Over My Knees Bad Girl

I’m kind of in that wicked mood today. Perhaps because it’s the weekend or perhaps because I’ve been a bad girl in so many ways. Hmm… I’m writing a sexy little series about the art of spanking. Why? Because so many people enjoy the very concept of being spanked, talking about a good whipping, figuring out how to tell their partner they want one, longing to live the lifestyle and terrified cuffed and waitingothers will think they’re weird. Guess what? I personally believe spanking in good for the soul. If you’ve read any of my blogs you know that I think men should be the HOH (Head of Household) and that there should be the good old fashioned corporal punishment used in relationships. I think more marriages would survive as well as become stronger. But that’s just my wicked little opinion.

So I thought we’d talk about the implements used in a good, hard spanking. My goodness there are several methods and instruments of punishment in which to spank and they all have their own merits. In my continuing series about the very concept I thought I’d explore all the various ways couples use. In talking with couples who practice domestic discipline as well as those who simply enjoy an occasional spanking as a release, I’ve learned they use various methods as well as implements. Sometimes this is infraction dependent and other times it’s simply personal another hard spankingpreference. What I hear mostly from men is that they enjoy using their hand more than anything. Perhaps it’s the physical contact between the couple, the concept of his being in complete control as he doles out needed discipline. For the woman, I think this is how she imagined their life to be – taken in hand. Imagine the set up. Your wife has done something wrong, has broken a rule, and she knows.

Perhaps you’ve tweeted her at work telling her she needs to be home on time and to be prepared for a “conversation” as you put it. When she arrives you take her by the hand into the kitchen, or your study and discuss with her the infraction and explain why you’re very disappointed in her behavior. Of course she’ll be remorseful and beg for forgiveness. As you explain to her how you’re going to help her become a better woman and guide her over your lap, pulling down her panties and rubbing her gently and lovingly on the ass, you’ll speak softly to her.


The first hard strike grabs her attention. She immediately struggles, throwing her hand back in an effort to guard against another the whipping. You tell her not to struggle and push her hand away, reminding her why she deserves the hard whipping.

Pop! Crack!

You issue a series of spanks, carefully placed on each ass cheek as she whimpers, her cries becoming louder. As you rub her back, telling her she’s a very good girl and allowing her to wiggle just a little bit, you remind her of what she did wrong and that the spanking is necessary.

Slap! Crack! Pop!

The spanking continues. Her ass cheeks are becoming redder and the tears begin to flow. She kicks out and wiggles and you grab her hand, pushing it against her back, wrapping her hand around her wrist. There’s something so powerful about knowing you’re allowing her to understand how upset you are with her with each slap of the white-shirthand, your skin touching hers. Your hand aches as you continue paddling her, your breath catching as she moans and wiggles.

Pop! Slap!

You spank her harder as she continues to cry, her head lowering in complete acquiescence. Then its times and you know she’s had enough. You lift her up, cradling her in your arms and kissing away the tears, reminding her how much you love her and that she’s forgiven. You also remind her of the rules. As you help her to her feet you guide her to the corner, instructing her to stand quietly, reflecting on her bad behavior and why she acted out, lied and hid things from you. You tell her in no uncertain terms she’s going to have certain privileges taken away so that she remembers for quite a while what she did.

You make certain her reddened ass is exposed as she stands and leave her for a full fifteen minutes. And you know you’re going to have to discipline her again.

Hmmm – what do you think? My personal thoughts are that the connection of having a man’s hand strike my naked ass would be scintillating as well as one of the strongest methods of reminding me that I truly needed to be a good girl. I’m one of those women who believe in having regular spankings, but that’s just me. Are you tingling yet? Do you crave having his hand strike your bottom? Do you hunger to be taken in hand, disciplined on a regular basis? I know I do.

I hope you enjoyed and perhaps tell me about your favorite spanking you’ve had recently.

Kisses   xxx


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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1 Response to Over My Knees Bad Girl

  1. bob says:

    Whatever happened to the hairbrush you like so much? Or is the flavor of the week the hand next week the cane perhaps?



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