What Kind of Candy…

Do you like? Well I’m technically allergic to chocolate BUT. BUT…. I do love all flavors of men. I love the taste and the touch, the flavor and the kink involved. And so for this Thursday – these fantasies should be easy to indulge in… A piece that was and soon to be re-released. It’s a favorite why? I worked with this HOT HOT HOT chocolate laced man who I so could have… well I could have… well you know… Enjoy


“God Eric, what have you done to me?” Lately Jessica could barely keep her mind on the business of advertising and not racing to the bathroom to caress her swollen pussy numerous times a day. “Concentrate girl. It’s a very big day.” She thought about the details of the meeting and for some reason couldn’t rouse from the warm and protective confines of her bed. Where had she gone wrong with her company and perhaps with her love life? Jessica sighed, thrusting the ugly thoughts aside for a few precious moments of bliss. She allowed her mind to wander back to sinful thoughts of envisioning Eric’s stunning chocolate brown features one last time. After all, reality was closing in. It wasn’t just that Jessica wanted a one night stand with him, UnbridledPassionBKFST_Cover-medalthough that would be tasty. She honestly wanted something more out of life. Jessica desired a relationship that she could count on and for some reason her instincts told her that Eric was the man for her. A thick dick inside you is a good idea for starters. “Shut up you little beast of a voice!” Maybe Jessica was asking for too much and her wicked dreams would cost her everything.

Remember, you desperately need a life and one away from computers and slogans. Unfortunately the little voice in Jessica’s head was correct. While the day was vitally important for her, she’d forsaken everything with her personal life for two long years to achieve her heady career goals. Her biggest potential client was waiting for nothing short of spectacular from her today. Jessica had to feel and look her best today. Professional and a bit spicy just like the ad she’d created…would be creating. She hated being behind the eight ball. She prayed for a long moment that she’d be whisked away to a secluded beach, perhaps in the South Pacific. Just Eric, a bottle of merlot, the rolling turquoise seas and his juicy fat dick ready to bury inside her dripping cunt. “Stop it girl!”  Kicking her legs like a little kid having a tantrum, Jessica groaned. Yeah, she had to get out of bed and get going. She jerked up and stared into the blackness. “Advertising, remember girl? Your real life?”

“One more minute of private time.” The sultry dream had been scintillating. Eric burrowing his hard dick inside her molten pussy had been on her frequent play list for some time. Jessica needed a change in attitude, a little luck and a wicked tryst. Not necessarily in that order. She flumped back onto her pillow and stretched, languishing the feel of the crisp cotton sheets while she envisioned Eric naked. Eric was a stunner with an engaging smile and twinkling eyes. He was so tall that she’d have to stand on her tiptoes to kiss his full ripe lips even in stilettos. His shoulders were broad and sculpted and she could see his burnished form at the gym working hard to fine tune his body. Eric’s muscular legs were carved and looked perfect for wrapping around her body. And his cock? Her imagination got the better of her. She holding her in whitecould clearly see his long, thick cock throbbing and hungry to fill her wet heat. “Oh my.” Jessica was hot all over. Fanning herself, she wandered into that secret little place inside Pandora’s box. Sex, sex and more sex.

Maybe that’s exactly what she needed, a cave man to take her away from the day-to-day doldrums of life. “Eric.” All she had to do was say his name and shivers raced down her body. The single syllable conjured up so many nefarious thoughts she was certain her brain might crash from overuse. Jessica yawned, licked her lips and envisioned his ebony eyes and long midnight hair framing his perfectly dark mocha chocolate face. Whew.

Jessica slid her hand down from the edge of her neck to the swell of her breasts, languishing over her pebbled nipple imagining his mouth suckling first one and then the other. She pinched until she felt the quiver in her pussy and feathered her fingers down and across the heat of her belly. As she closed her eyes, she could see his shimmering eyes staring down at her seconds before he pressed his face into her wet heat, ravishing her swollen clit with his tongue. Sighing, she toyed with her silky fur, imagining his fingers sliding in and out of her cunt while her muscles clenched around the sweet invasion.

All she wanted was the man that was decadent chocolate candy coated cake with mocha frosting all wrapped in one. The fantasy had left her hot and bothered instead of satisfied. Hot and bothered? Hell, she was going to explode from the blazing fire sizzling deep within her. Her fingers found her eager pussy and she moaned softly closing her eyes as her hand found the rhythm she enjoyed. She imagined his soft lips on hers, gentle at first and then rough as his tongue drank in her hot mouth. Jessica snaked her fingers to her hard nipple and pinched the tender flesh harshly, enjoying a hint of pain mixed with her self-induced pleasure. She liked it that way, but her past boyfriends hadn’t seemed interested in indulging her fantasies.

Would Eric? Her fantasy man? Somehow she had a feeling he’d be more than interested in a little bit of feisty play. He stared at her over time, carefully watching her come and go while he licked his lips. And yes, she’d caught his sinful eyes flaming a trail down her overheated body more than once. Yet he’d barely said two words to her, ever. She sighed imagining even one night with him. Just one night of intense pleasure would rock her world and rev her creative engines. Jessica knew she’d give all she had for one wild and uninhibited tryst.

She brushed her fingers back and forth across her quivering clit, pressing the tender flesh between her fingers. Jessica was so wet that just the thought of his face was enough to drive her over the edge. She plunged her fingers deeply inside her aching cunt and back across her swollen labia. Lifting her legs, she hovered along the precipice of a raging orgasm, enjoying her own pulsing sensations. Her breathing became ragged as her blood raced to her swollen pussy. “Eric.” She bit back a moan and moved her hand to her other nipple, twisting until a sharp pain forced another whimper as she imagined his face above hers. Somehow she could see the luscious Lying on his sidestrands of hair caressing her breasts, driving her to the brink of mania.

Jessica could almost feel the swollen tip of his blood engorged cock in her mouth, licking him as he stood over her, his fingers wrapped in her long hair forcing himself inside her throat. The stunning vision of suckling his swollen balls as her fingers traced circles around his throbbing shaft seared her every nerve ending. She panted as the beautiful orgasm edged around the corner and her legs bucked against the covers. “Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod.” Jessica hissed as her climax came quickly, soaking her fingers in the process. Her legs twitched as sizzling sensations roared down from her belly to the tips of her toes. She could hear the loud thump, thump, thump beating in her chest. If only he was hovering over her glistening body fulfilling her most wanton needs. “My, oh my.”

Jessica lay tingling in the aftermath, somewhat relieved. The experience was tasty, but it couldn’t be nearly as good as the real thing. Like that was going to happen any time soon. Jessica released her aching nipple, shivered into the wet sheets and glanced back at the clock. Her little escapade had taken longer than it should have. “Damn it!” She threw the covers back and tipped her feet onto the floor as she grumbled, wishing it was Saturday. No such luck. There was almost no time to complete her presentation. At least some of the office minions were out at a conference and wouldn’t bother her today. Only the essential staff had stayed behind. The day should prove interesting to say the least.


     Eric Gammon stood in front of the mirror that day like he did every morning, staring at a reflection that appeared exhausted. Dear God, he was burning the candle at both ends. He sighed and flushed cool water over his face. “Just a few more months, man.” There was nothing like having a full time job and a crammed evening schedule. Something had to give. A vacation perhaps? Eric chuckled and started the shower. A vacation would be wonderful, but it wasn’t possible. He would take a long needed break after he passed the bar exam.

Still, Eric allowed his thoughts to race to a place of hunger. He hadn’t been with a lady in a little over a year. Why? Time? Effort? Exhaustion? All of the above, but if he had to be honest with himself, Stella had done a number on him. Leaving him for his best friend not only kicked Eric in the gut, but twisted his balls into near permanent anguish. Her proclamation of undying love for Mark had come out of the blue one rainy Sunday after they’d spent a joyous night in front of the fire sipping cognac and dreaming about their future. Of course Eric realized weeks later that he’d been doing all the talking that night. And to think he had proposed only two months prior in front of her parents. What a celebration that had been. Worse, Stella gave no explanation of why she fell for Mark and that troubled Eric the most. None of Eric’s friends had been able to shake him out of his deepening depression.

Heartbroken, Eric buried himself in his work and swore off the possibility of entering into another relationship for the time being. Surely the right woman had to be out there. The thought brought a smile to his face.

Eric loved to look at desirable women, but one girl currently scintillated his soul and gave him the inclination to try again. Jessica. She was a woman so beautiful and so intelligent there was no doubt she had to have men falling all over her. However, Eric noticed she was never with another man and she certainly didn’t wear a wedding ring. As a result, Eric had developed a plan. Thinking about the stunning beauty, tall and voluptuous with a killer body and a gorgeous smile left Eric blistering hot every time he saw her. He had the insane need to possess her, control her body and he had no ideas where the idea stemmed from.

“What are you, a cave man?” He chucked and slid his hand across his already throbbing cock. He’d never been speechless around a woman in his life, but with Jessica Eric never had any idea what to say.

As Eric feathered his throbbing erection, he thought about Jessica’s long, silky hair, hypnotizing eyes and the sparkling lilt in her voice when she smiled shyly and said hello. He relished the way her eyes darted back and forth across his body every time she saw him. How she flushed with embarrassment when he caught her looking. That thought alone gave him a raging hard on every time. God, the woman was hot and sensual. Breathtaking. And he wanted her so badly that his erection beat against his pants every time he captured a whiff of her exotic perfume.

Had she noticed he just happened to be in the building when she came in early? He threw his head back and delighted in the joyous feeling of his hand as it cupped his balls, squeezing gently at first and then with enough pressure that he moaned. His thighs beat against the bathroom counter, barely holding him up as he stroked his cock and steam rose in the tiny bathroom. He glided his fingers down and across his shaft as he thought about her ruby lips, swollen from suckling his cock. “Mmmm…Jessica.”


Kisses   xxx


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