Seduction in a Drive in Movie

Don’t you dare say I’m dating myself! You know I like to find all kinds of sexy, kinky and down right out there ways to kick up the heat in a relationship. I was penning a second rather sexy scene for “I Like to Watch”  – a psychological thriller I just finished with my co-author, Christian Jensen. He read the portion, snickers and said loud and proud “boy, you do like your sex out in the open”.  Well, I guess I’m a bit of a wicked girl and I don’t mind if I show a little um skin in front of some folks. Come one. You can’t tell me you haven’t thought about being seen more than once, you know carsexpushing that envelope of decency. What if you’re caught? What if the police are notified? There are so many kinky ways to enjoy a taste smack out in the public. So today is all about the drive in movie.

For those of you who have no clue what a drive in movie is – it’s something I grew up with as a kid. You take a piece of land far away from the screaming lights of the city and plop a HUGE screen on one end and a flat fields stretching for a good half an acre or more and then place concession stands around it with bathrooms. The projector is on the other side and in the privacy of your car (along with specially designed speakers you place on the door/open window) you get to watch a HOT movie. Imagine seeing the larger than life sexy guy in front of your eyes on the big screen, then being able to slide your hand across his lap, caressing and squeezing his oh-so-hard cock. Mmm…

When I was a kid it was all the epics playing – you know like Poseidon Adventure and Towering Inferno. Somehow the movie SEEMED bigger than life in the great outdoors. If you had a convertible then it was even better. I loved it and granted I went when I was with my parents – UGH – but I was able to see and hear all kinds of “making out” from across the way. The form of making out is no different than I imagine today. You glance around you to see if anyone is really paying attention before fumbling to unfasten and unzip, freeing his throbbing dick. Imagine making cooing noises as you holding her breastattempt to continue to watch the movie. Then what would happen if he’d grip you on the back of the neck and shove your face into his crotch. Now that’s what I call a snack.

I’ll never forget the look on my mother’s face when I asked her what was going on with the couple in the car smack next to us. Someone the moaning and groaning didn’t quite go with the music of the movie. As you can well imagine the necking the teenagers were doing was tame in comparison to what they’re doing today but it was Friday night date night and all the most fashionable kids were there. Have I ever done it? Taking the fifth on this one. Well, maybe not… You all know I’m a wild child so yes, I have and I can tell you the moaning he was doing mixed with the tinny speakers and well, let’s just say our show was much, much better.

About ten years ago the big screens and outdoor theatres made a come back but sadly they didn’t survive for several reasons. Not only is it tougher to find land surrounded by darkness unless you’re in a very rural area but you also have to contend with what folks are now used to. I mean my GOD you can go into closed theatres today and basically have a massage snuggled in your seats while you enjoy sipping on wine and eating everything from hamburgers to freshly caught salmon.

I’m not knocking indoor theatres but for me there’s no romance. How romantic is it to be crowded next to Mary and Sam who talk through the entire thing? Then let’s talk about kink. Think about how sexy it would be if you slid across his lap. Of course you’re not wearing any panties. Just imagine how sexy the moment would be when he eased his thick cock inside, kissing you to keep you from moaning. Doesn’t that sound better than a boring old indoor theater?

For many who have money projectors and large screens have been sold over the last few years to turn your backyard into a movie theatre. Bring all your friends over for a wildly good time. Not sure that’s very romantic either. But the notion of sitting in a convertible and snuggling, getting closer and closer, his hand on your thigh. His hand moving up your thigh. His hand… Well, you get the picture.

But let’s set the scene for a seductive moment both ways. One – imagine if the drive in theatre was still open. Envision just you and your lover snuggled together under the Man outdoorsmoonlight kissing during the romantic scenes where James Bond is always THAT man and savior we all crave or he has his arm wrapped around your tightly when the bad guys are pulling out the really big guns. Don’t chuckle. You know you’ve snuggled up to a lover more than once during a terrifying horror movie. Our personal saviors really can keep you safe you know.

Close your eyes and hear the opening credit music playing while a light wind is whipping through your hair. Imagine the musky scent of your lover mixed with the fresh and buttery smell of popcorn and then the night fragrances such as night blooming jasmine – isn’t this a lovely romantic scene in the making? I can only imagine going home after the movie as you continue to snuggle close on the drive and then cracking open a bottle of wine in front of the fire.

What if you did own a home movie theatre system? Think about how fabulous it would be if you owned a hot tub and simply settled in to the warmth, cutting down the jets, with a bottle of wine or champagne and the dazzling lights of the tub shimmering underneath you while you watch a romantic comedy together. Look up at the brightly shining stars and the almost full moon. There’s a light chill in the air so when you get out of the tub you wrap your bodies in soft terry robes.

Even if you simply sit on your deck perhaps with an umbrella over your table with sparkly lights illuminating your drinks as you settle in to watch the latest Underworld movie – it’s all in how you create the setting. From candles wafting scents of vanilla and cinnamon to festive drinks or hot chocolate – you determine just how far you want to take the romance.

Are drive in movie theatres dead? Oh I so hope they make a come back. There’s nothing quite like making out like we were when we were kids to remind us all about passion and romance. Answer me this…  Where are you going to watch your next movie together?

I hope you’ve enjoyed.

Kisses   xxx


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