I Want a Spanking

Are you awake now? How many times have you said that in your life? For me, not enough. I think many of us have come to realize that spanking is a HOT commodity right now and not only are there lots of writers penning piece after piece but people who engage in the practice, either for fun or as part of their relationship, are being highlighted more and more. Spanking of course isn’t new, given we were probably all spanked as children, then our ridiculous society said – OH NO – you SPANKDOWN-final-smallcan’t spank lest it be child abuse. REALLY? I think if more kids had a red bottom more often we wouldn’t have such bratty kids.

In relationships spanking is either a very kinky moment in the bedroom or it’s used as discipline, a man spanking his wife. If you’ve read a single blog of mine you know I love the idea of spanking. It’s not that I am a masochist per say, craving pain all the time. However, I do appreciate the notion and there are masters in the art of giving pain. What I love about spanking in relationships is the TPE, total power exchange that occurs within couples. Spanking is a wonderful method of helping the wife or submissive understand her place as well as help her grow as a woman/submissive/wife.

Now there are other kinds of spanking too. I’ve read a lot of blogs in my time and one of them was about a game that consensual couples play. It’s based on a card came. The submissive selects a card and that is how many spanks she receives for that round, only number cards used. So if she selects an eight of spades, eight spanks with an implement of his choosing. If she grabs a number two card, well the game plan switches up and she has to pic another card and the card is then doubled. The game concludes with the last card is selected.

What do you think? Pretty sexy, eh? For the person who’s never had a hard spanking or flogging you might think that’s too many spanks. Well, for a couple who has been practicing the art this isn’t anything horrendous. Besides, the spanker better know how to spank or the couple has more trouble than just the game.

I’m participating in the Naughty Nights Press second anniversary celebration and I wrote a pretty darn tasty spanking piece over two years ago. I couldn’t help but write a sexy little story around this. I was criticized that this is too much, but by folks not involved in the lifestyle. I love this one and always will. This one is HOT and has inspired a new take off using the main character. The new collection will appropriately be titled Spank Me, but here’s a taste of the very first book I had with NNP. See what you think and um, I am going to bed you’ll be craving a spanking afterwards.


“Come sit on my lap.” It wasn’t a request but a command. As Drake sat down on the oversized leather chair, he beckoned to her before taking a gulp of his beer.

Cooing, Victoria sauntered forward, her manner teasing and knew she was going Blog Hop Second Anniversaryto be punished severely for her blatant wicked behavior. As she sat down on his lap, the feel of his hard cock throbbing into her ass drove a moment of dazzling electric shock through her whole body.

“Card deck boys,” Drake said as he stroked up and down her arm with the tips of his fingers. “Our lovely Victoria is hungry.”

“I’ll cut the deck,” Tyson breathed as he moved forward with the deck in his hand. He cut the deck slowly and smiled as he leaned over and fanned the cards. “Select one.”

Slowly reaching her hand out, Victoria grabbed a card.

“The Queen of Hearts. What an interesting first selection,” Drake hissed and pressed his lips across the back of her neck. “Select another card.”

Her fingers shaking, she reached out twice before snagging another card. As she turned it around, she grimaced. “A two.”

“Well. Then twenty-four hard strokes it is. Tyson, take her wine,” Drake breathed, taking a long pull of his beer. As Tyson removed the glass from her hand, he set his beer down on the glass top table. “What will I select as your first method of discipline? The belt is my favorite choice but in truth, I want closer contact. Mike, will you bring me the hairbrush? Please stand, Victoria.”

Victoria fought a whimper that threatened to give her away. While all of the choices were going to hurt, twenty-four spankings from the hairbrush would leave her bruised instantly. Every part of her body tingling in anticipation, she stood her legs shaky and turned to face Drake.

He moved to the edge of the chair and patted his lap. “Over my knee.”

Hesitating, she nibbled on her bottom lip.

Tilting his head, Drake hissed. “Since I’m in charge of the game, you hesitate again to obey me, the punishment doubles.”

She heard the gasps from the others but at that moment she was heading into her zone where ecstasy and passion wrapped together in a mixture that left her breathless. While she wasn’t a pain junkie, she enjoyed the release that only spanking and other forms of BDSM gave her. No man had ever understood her intense needs, her cravings. As she gazed into Drake’s dark eyes, she could swear she could see straight into his soul. While she was hungry to be dominated by a man that understood the line between pleasure and pain, he wanted nothing more than to have a woman succumb to his darkest desires. It was at that moment she knew they were perfectly matched in body and in spirit. “Yes, sir.” Lowering her body over his knees, she shivered but felt a moment of brazen joy. She palmed the floor and dropped her Bad Girl jessie for flashhead.

Drake rubbed his hand over her ass and inhaled deeply.

“You sure about this, man?” Mike asked as he handed Drake the brush.

“This is what she envisions and fantasizes about every night as she lies alone in her bed, wanting…needing. Isn’t it kitten? You want nothing more than a man to take control of your body and spirit.” Drake breathed as he pushed her hair to the side.

Victoria lifted her head, allowing the words to settle into the back of her mind. “Yes sir.”

“She understands that she’s a very bad girl and needs severe punishment and we’re going to give it to her until the deck is done.” Drake toyed with her panties before tugging them down her ass. “You won’t need these any longer.”

Shivering, as he struggled to get them down and off her body, she heard the slight rip and her heart pitter-pattered. As every bad girl thought raced through her mind, Drake grunted and finally succeeded. The cool air across her naked ass reminded her that this was a dangerous act.

And one that left her breathless with excitement.

Drake rubbed her naked ass as he growled and then slid the back of the hairbrush across, pressing the cool varnished wood down her thighs and back up the crack of her ass. “You ready?”

“Yes sir.” Victoria spread her legs in a flagrant invitation and inhaled.

Crack! Slap!

Victoria hissed, her body jumping involuntarily at the force of the hard spanking. She wiggled yet remained silent as the next volley was sliced across her ass.

     Pop! Crack! Slap!
Drake purred his tone husky and rubbed his hand over her ass. “Very nice my little subbie.”

Victoria licked her dry lips, fueled by the strangled cries erupting from the other men who grew curious. Hungry. As he sliced another series of hard smacks, she closed her eyes, relishing in the delicious burn. Everything about the experience sizzled her blood until she felt a dreamy state wash over her system.

Crack! Slap! Whoosh!

Victoria wiggled back and forth as the men groaned, the pain stilling her only for a brief moment as she bucked back, meeting every hard slap. Too soon, it was over.

“You did very well. Come and we will begin again.” Drake’s voice was soothing yet sliced with a level of clear command.

As he nestled her into his chest, calming her pressing a series of kisses across her cheek, she felt at home for the first time in her life.


Victoria Miller is a professor at one of the most prestigious schools in the country. She’s also the creator of several adult blogs about spanking and BDSM. Craving a man that can understand her kinky needs, she settles for enjoying her passion through her writings, but she admires one hot college student, Drake Myers. The God like blond fuels her every night fantasies, but he is completely untouchable. Or so she believes.

Stumbling upon her blogs by accident, Drake decides to turn up the heat between them. He adores the voluptuous red-headed vixen and enlists the help of a college buddy, developing a kinky plan to have her take a tumble with him in bed and perhaps more. As he begins sending her secret poems, indulging in her need to be dominated, he is unable to resist her and one day they enter into a wicked tryst smack in the middle of her office. The game still yet to be played out, he threatens to expose her secret. And just as he decides to stop his nefarious rouse, she turns the tables.

I so hope you’ve enjoyed and don’t forget to comment for a chance to win a book!

Kisses   xxx




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    Nice excerpt

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  2. Sherry S. says:

    Sounds interesting. Not to sure about spankings one side of me says oh yeah and the other says hell no.
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