of her Pride.


Do creatures rule the world, living amongst us as they grow in strength in an effort to enslave humans?

Humanity for the citizens in Charleston South Carolina was all but over. The Crimson moon waning, the devil himself had returned to take back control of the earth and all creatures were required to obey. Only one human woman could save what had no chance of being saved — if the members of the Pride were able to find her. For Anastasia Lucard, the new leader of the oldest and most revered were-tiger Pride in the world, the loss of one so precious threw her into a heightened stage of rage and damning hunger. Determined to locate her before it was too late, Anastasia entered into a life ending war involving humans and beasts alike. As the bloody battle ensued, she had only one man to turn to and his very humanity kept her sane as brutal murders raced through the ancient city.

Trenton Parker was succumbing to the savage beast he had no understanding of how to control. As the realization of what he truly was settled in, he fought his heritage, desperate to find his way. Caught between a world of good versus evil, he’s torn as he searches for answers. With the ancient curse of his kind snapping at his heels, he creates a plan, one that could cost him his life and damn his soul for all eternity. Could his desire conquer the blackness enshrouding the city before the final turn or would he lose the most precious gift known – love?

One decision proved too costly…

I hope you enjoyed.

Kisses   xxx



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