Erotic Takes a Turn to the Dark Side

I have a new cover to debut and it’s a truly graphic horror erotic piece that I’m writing with Christian Jensen. About four weeks ago he and I started collaborating on pieces and we realized we have a very similar writing style – VERY graphic. We both love taking things to the extreme. That being said there will always be a few rules you have to follow but our books are going to drag you straight into Hell – in several ways. He and I were chatting about the publishing industry and both of us have a bent for the dark side. There are several genres that seem to be hot nowThe-Darkness-WIthin_cover2 and we’re going to explore many sides of them.

Now, many of you know that I write as several pseudonyms and I enjoy the different aspects of writing in different genres. Two questions I continually am asked is how I create so many characters and keep them different and do I ever get writers block. I keep my characters all in line of course with outlines and especially if I’m doing a series like Dakotah Black’s world of PINKED – I keep all kinds of information including fact sheets about the characters, the real life world in which they live, what they drive and drink and who they are attracted to. I also make the characters different depending on the genre. When I get perhaps stumped on one piece I can move to another one that’s completely different and I’m refreshed.

I write erotic romance and that’s my mainstay if you will. I have now just about 100 erotic books/stories out with a good two dozen coming but I started moving into other genres last year including erotic thrillers.  What I’m finding personally in my writing is that I really enjoy writing more about murder, kidnapping, arson and every other horrific crime that truly exists. Not only can I portray my bad guy or girl as being particularly disgusting but I can also give my heroes and heroines a distinct edge. Now what do I mean by that?

There are two hot genres that seem to be up and coming and they combine everything from crime drama to psychological thrillers and stories that will literally terrify you to death. They also add in the full gamut from sensuality to raw sexuality and sometimes the pieces are not just erotic but highly kinky. What is the difference? Erotica is not porn at all – which I can’t seem to like-to-watch2help anyone understand including other romance authors – it’s a piece about two or more people engaging in sexual activities that don’t include the traditional Happy Ever After Ending. The story is meant to be a sexy episode.

Erotic Romance is geared toward the above but usually the couple either is or gets together at the end of the story and we’re satisfied they’ll probably be together at least in the short term. Now lets add elements where the couple has to deal with extreme situations from their job – perhaps one is a cop in a very savage environment or she is a highly decorated firefighter who can’t save a life. Throw in something perhaps like there are kidnapped children or a murderer bent on revenge and you have the perfect set-up for an erotic thriller. Of course our characters have sex and sometimes they need kinky sex just to feel alive like engaging in BDSM or joining a dark club where anything goes.

What if creatures really exist such as vampires, demons and werewolves? What if they walked every day amongst us stealing a little part of our souls with each rising sun and we never knew how or when their moments of terror were going to happen. Think about the time of the apocalypse and just after when zombies rule the world and the few humans who are left continue to try and make something of their lives. There’s still love and humanity and friendship – but the challenges are much more significant. This is moving into erotic horror.  Again, you’re still going to read about sex and passions and hunger – just in different methods perhaps.

I think we all love to be terrified in our books and movies. I know for me personally I want to be taken out of my comfort zone and my mind and imagination stretched when it goes to what I’m reading and enjoying. There’s plenty of room for all kinds of books from sweet romance to true crime, science fiction to westerns, but for me – I want to know the monster is going to get it in the end. However, I also want to know my heroes might have to stretch the boundaries of what they have to do including pushing against the hard confines of the law. I love writing the grittier pieces with Christian – he’s brutal yet controlled in his graphic methods and I think we’ve learned a lot from each other. Funny, our editor just said I write better sex and he does violence BUT he’s having a difficult time telling us apart so… You’ll see when I mean when Toxic Leash releases in about ten days. Erotic Horror – that’s the next HOT genre and Chris and I are going to look for movie producers. HINT HINT for any of you out there.

We’re seeing more and more of these pieces make it to television and whether we’re talking about straight police drama that moved into the Sopranos to regular vampires that morphed into super creatures in True Blood, the expectations now for our thrillers and our horror has taken a new turn. We have to have more. Do you remember a movie from about a million years ago – and yes, I’m dating myself here Toxic-Leash-coveragain – called The Running Man? It was a sci-fi adventure staring Sylvester Stallone in which he was a good cop supposedly turned bad and was thrown into a prison system then in which the ugly environment was like a game show. If selected you had to run a gauntlet of horrible situations and if…oh and there were few ways in which to survive, but if you did and won against tremendous odds, then you were pardoned.

Think about it. The book turned into a movie was a super thriller at the time and what happened? It probably helped mold our reality shows of today. Even then I nodded when I watched the show and knew one day I’d be writing something equally as intriguing. I like to think I am today. Hmmm… I’m seeing many more writers stretching their boundaries and I think that’s fantastic. I wrote a blog piece this morning for one of my pseudos – The Top Ten Ways to Kill People and boy did I get some interesting comments. I’m not talking with guns or knives but with Epoxy and Miracle Grow. You heard me, creative and dangerous.

As DH Black I write very brutal and I do mean brutal crime dramas and psychological thrillers and I love making the bad guy so damn terrible you have nightmares for weeks. That’s what I want you to experience and I think penning the pieces allows my mind to go into a dark place. We as authors all have a very creative imagination and some of us certainly turn that into love stories while others push the limits of sex, drugs and violence. I prefer the later – sometimes. If you are an inspiring author or already one in another genre and are considering, I’d read some and really think about how you would get into the mind of the killer or rapist or whatever crime you’re delving into. The reader is going to know whether or not you’re really feeling the piece.

Does that mean I might have a darker bent to my personality? Perhaps but then again I do dream in color. You can do copious amounts of research but I think just listening to the inner darkness we all have create the most believable characters. For me penning my latest about a killer who had a psychological connection to a woman and had for decades was by far the most intriguing. There are so many incredible and horrifying stories to write. It’s a fabulous time to be a writer. Just sit down and put your ideas on paper, no mater how strange they may seem to you. You never know what film producers are paying attention.

I hope you enjoyed.

Kisses   xxx


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