The Art of a Hard Spanking…the Paddle

I’m taking you down a little spanking journey so to speak. Any time I mention the word in a group of people, I see a combination of near lust and longing mixed with that look of extreme trepidation. It seems spanking is HOT or maybe we’re just a society knowing we all need a little discipline now and again to keep us in check. What do you think? I have a feeling we all realize if spankings had been the paddlemethod of discipline for kids after say the nineteen seventies then our kids would have grown into better people. Yep, I said it and I truly believe it. When for some reason society and some idiot expert determined that spanking was more like abuse and you could be arrested for the act, then our kids ran amuck. Don’t get me wrong, there is abuse in the world and I will never condone that, but a spanking? Really? Common sense should prevail.

As we moved into our adulthood, spankings were glorified as kinky fun, and yummy they can be. There’s nothing like kicking up the heat in your relationship with some handcuffs and a flogger, right? A little spanking before nookie can truly make the experience much more intimate. But again, what if you live a different sort of lifestyle, one in which both you and your partner crave something more significant with the use of good ole fashioned whippings for discipline and punishment. There are many more people living this old fashioned type of relationship than you realize. Many of your friends and neighbors, family members and co-workers just might be engaging in the domestic discipline.

I’ve already talked a bit about a simply over the knee hand spanking. It’s very intimate and a lot of couples start with this and use this method only. Then again some couples also use different implements for difference infractions. The more serious the issue is, the rule breaking, a lie or something hurtful, then a different tool might be selected. Think of a scenario. You were ticketed for not only speeding – Spank me hardreckless driving, but you also were cited for texting and the fines you know are going to be horrific. Instead of coming home and telling your husband right away you try and cover up the incident, planning on figuring out some money of your own to pay the ticket and if you have any points on your record, you’ll go to driving school after taking a day off from work. Simple. Right?

Wrong. He gets a call from the insurance company or notices that monies have been taken from the bank account and asks you about it. Your sheepish face tells him there is something very wrong. At first you deny anything, maybe figuring out a lame excuse for why you needed the money. Then you lie again. Now imagine how angry he’s going to be with you after you finally tell him the truth. And don’t tell me you haven’t been in a situation just like this one. You know you have. What are you going to expect to happen now? My guess is he’ll be livid and realize he has to calm down. What do you think? Will he give you corner time while he calms down and figures out what to do? My guess is you bet he will.

As you stand in the corner, the anticipation killing you, you’re going to worry and frustrate over why you did what you did and just how hard the whipping is going to be. And you know what he does should be harsh punishment. You realize totally how horrible your behavior has been and you know you’re going to beg for forgiveness, promise him in several languages that you’ll never do something so horrible again. Never. As the minutes tick by you’re going to think about every other sin you’ve ever performed in your life too. You’re going to feel wretched and helpless, terrible and a very bad girl. Then you hear his command…

“Come here.”

The two words send shivers racing throughout every cell in your body. When you find him in the kitchen with all the chairs moved away from the table, a pensive look on his face, you’re going to quiver to your toes, your heart racing. “Yes sir?” Your voice is strangled and your eyes dart to the implement he’s selected to whip you and cringe. He’s chosen the wooden paddle, the dense wood piece that has holes in all the right places. The hard thud you remember not so fondly and the long handled implement is the piece reserved for when you’ve been your worst.

“Take off your clothes. I’m very disappointed in you. Very. I can’t begin to tell you how much you’ve hurt me.”

You whimper, your hands shaking, as you begin to take off your dress and underwear,Pulling her panties feeling so very naked and helpless. “I’m sorry, sir. I really am.”

“I have no idea what got into you.”

“I just…” How could you justify what you’ve done? There is no way.  When you’re finally naked, standing just two feet away from him, you shudder and in truth now long to be spanked. You know you need to be reminded that what you did all the way around was wretched, especially the lying.

“I’m going to give you twenty hard spanks this time. It’s going to be severe. Lean over the table and grasp the other side.”

This is the worst. This is… Barely breathing, you position yourself over the table and when you grasp the other side your toes barely touch the floor. Closing your eyes you pray to God you can get through this.

The paddle is without a doubt an implement that can hurt severely and bruise skin easily. The hard thudding effect on your skin is something that is without a doubt something I can tell you will send you reeling from the pain. You have to use it carefully when you discipline. I’ve seen movies where the submissive is literally tied down completely and in truth they’d have to be in order to keep in position. This isn’t about wielding power. This is about controlling your wrist. If you haven’t spanked someone with a paddle, you need to practice always. When I had someone spank me with this, lordy is all I can say. Tears sprung to my eyes quickly and I wailed like a baby. It’s tremendously effective and I bruised, the intense feelings remaining for several days. He knew was he was doing and was very practiced. What I’m saying is don’t simply whack someone without having the implement tried on you so you realized the intensity and the lasting effects. But… having said that, being the bad girl that I am, I know I would be spanked with a paddle for punishment. I tend to bring that need out. LOL.

Imagine our girl as she’s waiting, wondering and worrying. Imagine the first strike, then the second, the dull sound of the paddle slapping against skin floating into the air. And imagine the pain. Yes, the tremendous pain. Mmm… Do you think you’re going to be a bad girl to this level again? Hmmm…


Kisses   xxx


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