Men in Control

Come on ladies – you know your men like to be in control, pretty much of everything. Are they very often? Well…certainly not unless you live in a D/s or DD relationship. Even in their jobs often times they aren’t the boss. But trust me, they so want to be. I know if men had more control over certain aspects in their relationships they would certainly enjoy. Can you as a woman allow that? Men were bred to be in charge – hunters and gatherers. You’ve heard me say that before.

I tend to write a lot of stories about this very concept – in several methods. Sometimes just as a kinky experience and sometimes a lifestyle. It’s truly brought me some very interesting comments from men who appreciate the voice I’m bringing. I wrote a couple little books about allowing our inner dark kink to come to light. The stories are short, meant to make you hot and bothered, and one in particular is about nothing more than control. I thought you might like a taste. Oh and the little books are $1.49 so…


Tell me, what’s your darkest fantasy, one that keeps you awake at night with longing, burning with need? Deep seeded hunger furrows inside every man and woman, the effects forcing us to stretch our personal boundaries, submission of body and soul. Do you long to submit to the right man, a total power exchange? Are you ready to take the next step? Can you handle giving up control?


Michael Simon was over his business partner and ex-lover’s nasty attitude, as well as his complete lack of professionalism. Not only was Bart Winton’s behavior alienating the rest of the employees, his horrendous screaming battles were costing them clients. It was time to take matters into his own hands. Michael had tried everythingdark_dangerous_delicious_cover_control_500_x_800 including counseling the rough-hewn man. Nothing had worked. There was only one way left… Complete domination.


Returning to the dude ranch in Montana she’d grown up on was the right choice for Brittany Stevens. Seeing her childhood friends again, now grown into the sexiest hunks she’d ever laid eyes on, fulfilled her fantasies of being ridden hard. Well almost. Rusty and Granger were the perfect dark and white chocolate treat. If only they’d take full control, forcing her to succumb to their every desire. Little did she know what they had in mind on a steamy afternoon of full view of the entire ranch. Submitting had never been so sweet.


Dani Fuller knew she was in trouble. First not telling Mark, her husband of ten years, about the speeding ticket was bad enough, but lying about texting in front of their friends was the last straw. No one knew they practiced domestic discipline, yet as she was led out of the restaurant for a spanking in the parking lot, somehow she realized they were going to find out. When he reminded her this was merely the beginning of her punishment, she shivered. Lying was never going to happen again.


The affair was incredible, the heated moments of dark kink Stasia Brennan and Greg Thomas shared were sinful and both were insatiable — even though the relationship could cost them both everything. Their scenes of unbridled passion led them to Black man in controlcarnal trysts in very public locations. After all, he demanded complete control and her total submission, no matter what he asked. Summoned, she stood in front of him waiting for his next command just as the train rolled out of the station.


“Do you come here willingly in order succumb to my every need, share your body and sex?”

Stasia Brennan shivered uncontrollably, her nipples growing hard merely from the sound of the demanding tone. “Yes, sir.”

“You do realize what this means?”

“Yes, sir…I do…” Why was her voice wavering? Of course she knew. He wanted no less than total submission, something she’d longed for, but was terrified of failing. She closed the door with a soft click and crept forward.

“Twirl for me. Allow me to see the woman I own, the woman I’m going to fuck.”

Fuck. God, she loved hearing the way he said the word. They fucked. They never made love. Making love was too personal. And Greg Thomas was a powerful man, wanting everything just so. Nodding, she turned around in a full circle, the movement of the train forcing her body to sway back and forth, the sounds of whistles and clicks seductive. Her pussy clenched and a bead of her juice trickled down her inner thigh.

“Mmmm… Yes, red. I approve. You do so entice me. But then you knew that.”

Of course she did. Stasia knew how to push every button. After turning back around to face him, she fiddled with the sash on her dress as she pressed her hand against the cabin door. Shivering, she clicked it closed and stole a glance out the window. Flashes of the outside world, one so used to the mundane in every aspect, filtered by at a cool one hundred miles per hour. The train ride, complete with a sleeping compartment, was his idea, one she’d looked forward to. The sinful texting he’d done over the past two days had driven her wild with desire. And he’d refused to allow her to pleasure herself. Their adventures were changing, becoming more dangerous in nature. While this was tame in comparison, the notion someone they knew could see them, witness their carnal acts, was simply too delicious to pass up. She had no doubt he’d fuck her in front of others before the night was over.

“Stasia, do you truly understand what I want?” Leaning forward, Greg gazed down the length of her, settling his eyes on her breasts. “What I require?”

“Yes, sir. I know.”

“Then tell me.”

The man she called sir love to challenge her. “To completely let go, free my body anda taste before the party mind so you can mold me, tame me, shape me into the submissive you’ve always wanted.”

“Good girl. And you will allow me complete control. There is no question.”

Control. That was her nemesis. God, she had no control of her needs around him. How could she? He commanded and she responded, would do anything he asked. “Yes, sir.”

Reaching over, he wrapped his hand around a glass, bringing the crystal to his lips.

She watched as he licked the rim, every move he made provocative. Her pussy quivered in anticipation of fulfilling his every need. Sucking him was something she craved more than anything and there were times he refused to allow her the joy. He always told her he wanted her coming and going, never knowing what was going to happen next. She’d scoffed at the idea at first until she realized how much the way he handled her, training her through messages and emails, was brilliant. He was masterful in his submission of her.

As he set the drink down he eased back into the soft leather. “Breathtaking but such a wicked woman. You’re willful and opinionated, haughty and refusing to follow directions.”

“That’s why you crave me.” She knew her act was brazen as she eased her hand under the edge of her dress, rubbing the tips of her fingers along the outside of her thigh. Opening her legs, she shifted back and forth on her feet as she sighed, glanced into his lust filled eyes, and moaned. Her moves were merely for effect, to drive him into near insanity from his heightened desire for her. Sliding her fingers around to the front side of her leg, she tipped her head back, allowing a slight moan to escape her lips as she move her fingers toward her quivering pussy.

“You know the rules. That’s why I punish you., because you push back against them. And me.”

Push back? Did his voice hold an edge of discord? Stasia nibbled her bottom lip, a moment of worry flowing through her. Of course she knew the rules, but she enjoyed teasing him mercilessly and she craved his strong hand, the feel of his belt. They’d used several implements in the course of her training and discipline, but she longed for the feel of his belt more than anything. “Yes, sir.”

“You need a hard whipping tonight.”

The words alone made her shiver all over. Stasia brushed her hand through her already damp hair as her legs trembled. She’d waited for this day for far too long and they both knew this was something…well, special was not strong enough of a sentiment. There were few words to describe the way they were together, the utter bliss of their lust and how unraveled they both became around each other. Unraveled didn’t suit either. They were fire together; burning embers threatening to combust both of them and drag away every sane moment they’d ever known. They were both professionals with lives and few could ever learn about what they truly hungered for, the savage edge play they needed. By all rights she and Greg should have ended their sinful tryst months ago.

But they couldn’t. They were drawn to each other in a way few could ever understand. Their combined hunger bordered on obsession, but neither could stop, nor did they want to. Greg was her drug, her intoxicating need, and she was the one woman he could truly be himself with. Even a single text was almost too much, keeping her pussy hot and wet for the rest of the day. She knew he felt the same, had experienced thought provoking emotions he had a difficult time talking to her about.

While she longed to unlock the deep secrets of Greg Thomas, enjoy the masked man inside, there would be time for some sentiment later. Today was about nothing but pure, raw and very kinky sex. She studied the small compartment. The leather couch and small eating table with two high back chairs held promise, filling her mind with primal thoughts.

“You were late,” his dark voice whispered.

“I’m sorry, sir. Only five minutes.”

“Those five minutes are going to add to your numbers of whips tonight,” Greg stated as he tapped his belt.

Mmm – what do you think he’ll do next?

Happy reading and kisses   xxx



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