Masters Come in Many Forms…

Mm – well I have another Dirty Little Secrets that just released and I must say, I love this one. Vampires have secrets too – right? Well, what if they have more than one. I thought I’d bring you a sexy little taste of my hero, he’s of American Indian decent and was considered a King before he was transformed. I hope you enjoy…



As he drove through the darkened night, his hunger sliding off the charts, he continued to think about Caldre and about the current coursing between then. He DLSWhipsChains_Cover-smallwas unable to pull away from the need. Stepping on the gas pedal, he snarled and fisted his mouth, his eyes flashing in the darkness. This wasn’t to be expected, nor something that had happened to him in so many years. Years? He snorted as he jerked the steering wheel, savoring the screeching sound the tired made on the pavement. He was going to have to face the inevitable but not tonight.

Sakima shook his head and forced back the vivid images of Caldre, naked and tied to his bed, ready to do his biddings, ready to succumb. They were delicious thoughts indeed, but not necessarily anything that could happen, at least during the beginning stages. Pushing his foot down on the pedal, he was shoved back hard into his seat. For so many years he’d fought to push back his heritage, his spirituality, yet his visions were suddenly enthralling, enticing in a method they hadn’t been in decades. There was nothing like the power of his beloved Ferrari. He roared past the guardhouse, not bothering to look or wave at the guards.

Pulling down his street, he clicked the control panel located on the dashboard of his car and smiled as the heavy iron gates swung open. He raced the car inside, hitting the button again, and screeched up the long driveway. When he pulled into the garage and killed the engine, he sat quietly for a full minute before climbing out of the car. A single sniff told him his trusted minion had secured food and sex for the night. Thank God for a decent friend he could trust implicitly.

He jerked off his gloves, tossing them into the car, and slammed the door. The moment he advanced toward the door, his licked his lips, dragging the tip across his gums. Almost instantly his canines began to erupt from deep recesses of his tissue. Storming through the house, he didn’t need to be told where he was going. His athlete in chainsplayroom was the single location in his house he accepted men for his needs and the preparations were almost always the same.

Slapping his hand against the door, he shoved the hard wood inward until both hit the doorjamb. Even in the dim lighting of the wall sconces and the fire, blazing in the stone fireplace, he could make out the fear on the young man’s face. The dark haired boy couldn’t be more than twenty-five, his needs still evidenced by his hard cock standing at full attention, the cock ring keeping him nice and stiff. Growling, he allowed the guttural sound to filter into the room as he advanced, keeping his eyes pinned on the shimmering face of the boy.

“Delicious,” he whispered, the tone barely more than a savage hiss. Tonight he was hungrier than usual, something the boy couldn’t have known when he ventured into the darkened club, one meant for all things kinky. Sakima was a businessman first after all and owned many corporations. His kink club was his favorite. Perhaps because he was easily able to secure men for his particular needs.

He concentrated on the way the chains sounded as the boy struggled. For him metal against metal was a powerful aphrodisiac. Moving further into the room, he held up his hand, twisting his wrist. Sighing, he nodded as the lights lowered. Sakima certainly didn’t need any light in order to indulge in his particular needs, his joyous proclivities.

As he inched closer to the boy, he inhaled the seductive scent of terror mixed with sweat. No matter the fear coursing through the boy, he as indeed sexually stimulated. “Very nice.” Closing the distance, he tilted his head as he raked his nails down the boy’s chest to his groin and wrapped his hand around the base of the boy’s cock. “What’s your name?”


“Well, Jeffrey. You’re going to make me very happy tonight as I assure you I will you.” Sakima jerked off his shirt as he walked toward the small bar nestled in the corner, tossing the material onto the floor. He lifted the decanter top, pouring the brandy and drinking in the rich aroma. As he poured a hefty amount in to a snifter, he gazed toward the fire, his thoughts drifting to Caldre. The man had spunk as well as good looks. He would make a fine fighter with nurturing and hard work.

He would also make an incredible mate. Swirling the glass he growled, dragging his tongue across his sharp fangs. The very realization a human was this important was almost debilitating. Almost. He took a long drink of the fine cognac and closed his eyes, imagining days of the past. He swallowed, the burn in the back of his throat always giving him a slight taste of being human again. The moment was just enough to keep his emotions, as well as his needs, in check.

After another drink, he set the glass down and cut his eyes to the boy. Tonight he had no patience for frivolities. He simply wanted to fuck and feed quickly. Swaggering over to the boy, he brushed his hands up and down the boy’s chest to his groin, enjoying the feel of his warm skin, the way he smelled. Sakima glanced up at the chains holding him in place and wanted to be in total control tonight. Nothing less would do.

“Tell me, Jeffrey. Have you had a man before?”

“No, sir. I…no sir.” Jeffrey whispered. His voice was strangled, breathless.Fire from Shutterstock

“Mmm… Well I assure you after tonight you’re going to want more.” Chuckling, he unfastened the boy, pulling his tense frame into his chest. Lifting his body with ease, he moved Jeffrey toward the fire, positioning his stomach over the back of his favorite leather chair. “Now stay put while I ready myself.” He couldn’t help but purr as he unfastened his pants, freeing his thick and throbbing cock. Exhaling slowly, he rubbed his hand under his balls, cupping and squeezing. They were not nearly swollen enough. He needed to feed.

As he walked behind Jeffrey, kicking the boy’s legs apart, he grunted and continued rubbing and twisting his balls. The slip of pain felt good, damn good. Very gently he rubbed his other hand down the length of Jeffrey’s spine and smiled. There was nothing like indulging on a young man, one who wasn’t tainted by drugs or disease. They seemed so rare these days. Leaning over, he licked across the back of the boy’s neck. “You taste so sweet. So good to me. You’re going to be delicious to feed on.”

“Feed? I…” A strangled moan escaped his lips. He twisted his body, trying desperately to see what Sakima was doing.

Rolling his eyes into the back of his head, he shifted, hearing the delicious sound of his bones crunching as his body adjusted, transforming into the monster he truly was. As he lowered his head, watching the perfect licks of the fire, something that could either be his salvation or his damnation, he allowed a low growl to escape his lips.

“What? What are you doing?” Real terror sounds escaped his lips and Jeffrey pushed up from the chair, his back slamming against Sakima.

Sakima threw his head back and roared as he wrapped one arm around Jeffrey’s neck and with the other hand pressed the tip of his cock to the boy’s asshole.

“No! What are you doing?”

He clamped around Jeffrey’s neck, jerking him back. The force of the pull thrust the entire length of his dick deep into Jeffrey’s ass.


Instantly he sunk his fangs into the boy’s neck, twisting his head until Jeffrey was completely immobilized.

“Argh…grggrrrr…” His arms flailing for several seconds, he struggled, slapping hard against Sakima.

Sakima grunted and pulled out his cock, shoving in again, the inertia pushing his fangs in deeper. The taste of the boy was unexpected, rich and so delicious and he closed his eyes, doing everything he could to control his intake. This wasn’t about killing but consuming.

His body began to jerk involuntarily, his body shaking, bubbles of saliva dripping from his mouth. Strangled cries continued to slip past his lips for a full minute.


Born of Fire… Ending in Fire… 

Sakima Mato was wealthy and highly respected within the ranks of Mixed Martial Arts. His American Indian heritage kept him spiritual, yet a fire burned deep within his soul. Well known for his signature techniques within the brutal, his methodologies of training were considered savage. His mysterious aura was the darling of tabloid fodder, but few knew the real man behind the mask and fewer still could handle the brooding creature underneath the sensuous persona. If his dirty little secret was ever revealed, he would be hunted like the monster he’d become all those centuries before. After all, he was a vampire, scouring the streets for blood and sex, and for a human companion to ease the loneliness, what some called destiny. But he knew, one forged in savagery. A curse followed him and had since his transformation into a monster, one that offered him a chance to become very human, if he believed.

Caldre Parker was a fireman by day, a martial arts fighter by night, hiding his penchant violence from all who knew him. His standings stalled at the bottom of the heap, he needed a new mentor or his second career would tank before it even started. Dark and angry whispers about his destiny trailed behind him, torturing until he was left a shell of a man. Fighting eased the pain. After meeting Sakima, he was intrigued by the seemingly haunted man. The attraction was instant and they fell into a heated tryst, one involving pain as well as discipline. As his fighting career became headlines news, Caldre was forced to learn the ugly details about his lover. Demons of his own haunted his every waking moment as an unknown illness plagued him, driving him into near madness. Suddenly everything he respected and held dear about human life was called into question and he was forced to choose – life or soulless immortality.

I hope you’re enjoyed

Kisses   xxx



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