Monsters Do Exist

They do, no matter what you think. Our most horrific nightmares just might be real. IN fact, they are. Tell me, what do you fear?

I love to write about killers. There isn’t any doubt. While my softer side pens romance and kink, time spent in exotic locations and travel destinations to voyeuristic clubs that allow us every fantasy, but I long to write about monsters. And I do. Some of you know that I write about heinous crimes, the kind we all have nightmares about – or at least we should. Whether I’m penning about vampiresBad Thingshunt their victims in the most enticing methods or a psychopath hell bent on taking over the world, the bottom line for me as a writer is that monsters are far more delicious to write about than what we would consider normal people. Monsters exist in every form. I show you all their faults, all the ugliness inside of their tortured souls.

I also have to show you sides of them that is not only tough as nails, but also terrified and worried. You don’t necessarily have to come up against a killer to feel fear about your life. Think about our every day life. We are worried about what’s going to happen with our jobs and our health, maybe our house and our kids.

Now mix having to face something like a stalker or a burglar invading your space, taking away your sense of safety and the very concept lends itself to a damn hot story. I enjoy the way men and women struggle with finding the right balance in an effort to thwart the bad men. I love bringing out strengths with my heroes that you never anticipated seeing. There is something so amazing about having them win out in the end. Isn’t there? You want that salvation at the end of the piece and have the horrors inflicted only to become a strengthening tool for the ones who will survive and carry on to bring you another day.

While that is pure satisfaction for the reader, for me as an author I LOVE to write the horrors and tortures. I know – sounds odd, right? I also write pure erotic romance and for those who know I write both they often scratch their heads and worry about me. I think in truth some are afraid of my imagination. Hmmm, like I’m really going to perform some of the horrific acts I write about? Hey, we’ve all thought about doing something to another human being. Come on, admit it.

The question is always asked about how I can write something so brutal and how I get the effects or methods right. Well other than indeed having a very vivid imagination, I also research of course. I continue to pen pieces about killing people, or maiming or showing you horrific sides. From forensics and what the Medical Examiner would look for to the effect of basic poisons in the house and knives, exactly what that serrated edge would do to skin – I have ways of killing people you would never expect. In penning Toxic Leash with co-author Christian Jensen, the truth is we didn’t start out to write a gothic store about the tortures of mankind, but when we got into the piece, the characters as well as the story took us to another place, a very dark place. Chris is the only writer I think I can explore this with – even thought my imagination runs wild. We wrote more about the inhumanity of men and women and crimes against a soul. In the next stories we’re exploring other dark sides. But every one of out books is about something rather evil.

Readers might like the concept of fantasy itself around a murder scene but anyone who’s read both well written crime scenes and the ones where you roll your eyes, I bloody murderthink the reader knows when the author is bullshitting. You simply can’t. You have to bring some level of reality about how blood splatters to the way skin can bruise when hands are wrapped around throats.

You have to provide cops with the ability to show the crime scene and not tell it. You need to know what burning wood smells like after a terrible fire. You also have to know how victims would react when sliced and diced. Then again, you need to think about the monster who is committing the crimes. You need to get inside their heads and imagine the true terror or the joy of experiencing what they are doing. That’s not easy. Try and think about salivating when you are thrusting a knife in a human over and over again. Does that make your cringe or perhaps make you go hmmm? Serial killers have a gene that’s obviously different than the every day human, but… I’ve heard psychiatrists say that there is a fine line for all of us about right and wrong and we could cross that line given horrors experienced or perhaps something that happens to a loved one. Think about the every day mother who challenges a criminal after their baby has been hurt. She’ll stop at nothing, including murder, to save her son or daughter. Won’t they? Does that mean they’ve crossed the line? Yes, it does but only briefly and they snap back. Why do you think pleas of temporary insanity was born?

Serial killers have no off button. They have to kill for killing’s sake. They hunger to taste and feel blood. They do nothing but imagine their next kill. Getting into their minds is a tough road for those of us who have no understanding of how people can be so damn horrible. For me as a writer, I love the challenge. I can’t wait to think about new and creative ways to kill people. Does that make me odd? Perhaps, but it also makes for good reading. So you’re going to see more mayhem and bloodshed but you’re also going to see more tenderness. You have to have both sides to give the reader what they crave…

Monsters do exist, if only in the minds of those around us, those we least expect. Shadows will always be our enemy as well as our salvation. Mmm…

Kisses   xxx



Within our everyday lives we encounter Monstrosities. Beasts that can rip, tear, crush and maim. They torture and kill as they destroy innocence and leave their own special kind of hell. Usually these fiends are kept at bay within the structures and Toxic-Leash-coverconfines of normal, polite society but how long can we hide behind that façade when all humanity is stripped away and we’re left with nothing but the stark mirror of reality?

Danielle Rivers had it all. Expensive cars, an overflowing wardrobe, luxurious jewelry, and the kind of privileged life only true wealth could provide. She deserved it after all. Daddy was old money, one of the most powerful and prominent men in East Brunswick, New Jersey. Haughty and opinionated, Danielle didn’t hesitate to make certain those beneath her understood their station in life – especially the greasy mechanics who worked in all of her father’s dealerships. They were playthings, nothing more than little people meant to serve her every whim. What no one knew was that beneath the mask of perfection and meticulously manicured grace was a very broken little girl. As her façade begins to crumble under the weight of everyday life Danielle finds it increasingly difficult to hide from the monster that had tortured not only her body and mind, but her very soul. What Danielle didn’t know was that her tenuous hold was about to be broken.

Leslie Fernandez was a loner. Some considered him to be a dangerous man, others a powerful friend. He refused to take a backseat to anyone, least of all that haughty bitch Danielle. He hated the way she would swoop in and leave destruction and pain in her wake, pushing everyone to the breaking point. In his eyes, Danielle was nothing more than a spoiled bitch, a calculating viper who got her kicks by ruining good people. So why was he so inexplicably drawn to her?

When thrust into the epicenter of a horrible tragedy, one created by the very woman he so vehemently detests and yet is so enigmatically drawn to, he allows his own fiendish, black eyed demon to take the reins.

The torturous nightmares of their respective pasts drew these two damaged souls together like ships adrift in a sea of violence and abuse. The wounds contained within their diseased minds scream to be healed, but is there such a cure for the sickness within ones soul? There is only one possible option, but will either of them have the courage to break free from their own TOXIC LEASH?

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