Is Your Kink Sinful by Design?

It’s that time again – indulging in your fantasies and I have one that’s oh so delicious. I actually penned this one a couple of years ago for a friend of mine – he’s an attorney and needed a little kick in his marriage. So I asked him what one of his fantasies was. He has this thing about being a cop and taking a woman and so the story was created. Imagine two cops and one HOT attorney along with one lucky girl…



Speed dating? No way! But not only did romance reviewer Shannon Spencer agree to spend one delicious night at a wild social club getting to know a sexy man, she also enjoyed a scandalous internet romance with the distinguished attorney.

Blake Worthington was older, very charming and had one too many ex wives. And Shannon was burned out from an ex-fiance that left her at the alter. Yet Blake held the key to her most shameless erotic desires thanks to countless nights spent talking on the computer. Finally indulging in a meeting over dinner, Blake’s offer was one wild SinfulDesign_CoverFINAL-smallweekend. Not only did he have a plan in mind to drive Shannon into a roar of ecstasy, he also had surprises in store including a torrid event with two very hot blooded police officers who happened to be his good friends.

Blake fulfilled Shannon’s every fantasy including voyeurism and a wicked foursome. But unfortunately, real life interceded forcing Blake to reveal to her his most haunted secret–the daughter kept hidden by his ex. The daughter in need of medical attention. Of course Shannon assumed the worst, another woman. So when Blake finally revealed the truth and his love for Shannon, they had to admit they could face anything, as long as they were together.


Blake closed his eyes briefly and gazed around Jenna, the look on his face full of hunger. Walking inside, his dazzling gaze landed on her flushed face. “Shannon.” Barely a whisper, his breath caught and he licked his lips as his eyes blazed a trail down the length of her body. It took Jenna’s prodding to get his feet moving.

Jenna sighed. “I need to close the door, lover boy.”

He glided in and stared at Shannon for long seconds, his grin turning impish. Naughty. “You look beautiful, utterly amazing. Stunning. Sexy. You bet I have died and gone to heaven.” Blake purred, a touch nervous but as his dazzling smile crossed his face, Shannon shivered.

Oh he could melt an igloo in the middle of the frozen tundra. Why was it the little tick in her neck was working overtime?

“Now that’s a reaction.” Jenna laughed. “Wish my boyfriends ever looked at me like sensual hold 2white chocolate velvet. Even I need a cold shower.”

Shannon stared at the man who was her computer lover in breathless amazement. Wow! That was all that her overheated mind could manage and it certainly wouldn’t be polite to drool. He was sexy as hell, masculine, yet wrapped up into a mischievous grin and dreamy eyes. Damn if her mouth didn’t water just watching his eyes dart back and forth across her body. Shannon couldn’t help but notice his hard cock beating against his skin-tight jeans. Oh boy, she fought not to lick her lips. The tingling in her pussy reminded her she was all woman and very hungry. After all the impious and erotic words they’d said to each other, she could barely contain her naughty thoughts or her hands from ripping off his clothes and pitching him over the counter.

Damn if she didn’t float right back to the weekend after their first conversation. God, she had been so hot and wet that she’d pulled out her recently purchased passion pink vibrator. For some reason the toy hadn’t given her but so much pleasure before that weekend. No, she had never climaxed using the cold rubber, until that night and she had she exploded screaming into the moonlit kissed sky. Yet the creative toy was a lousy substitute for the real thing. But she didn’t have to worry about using a hard piece of rubber that weekend. No siree baby. She couldn’t wait to wrap her hot lips around his thick cock and suckle him until he came into her mouth. She could almost taste his salty goodness, tangy yet touched with sweet spices. Delicious.

“I have no idea which one of you is turned on more,” Jenna breathed. “Think I need some tequila.”

Blake chuckled, the husky timbre in his voice cascading a wafting hint of desire racing into the kitchen.

Oh my I have died and gone to heaven. Here he stood in flesh and blood, all masculine, a little slice of cookies and cream heaven. He stared at Shannon with such a wicked abandon, his chest heaving as his hands shook slightly from the desire that obviously coursed throughout his body. Whew. She’d never had a man react so strongly.

“Utterly breathtaking.” Blake brushed his hand across his face wiping the tickles of perspiration from his brow.

Shannon gave him a beaming smile that lit up her face and in turn his. “I’ve been waiting for this for such a long time.”

Blake hesitated but smiled and walked toward her quietly. He handed her the roses, allowing his fingers to rest against hers until a soft whimper escaped her mouth. “These pale in comparison to your beauty but I hope you like them. I can see you wrapped up in thousands of velvety petals moments before I ravage your body. You have the most sinfully sweet exotic scent my lady, ripe and rich and ready for the plucking. I want to feast on every single inch of your sweet flesh. Tell me my sexy vixen, would you like my tongue tracing tiny circles over your entire body?”

“Ho-ly shit,” Jenna breathed.

My, the man had always had a way with words. Oh, she could possibly cum on the spot from hearing his sexy baritone voice. Stars suddenly marred her vision as her little holding handsvoice screamed to fuck him. Every wild emotion rattled in her head. For that yummy moment in time her legs were nothing but jellyfish. Her pussy cream had saturated her lacy thong and she knew quite possibly they were going to burst into flames.

Blake chose the stunning moment to brush his lips across the edge of her chin, nibbling slightly as his tongue slathered her salty flesh. “Good enough to eat.”

Oh God, she was no longer a woman but a wanton lustful creature ready to rip his clothes off and while she tried to pay attention to the gorgeous gift, it was no use. No, she wanted the man standing in front of her. She laid the flowers on the island, realizing her entire body was shaking from a fire that burned in her belly. Reaching up, she slid her hand around his neck and eased his face down to hers. “I’m so very glad you’re here.” She kissed him gently and easily drinking in the very scent of his pungent cologne and musky shower gel.

Blake froze as her lips captured his and then it was as if they had been together for a glorious eternity. He wrapped his muscular arms around her waist pulling her toward his chest as his hands kneaded and caressed, brushing down her back to hold her hips gingerly. Melding together and a fantasy in the making, the kiss became more passionate, taking on a life of its own. He growled, the sound low and hoarse, as his tongue pushed its way into her mouth. Nipping her bottom lip his tongue entwined with hers tasting the sweetness, devouring her like a savage beast.

She melted into his kiss. His lips were so soft and ripe that she could drink him in all day long. As his tongue twirled and entwined with hers, her pussy clenched wishing they were alone and they could indulge in their utmost fantasies. Oh, he knew how to kiss, sultry and sensuous, taking control yet giving back. He was a predator and she was his chosen. Shannon wrapped her arms around his neck and settled into his body. The very heat of his erection was almost too much to resist and with her hips, she ground into him enough to send shocking bolts of electricity through both of them. She’d never experienced a kiss so full of life and wild lust.

Blake slid his hands down her back to her waist, finally cupping her ass and dragging her shaking body into his throbbing cock.

“Uh hum.” Jenna stood with her hands crossed watching the two. She checked her watch and sighed in amusement.

Somewhere in their overheated minds, they heard her, but just barely. Shannon palmed his chest with one hand while her other stole a single feel of his rock hard cock, throbbing and begging for release. She giggled as he moaned. Her hazy eyes misted as she envisioned his hardness pressed against her and nothing else. No, they were in serious trouble.

“Should I stop dinner or what?” Jenna laughed.

I do hope you enjoyed…

Kisses   xxx




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