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Hello to everyone. We had a fabulous 4th of July here – lots of sun and glow in the sky. I was talking with some folks on Facebook yesterday, writer friends of mine. Several authors were criticized because of having something as simple as a heterosexual kiss in what was considered a gay story and there was a firestorm of negative comments etc. It got me to thinking that we really have all kinds of predication about what kinds of relationships people should have – even in the middle of a fiction based book. Really? Come on. Its supposedly not being true to the characters. Uh-huh. Give me a break.

The very notion made me think a little bit about my own sexuality. Do you open up to people and tell them about your desires, no matter how carnal? Well, the sad truth is many people are so hyper-sensitized that they MIGHT and I do say MIGHT tell their partner and their particular sexual needs. What if you have a desire to be with a member of the same sex? I’m not going to get into a huge debate here but I know I am attracted to the person and I haven’t minded telling a woman that I was. In truth Queer Townthe majority of my friends and family know that I’m a very passionate and open minded person so they’re not surprised by my admission.

In the gay community there are many couples who have no problem being openly gay – thank God. But I do see and hear stories from my gay friends that there are still certain members of their family and/or workspace in which they simply ignore the fact. I can understand why. I have enough trouble with the fact I write very kinky erotic romance. I can’t tell people my writing name in my work space. If they knew I kissed a girl, well that all bets are off. I work in a very conservative environment. Does that mean I hide who I am – not completely, but no – I don’t flaunt it either. Does that make me a hypocrite? Eh, for those who know the real girl they realize I am probably more opinionated than most. So…

I am very proud to be a part of the GLBT community even in a small way. I enjoy representing couples who have every day lives, loves, children, issues, money worries, etc. We all have them. We all have family members we’d just as soon toss into the big lake, but… We tolerate. We learn to live with. In this beautiful weekend celebrating independence, do something extraordinary with someone around you. Purchase a book from an author you might not ordinary buy. Read a controversial blog. In other words stretch your boundaries.

I’m going to challenge you – tell me something amazing that’s happened in or around the GLBT community to you for a chance to win any book of your choice in my back log and I have everything from het to same sex, cowboys to sex with aliens. Now THAT should get people talking – not a het kiss in a same sex book.

Oh and here’s a sexy little excerpt from one of my f/f books. This one had the honor of being nominated as the best GLBT book for 2012. And don’t forget to visit the other hoppers!!

Kisses   xxx



She gripped the edge of the counter and wondered how to bring the wildcat out of her friend. Hmmm… I could try turning her on. Inhaling deeply, she closed her eyes and envisioned the rather scandalous moment. What would happen if she did? There was no doubt Jessica wanted to allow her inner self out, being completely uninhibited, and Belle suspected the woman was a true submissive. She based the decision on the conversations that she’d nearly lured her friend into having about inner dark cravings and sexual appetites. While Jessica was no prude, she’d been more than hesitant to allow her inner creature out. Then a few sparks of blogs and pictures Belle had selectively showed her over time had told her without a shadow of a doubt that the woman had a very kinky side, and one who needed a strong hand.

Giggling to herself, she took another sip of wine and then swirled the dark red liquid in the glass, wondering just how much discipline the woman truly wanted. The one sexy lovething she’d learned in her life over the years was that the majority of people who had a penchant for a D/s situation truly hungered for a strong hand of discipline, whether the method be handled by spanking or something else. Jessica was no different. The woman longed for something she had been craving the majority of her life.

The other aspect she knew without a doubt was that her best friend really wasn’t into men – at least not in the methods they teased about constantly. No, Jess needed something else, another flavor. Belle was bi-sexual but she preferred the intense and very heady taste of women. She also craved fucking one hard and fast. But the woman had to be very special and one who could handle her needs and her raging desires that seemed to grow every year. Belle wasn’t a sadist but she knew she definitely pushed the boundaries of kink and subspace, a submissive’s dream if handled by a Master, or in her case a Mistress.

She set her glass down and really thought about the weekend. Was it time to tell Jessica what she desired and what she knew she could bring to both of them? The thought was more than just daunting. If Belle was wrong, her frankness could mean the very end of their friendship. But if she was right then they could begin to truly explore something more extreme and incredible between them. What should she do?

She’d never been one to shy away from anything and maybe simply being alone with Jessica for at least a night they could relax and explore. Shaking her head she reminisced about all their conversations and knew her gut instinct was right. As she glanced at her watch she realized she had a little bit of time to get some things together. The movies she already owned, ones that were certain to drag the inner bad girl out of Jessica and ones she’d never shown the sometimes conservative woman. The rest of the festive goodies remained questionable. While she wanted to entice Jessica, she also wanted to stretch her boundaries a bit as well.

The question was just how kinky? Sauntering into her bedroom, Belle opened her closet door and walked inside the expansive space, inching toward the back. As the vision of her leather and lace outfits came into her sightline, she smiled. No one knew she’d actually performed in a club, giving patrons a taste of something wicked and wild. No one. Until now. Could Jessica handle the concept?

As Belle flipped through the outfits she selected two, one to wear under a rather boring outfit and one to slip into later, when Jessica was comfortable. She purred and then grabbed her thigh high boots, tossing them onto the bed. Next was going to the entire wardrobe she had with her very special items. She wondered what in the world Jessica might think. Throwing open the doors, she shifted back and forth on her feet, simply enjoying the sensuous strains of music. When she glanced into the well BlackoutInvitation_Cover-smallstocked cabinet she smiled and then admired her collection, one she’d happened on and purchased over several years.

Selecting her favorite flogger first, she eased the piece out, brushing the tip of her fingers down the length of the leather before bringing the method of discipline to her nose. She loved the rich scent of leather, the way the tawse felt in her hands. She adored the method of controlling a sub and the way the man or woman looked as the received their punishment.

Crack! Slap!

Cracking the whip down across the floor, she actually jumped from the noise and then cooed as she held up the strap into the light. Yes, this was going to be a damn good weekend. She closed her eyes, envisioning her friend naked, and brushed the tips from her neck down to her thighs and back up. “Yes, I’m very hungry indeed.” Tossing the piece onto the bed, she continued her foray into her very special collection, selecting rope and handcuffs, another whip and a paddle, a series of vibrators and butt plugs and finally nipple clamps. The steel pieces were her personal favorite. She toyed with the strap on and her extensive collection of thick dildos, the very purpose to enable her to fuck a woman or a man for that matter, something she craved almost as much as disciplining them. After choosing the perfect one she shook her head. What a collection she had. “Perfect.” Whether of not Jessica knew or understood pain and pleasure, mixed together in such a sensuous format, she wasn’t certain but she was going to push the pressure points of rapture and agony – if she was allowed.


Jessica Farthing was finished with dating and perhaps even men, seeking solace in a collection of kinky sex toys night after night. After a series of failed relationships and utter lies, she realized love might never come her way. On a frigid Friday night, she was determined to soothe her soul with a collection of girl flicks, a few bottles or wine and a tub full of chunky monkey ice cream. Calling her best friend to help her wallow in her sorrows, the girls camped out for the evening as the storm of the century raged on in the Chicago night.

Belle Fontaine had always had a penchant for women and one in particular – Jessica. She’d hungered for her best friend for years and never admitted her true feelings for fear of pushing the woman of her dreams out of her life completely. As they settled in front of the television, she slipped in a very seductive movie for them to watch. Just as sparks began to fly, suddenly there was a total blackout. Undaunted, Belle decided to give Jessica the very night she’d been longing for and the darkness only aided in giving them the very reason to explore their darkest fantasies.





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