The Darkness We All Have

I seem to be writing a lot of dark pieces lately. I do enjoy writing about creatures of the night as well as real monsters who inhabit all of us. I have the second in what I think is a brutal trilogy releasing in a few little days. It’s the second to the award winning paranormal erotic thriller Bad Things…  Take a peek at…


Kristoff had grown fond of the taste of men during his time with Bad Things, and tonight he was simply going to enjoy fucking him before sucking information and his life’s blood. As he rounded the man in a full circle he tipped his head. They didn’t need to say anything. As the electricity sparked between them the man inched closer.BAD-THINGS-2-STALK-by-Cassandre-Dayne-small

“Brandon,” he said defiantly as he gazed down the length of Kristoff, his eyes burning with lust.

“Kristoff.” He took another step closer, and this time they were almost touching. His spell was already working, drawing Brandon into his web. The man’s natural instinct and longing were helping expedite the situation. Pleased, Kristoff inhaled the sweet scent of his prey and was forced to adjust his aching cock. Licking his lips in appreciation he slid a finger across Brandon’s mouth as they locked eyes. Several seconds ticked by. He could tell Brandon was being sucked into the vacuum, completely engulfed in his needs and thoughts of burning hunger racing through him.

“Gentlemen, may I offer you a taste of the Bench of Pain?”

Kristoff turned toward the young raven-haired attendant and smiled. His tastes were well known in the club and as such he could have his choice of men at any time. Nodding, he raised his eyebrow and didn’t have to guide Brandon into agreeing. He could tell Brandon was more than eager. “Yes, Thank you, Armando. I think my new friend here would enjoy what I can offer.” He could see a slight hesitation cross Brandon’s face. Of course the man was used to inflicting the pain. “Are you game?”

Brandon eyed the apparatus and then darted a quick glance at Kristoff. “Why not?” He slowly undressed, his eyes never leaving Kristoff.

He had to admire the way Brandon’s thick thighs highlighted his well-toned body and his cock, already swollen. “Very nice,” Kristoff said after grabbing another drink from the private bar. “Very nice, indeed.”

“May I strap him to the bench for you?” Armando asked.

“Yes, but allow me to inspect the merchandise.” Inching closer, Kristoff circled Brandon, taking his hand and dragging the tips of his fingers from the man’s chest chest to his chiseled arms then down and around his back. While cupping his ass cheek with one hand Kristoff inhaled, detecting the slightest hint of fear. Good. BAD-THINGS-1-HUNGER-by-Cassandre-Dayne-smallKeeping the man on edge was going to prove helpful. His senses would be pushed into overdrive, his mind fully open.

The second Kristoff eased a finger in between the crease of Brandon’s ass he exhaled slowly. He clenched his fist and darted glance after glance at him before closing his eyes briefly.

“My guess is you’re tight.” Thrusting the entire length of his finger inside the man’s ass hole, he grunted, driving in and out roughly. This was nothing but making certain Brandon knew exactly who was in charge. Reaching around Brandon’s waist he stroked his cock and then squeezed savagely.

“Fuck!” Brandon’s body pitched forward.

“Very nice. Strap him for me.” Kristoff walked away but honed in on what Brandon was thinking. Yes, he was definitely here for a purpose tonight. When Brandon was strapped to the medieval apparatus, Kristoff was offered his selection of floggers and whips. Selecting a cane instead, he rolled the thin reed in between his fingers while he downed his drink and set the glass aside. He brushed the flat of his hand down Brandon’s spine, marveling in the way his dark body looked in the steel cuffs. Shackled from ankle to mid thigh and wrists to forearms, he was completely immobilized.

Brandon twisted as he attempted to move, but there was no way he could move anything but his head and hands.

After sliding the tip of the cane down the length of his back, Kristoff snapped his wrist. The hiss of the leather hitting Brandon’s smooth skin floated into the room.

Brandon sucked in his breath as if trying to remain quiet, his body struggling hard against the tight bindings.

The finesse of his technique instantly brought welts to the surface of Brandon’s skin, drawing blood. Growling, he issued several more hard strikes and could feel his beast rising to the surface.

Slap! Crack!

“God!” Brandon moaned. The clang of the chains matched the volume of his strangledred moon cries.

“Yes, you are very good at submitting. I could get used to this.” Kristoff’s voice was barely more than a husky whisper.

The strikes grew louder. When Brandon lolled his head, Kristoff opened his mouth wide, exposing his canines. Every part of him wanted to shift – for a few seconds he stopped and gripped the cane tightly, forcing back the emerging beast. Kristoff dragged his index finger through the fresh lashes on Brandon’s back and held up his finger into the light before licking down the length, relishing in the coppery taste. For a minute he almost ripped the man to shreds. Instead, he cleaned off the rest of the blood before leaning over and darting his tongue out, lapping across the wounds.

Hearing the door open Kristoff eased back and wiped his mouth.

“Are you finished?” Armando asked.


Do creatures rule the world, living amongst us as they grow in strength in an effort to enslave humans? 

Humanity for the citizens in Charleston South Carolina was all but over. The Crimson moon waning, the devil himself had returned to take back control of the earth and all creatures were required to obey. Only one human woman could save what had no chance of being saved — if the members of the Pride were able to find her. For Anastasia Lucard, the new leader of the oldest and most revered were-tiger Pride in the world, the loss of one so precious threw her into a heightened stage of rage and damning hunger. Determined to locate her before it was too late, Anastasia entered into a life ending war involving humans and beasts alike. As the bloody battle ensued, she had only one man to turn to and his very humanity kept her sane as brutal murders raced through the ancient city.

Trenton Parker was succumbing to the savage beast he had no understanding of how to control. As the realization of what he truly was settled in, he fought his heritage, desperate to find his way. Caught between a world of good versus evil, he’s torn as he searches for answers. With the ancient curse of his kind snapping at his heels, he creates a plan, one that could cost him his life and damn his soul for all eternity. Could his desire conquer the blackness enshrouding the city before the final turn or would he lose the most precious gift known – love?

One decision proved too costly…

I hope you enjoyed

Kisses   xxx


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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