Could You Have Sex With a Stranger?

You know the very moment when you walk into a room and a HOT man draws your attention unlike any other. He’s the guy who doesn’t have to gesture, doesn’t have to utter a single word and you want him like nobody’s business. Have you ever risked going completely outside of your comfort zone and trying to talk to him or to simply make eye contact? Now close your eyes for me and imagine something so wildly passionate you’re left breathless. You’re wet and hot all over, longing to kiss him, to feel the touch of his hands. You want nothing more than to drop to your knees, pleasing him and there’s no other reason than the intensity of the attraction you feel for this one man. And you don’t even know his name.

Have you ever wanted to have sex with someone you just met? You know what I’m talking about. You perhaps have talked on the phone or have emailed over a few weeks or months and you really like the person, develop a friendship and then you have an opportunity to meet. Imagine if the sparks flew and you really liked each other. Would you engage in something so brazen as to enter into a physical DLSHisHiddenGirl_Cover-smallrelationship? Safe sex is of course very important to all of us and it’s something that we are more consciously thinking about given the explosion of social media. I also know from personal experience that people can be anybody they want to be behind a computer from boasting about their lives to the way they look and they could even be criminals. But…all the fears aside – could you?

There’s something I think very tasty and almost dangerous about the thoughts of entering into such a type of relationship. Whether you consider it a one night stand or something that might turn into something bigger. It’s hot to want a guy or gal you’ve never met and enjoy each other’s bodies. I’ve asked friends who I’ve met on line whether they have or would consider and many of us have a crush or five from Facebook to yahoo groups and even over the twitter lines you can spark up some serious heat. What if the act was completed in a place you might be seen, found out, your heated tryst the topic of conversation and gossip. What if it could ruin you both? There is something terribly enticing about the dangerous side of sex and passion – your heart racing, your skin tingling, your mouth dry. And you want nothing more than to feel him buried deep inside of you.

Is there anything wrong with it? Well I think that depends on your definition of what you want out of the saucy moments and if you’re in a relationship. The new trend in indeed that social media has destroyed many a marriage and again I think because the dangerous persona and uninhibited aspect is simply so very tempting. Let me ask you a question, what about speed dating? It’s another hot trend that singles usually do in their areas to try and meet someone. Generally a location hosts the event you get anywhere from three to five minutes to talk about yourself and see if there’s a spark before moving on to another table. Hmmm… I think I like the aspect of getting to know a person on line more. The entire concept is sexier to me.

Think about it this way, if the guy is anything like he purports himself to be – if the sparks fly on line imagine in person. I’m not condoning or negating but I can tell you from my wicked little worlds there are a few I wouldn’t mind meeting. I’ve written several pieces over the years based on the very concept of meeting a stranger and the attraction flies off the charts to the point you can’t resist each other. My latest is something that might have happened in the 1970’s and in being interracial meant an entire series of complications. The attraction is something they honestly can’t resist. black man - intimate hold with white womanAnd so they indulge in what could take away their livelihood and creature tension in every aspect of their lives. I’m very proud to present this piece. We all hunger for something that takes us out of our comfort zone, allowing us to be a bit kinky and a lot wild. Don’t we?

A little taste for you and enjoy. When you see the HOT guy across the room, just imagine the possibilities.

Kisses   xxx




Brody Canter was more than just a mentor to his friends and family of his impoverished neighborhood in Harlem. He also offered hope. A quarterback with the New York Jets, he’d received top honors for his humanitarian work as well as his prowess on the field. Living a quiet life with little fanfare, everyone who knew him said he was an honorable man. He was also considered one of the most eligible bachelors on the East Coast and his family had the perfect girl in mind for marriage. From one of the finest African American families in upstate New York, Dahlia’s connections would ensure Brody’s successful future after his football playing days were over. Unfortunately he wasn’t in love.

Elle Taylor was blond and beautiful as well as intelligent, yet she rarely dated, preferring to spend long hours honing her career. Determined to secure a position in the field of television amongst the all boy’s club, the fact she was considered second class didn’t deter her dreams. After a chance meeting with Brody, she was unable to resist their electric chemistry and a torrid affair ensued, one that was vital to keep a secret. An Interracial relationship in the 1970’s was not only considered taboo, their high-profile tryst could prove damaging for both. When someone from his past threatened to reveal his hidden girl, would Brody choose forbidden love or the chance at a glorious future?


“What in the hell are you doing here?”

Brody hadn’t quite expected this level of vehemence. “I um…”

Elle folded her arms and leaned against the doo jamb, her eyes flashing raw hatred.

“I um, I came to apologize.”


“Look. I was an arrogant asshole and you didn’t deserve to hear that of course,” Brody leaned in and her glare became more ferocious, forcing him to recoil. The woman had balls. He’d give her that.

“Doesn’t matter if I should have heard what you said. You said it. You made certain I afterlooked like a bimbo and I guess in your eyes all women are nothing but hungry bitches latching on to wealthy men. Right? I guess you think that by flashing your toothy grin and million dollar contract you’ll get any woman into bed. Right? Well trust me buddy, you ain’t all that.”

In the few seconds that followed he knew he had fallen hard for this girl.

“Nothing to say? Figures given your kind. Asshole.” Elle snorted and eased back inside, her hand moving to the door.

She was not going to shut him out again. Slapping his hand on the door, he took a step into the doorway. Now he was riled. “My kind? What in the hell does that mean, my kind? Are you suggesting my kind is? You mean by the color of my skin? Do you mean because I’m a man who happens to work really hard every day to make money, any money for my family? They have nothing. Nothing! Don’t you get it?”

“I didn’t mean because of your color!”

“Then tell me what the hell you mean! I don’t need anymore race bullshit right now. Do you hear me? I thought you were different. I thought you were a straight player.” Brody knew his voice had risen several decibels and the sound of the door opening, a woman’s gasp from beside them meant he was far too loud.

“What the hell are you talking about? Don’t judge me,” Elle screeched as she stood on her tiptoes.

“Are you okay, Elle? Do you me to call the police?” A shrill voice floated from next door.

“No!” They both snapped at the same time.

The woman scuttled back inside, slamming the door.

As the sound reverberated across the small strip of land between the houses, the noise seemed to break the tension. “I came here…to offer my…apologies, not to get a sermon from you. Trust me. I’ve gotten plenty including being crucified in every freaking newspaper in this country given your nasty move.”

“My nasty move?” Elle crowded his space. “You have to be kidding me?” She glanced down at the basket and flowers in his one hand. Jerking the flowers through his fingers, she held the bouquet into the light.

“Ouch!” The woman was a tigress. Brody grinned and instantly she bristled.

“And you really think the is going to do it?”

“I was kind of hoping it would break the ice.”

Elle nodded, a glimmer of mischief crossing her face. “I can help you with breaking the ice.” Taking a long stride back she swung the flowers, catching him in the face.

“Fuck!” The force was enough to push Brody out of the doorway.

“There you go. All’s forgiven.” She turned on her heel and started to close the door.

Furious, he dropped the basket and wrapped both hands around her wrists, yanking them up and over her head. The weight of his body pushed hard against hers, lowering his head until his lips were hovering over hers. “Don’t mess with me, princess.” Brody hadn’t been prepared for the raw electricity coursing through his another hold 2body.

“Let me go.” Elle’s words were said weakly, her breath sounds coming in short pants.

“Not gonna happen until you forgive me.” The scent of her was intoxicating and Brody was seeing double his cock was so swollen. Unable to resist, he ground his hips into her belly, grunting like some uncontrollable kid. God, he wanted her.

“I…no…you…” She bit her lower lip and moaned.

Risking everything he was as a man and all that he had in a career, he did the unthinkable. He crushed her mouth with his. The taste of her was so sweet and as he gathered her into his arms he anticipated she’d fight him. When she yielded, opening her mouth and allowing his tongue to entwine with hers, his entire body shook. He managed to kick the door shit and walked them both backwards as they French kissed.

Elle wiggled, her body undulating against his. She wrapped one arm around his waist as she cupped the back of his neck with the other.

Brody had never kissed a woman so passionately and with every ticking second he knew he had to have more of her. No, he wanted to taste and take every inch of this incredible woman. Sliding his hands down her back and under the thin cotton of her dress. The softness of her skin in his hands was such a powerful feeing and the current was sweeping back and forth between them in such a way his heart was thumping wildly. He cupped her ass and squeezed, lifting her I off her feet.

Pressing the flat of her hand against his chest she broke the kiss, still keeping their lips touching. “I…Brody, I…”

“Do you want this?” His voice was strangled, every cell in his body on fire. He licked around her mouth, relishing in the scent of her femininity wafting between them. She was every bit as turned on as he was. When she hesitated his heart sunk.

“Yes, oh God help me but yes.” She wrapped her legs around his knees and blinked several times, a tiny smile appearing in the corner of her mouth.

That was all Brody could stand. He slid one hand up to the small of her back, easing her into an arc. “Beautiful. Gorgeous. I’ve wanted you from the day I met you.” Kissing down from her mouth to her chin, he nipped her tender skin before licking across her neck. Sucking her sweet flesh, he walked them backwards again, hoping instinct would help him find the bedroom.

“Brody…God…” Elle tilted her head back as she slid her hands down his arms, squeezing his muscles before digging her nails into his skin.

There was something so beguiling about the way she was opening up like the most perfect flower and Brody couldn’t resist nuzzling into her neck. Drinking in her nectar, he used his mouth and teeth to pull back the slender strap of her dress. When he managed to tug enough material way to expose a portion of her breast, he growled like a desperate wild animal. Instead of scaring her, his hungry grunts seemed to fuel her needs. He licked down to the swell of her breasts, slowly darting his tongue under the bodice of her dress until her nipple was exposed.

“Oh…” Elle jerked her head up, her grip tighter, and laughed nervously. Her eyes flashed a wild look as she swayed her hips back and forth.


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