A Spanking to Keep Us in Check

For any of you who either practice or hunger to be taken in hand, you know exactly what I mean. You’ve had a stressful day or you’ve started lying to your spouse, perhaps to get some attention. You feel neglected and need a strong connection so you act out. I think all couples do this  but for people who practice Domestic Discipline, you all know you’ve done this. You’ve been craving his firm hand, his hard strike and the comfort you get in being disciplined desperately. So you do stupid things.

I have a series going – a little collection about domestic discipline and am currently writing the second in a trilogy about a husband and wife doing everything they can to try and save their marriage. And…they…are…failing. I thought you might like an unedited taste of the beginning and she did something very bad…



The single word texted always sent shivers racing down her spine. Shannon Parker held the phone in her hand, her finger brushing aimlessly back and forth across the screen. She heard her foot tapping aimlessly on the floor, the soft thud her toe was making on the dense carpet matching the rapid thumping of her heart against her chest wall. Ever since she and David had begun this journey her reaction was theDecision_Cover-small same. It didn’t matter what she was doing, where she was or even the friends she was with. When her husband texted her name she knew exactly what the single word meant. She was getting a spanking.

Groaning, she eased the phone to her forehead and of course knew exactly why he was pissed. No, she could even sense the inflection in the text. David was livid. Of course she couldn’t blame him. The thought she’d even tried to get away with not telling him about the ticket was bad enough. Then to lie about it when he asked what was going on was reprehensible. She’d stop lying to him months before. Why now? Because you know what he’ll say and how disappointed he’s going to be. And you know you need a spanking.

The thought was true enough. She deserved more than just a spanking. In fact, she hadn’t had a hard whipping in a solid three weeks. They’d forgone the concept of maintenance spankings simply because David’s business was booming and the late hours precluded keeping up with yet another chore. Now she wished they hadn’t stopped. The arguments had increased as well as the same fears about his infidelity. Was he really working all those long hours? Her trust wasn’t where it should be. Maybe that’s why she was lashing out lately, lying. Maybe that’s why they had fallen back into the old way. No sex. No communication. No peace. At times there was little Bad Girl jessie for flashof nothing. Now this. Was she being like a spoiled child trying to garner attention? Maybe.

God. There were so many maybes in their life, one she’d tried…no they’d both tried to save, for about five seconds. A blip in time of trying something extraordinary had led to what? Shannon was no longer certain.

Nibbling on her bottom lip she glared at the phone again, trying to debate how to answer him. Every single part of her body was trembling. He had this effect on her and had since they’d changed their lifestyle almost four months before. Her previous willful ways were slipping back into their every day lives. Why? Didn’t she care enough to maintain some level of obedience without his firm hand across her naked ass? “You’re an idiot.” Saying the words about herself out loud didn’t make her feel any better. She glanced at her desk again. There was so much work to do. Too much. But there was no way she was going to get anything done today. Nada. Zippo.

Her hand shaking, she finally answered. Yes, sir? “Oh that’s terrific.” Shannon sniffed and punched on her keyboard, pulling up her emails. Bogged down by the day to day necessities of being a partner in a prestigious law firm was supposed to have its perks. Lately she simply felt like a punching bag with her staff as well as her clients. Maybe that’s why she’d made some very irrational decisions as of late. She eased down in the chair, her nerves on edge, and opened the latest email. “Oh fuck.” This wasn’t what she needed to see at all.

The Miller case was not only draining her energy and attention away from her other clients but also about fifty percent of the administrative staff’s as well. She was tired of the tirades from one pissed off man who thought every person on the face of the earth was out to get him. But he wasn’t her client. The homeowner’s association was. Racism. What a ridiculous concept to use. The wedge had divided an entire community. She avoided a snap answer and pushed her keyboard back. The jerk needed his comeuppance and then some.

“Asshole.” Shannon lowered her head and thought about the upcoming court date. She was having so much difficulty focusing on her tasks. Every day brought a new in his denchallenge and in truth she wasn’t handling anything exceptionally well. Laughing, she brushed her hand through her hair realizing she was sweating, the effect making her hair damp to the touch. My God she was nervous. Another glance at the black screen on the phone reminded her what she was anxiously waiting for. David’s answer. David’s request. David’s demand.

“What the hell is wrong with me?” She lowered her head into her hands and stamped both feet, nerves allowing odd sensations to crawl up and down her spine.

“Other than you’re over worked?”

The voice was perky. Way too perky. Shannon jerked her head up and gave her administrative assistant a nasty glare. Wendy Jameson was efficient, well educated and on her way up in the world of criminal law. She was also way too much in tune to Shannon’s odd moods as of late. “I admit it fully. If I hear the name Chance Miller one more time I’m going to have to purchase really big guns.”

“I think I like the thought. Ever shot a gun?” Wendy asked, a sly look crossing her face.

“Nope. But there’s a first time for everything. Right?”

Wendy eased inside and crossed her arms. “Don’t worry. If I can teach my husband to be a crack shot I can teach anyone. Then we can just start our own justice system in a manner of speaking. You game?”

Shannon burst into laughter. “The delicious thought of seeing the little fucker running in the dark of night while we chase him is truly a wonderful vision.” She rubbed her hands.

“I so like working here.” Wendy beamed.

“I’m glad. What’s up?”

“I just wanted to remind you about the early meeting tomorrow. And you have that intern coming in tomorrow afternoon?”

What do you think? Coming in September…

Crack!   xxx


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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