What’s it Like to Be Hidden?

I think we all hide at times from our lives and our needs. We also might live in a place or perhaps a marriage that we feel we have to hide our true feelings. That’s what this next release is all about. It’s about having to hide what we truly want and crave from the rest of the world. It’s as if we’re all a dirty little secret. For those of you who don’t know me, well I write quite a bit of interracial. I love the concept DLSHisHiddenGirl_Cover-smalland at times till receive certain level of grief so imagine if we all lived in the 1970’s and perhaps he was famous…

What would he choose – a soul stealing white woman or a career he has to have? Hmmm…


Elle Taylor sat gazing at the television screen, a pencil in her mouth and a hunger to learn more. She’d spent the last few weeks gleaning as much as she could from studying other reporters in the field, the way they reacted, the question they asked. Male reporters. There will never be any women covering sports. Period. The words burned in the back of her mind. Frowning, she stole a look over her shoulder past the glass windows then checked her watch. Her report was due in thirty minutes and her editor was brutal with regards to time limits. There were no second chances. She loathed writing frothy pieces about the women’s clubs and their humanitarian efforts. The very concept sickened her.

She sighed and stared down at the Styrofoam cup in her hand. The coffee wasn’t just cold. The bitter taste was disgusting. Just like her boring and useless life. Thank God the ultra feminine piece was all but done.


The announcer was animated as the crowd went wild. Elle glanced at the screen and seeing the runner, a Quarterback he was called, obviously excited about the goal gave her a smile. Brody Canter was one hot player and she knew this was an important moment for the team. She grabbed her notepad, making notes, copious notes. All she did lately was make notes about some broadcast that seemed way over her head. Football. What in the hell had possessed her to follow football? She was a city girl, preferring the finer things in life, not the rough and tumble world. Elle rolled her eyes. That was a crock of shit her best friend had tried to load on her. She’d been a rough and tumble girl given how she’d been forced to grow up. This was nothing.

Rubbing her strained eyes, she groaned as she rolled the stats and scores though her mind, doing her best to practice the terminology. There was so much to learn if she was even going to be able to consider becoming a sports reporter. Her family and the A little rope perhapsEditor in Charge had laughed at her. The words spouted off during a staff meeting, in front of the entire department would forever remain ingrained in her mind. Women don’t belong in reporting any kind of sport, unless you consider sissy figure skating some sport. Oh she was going to show them. There wasn’t a single doubt in her mind.

The jesting in the room had followed her for a solid week, tortured comments in passing and slights around the water cooler. Elle didn’t care. Her mantra as of late, albeit a jaded one, remained in the forefront of her mind. Learn not to give a shit about the assholes. She allowed herself a smug grin. Her daddy would wash her mouth out with soap for saying such words. If only she knew who her daddy was. Well, she had a new boss and a new leash on life. Hopefully she’d garner the guts to reach out for what she wanted.

She sniffed and glanced at the player on the field. Testing her knowledge, she refused to look at the screen before she said the words out loud. “Brody Canter, number seventeen, Quarterback, New York Jets.” She grinned and wiggled in her seat, knowing she’d gotten the details right.

Inching closer, Elle pressed her hand against the television screen, drinking in the rugged looking man, admiring the way he was sweating profusely. There was just something about Brody Canter that turned her on. She studied his beaming smile, one that lit up the entire stadium. She’d spent a solid two months doing nothing but studying the man’s form. And his face. And his cock and… She fisted her mouth. Good girls didn’t talk about men’s body parts, even the sexy ones.

She fanned her face as she longed to spend a solid night with the man, very much alone. Brody turned his head toward the camera and she could swear he was looking straight at her, his eyes burning into her soul. Her pussy clenched as she concentrated on his intoxicating look, his twinkling eyes.


“Come here,” Brody commanded, the look on his face one of concentrated need.

Elle inched closer, every nerve in her body standing on end. “Yes, sir.” Stopping a few inches in front of him she licked her lips. For some reason she was terribly nervous, but ready, so very ready. She held the two sides of the satin sheet in front of her chest, just like he’d required. And now this was happening, something she’d waited in breathless anticipation of. All the teasing and every moment spent longing for each other had come down to this night.

“Drop the sheet,” he said quietly as he took a sip of his drink. When she hesitated, his eyes flashed disappointment. “Elle, drop the sheet now. I own you.”

There had never been any words said to her before that mattered as much as the ones he’d said, his voice husky and dangerous. She hadn’t been prepared for the way his was with her, his needs all consuming. Every time he took her further, asking more of her she only wanted to please him, satisfy every need. There had never been another man who could drive her to such need, a tremendous overload of desires she’d never felt with another man. Breathing in and out, Elle kept her eyes pinned on his as she loosened her grip on the silky material.

As gravity took the sheet to the floor, exposing her naked body, she shivered. But not from the chill pressed hard into the room. She was wet and tingling, her pussy clenching as her nipples became swollen. When he licked his lips and exhaled slowly, the sensuous moves exaggerated, she whimpered and pressed the back of her handbeautiful moment across her mouth. Elle was certain she was going to drop to her needs.

“You are so beautiful. Turn around for me and hold your arms out. I long to see every inch of you.”

Obeying instantly, she could feel the heat rising on her face as she lifted her arms and turned in a complete circle. Hearing his grunts and growls of appreciation, she knew she would do anything he asked of her. Brody’s needs were unrequited and he was famished tonight. When she had completed her task she licked the single bead of perspiration off the top of her lip, longing to taste his sweet sum.

“Come closer,” Brody whispered as he crooked his finger.

Nodding, Elle closed the distance until she was close enough to catch a whiff of his drink of choice mixed with a hint of cinnamon. His cologne was masculine and woodsy and the hint of his male sex brought a fervor of adrenaline kicking throughout her body.

Brody cupped her chin, brushing his thumbs across her lips and lowered his head. “You are without a doubt the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on and tonight I’m going to take you to new heights of pleasure. Tonight I’m going to show you what you should have, what I will give you. And after tonight, you’re going to belong to me.”

The instant he pressed his lips across hers, Elle drank in the heady taste of him and closed her eyes. She reached up and placed both of her hands on his shoulders, marveling in the way his muscles felt against her fingers. She moaned into the kiss as he pushed his tongue past her lips, exploring every crevice.

Wrapping his arms around her, he crushed her against his body as he grunted and ground his hips into her belly. Brody tipped her back as he held the back of her head and the kiss became a passionate roar of intense need.

Never had a man French kissed her to savagely, sucking on her tongue as he brushed his hand up and down her back. She felt to tiny in his arms and stood on her tiptoes as he continued ravaging her. Her fingers dug into his skin and she melted into his arms, feeling safer than she had her entire life.

When he finally broke the kiss, allowing their lips to touch for a full minute, he eased her upright and lowered his hand, cupping her ass. “You’re going to learn to obey me no matter what I ask.”

Elle pushed against his arms and trembled. “Yes, sir.”

“And you’re never going to leave my side.”

“God, no sir.” Was he really asking her to belong to him, forever? Her heart racing, she tipped her head back, exposing her neck. The offer was blatant. She was bearing her very soul, giving him everything she had to give.


Brody Canter was more than just a mentor to his friends and family of his impoverished neighborhood in Harlem. He also offered hope. A quarterback with the New York Jets, he’d received top honors for his humanitarian work as well as his prowess on the field. Living a quiet life with little fanfare, everyone who knew him said he was an honorable man. He was also considered one of the most eligible bachelors on the East Coast and his family had the perfect girl in mind for marriage. From one of the finest African American families in upstate New York, Dahlia’s connections would ensure Brody’s successful future after his football playing days were over. Unfortunately he wasn’t in love.

Elle Taylor was blond and beautiful as well as intelligent, yet she rarely dated, preferring to spend long hours honing her career. Determined to secure a position in the field of television amongst the all boy’s club, the fact she was considered second class didn’t deter her dreams. After a chance meeting with Brody, she was unable to resist their electric chemistry and a torrid affair ensued, one that was vital to keep a secret. An Interracial relationship in the 1970’s was not only considered taboo, their high-profile tryst could prove damaging for both. When someone from his past threatened to reveal his hidden girl, would Brody choose forbidden love or the chance at a glorious future?

Coming in one little day…

Kisses   xxx


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