Working and Playing with a Partner

Oh get those thoughts out of your head. You know the ones I mean – wicked. WICKED. LOL. Okay so they may be true to a point. Just got back from Fandomfest, a horror, coming, gaming, something convention that they keep changing the name of AND they keep changing pretty much everything else about too. Third year going and first year selling paperback copies of my books. I can tell you it was table with bannertiring as hell. All the sights and sounds and hours you stand on your feet being on, trying to garner someone’s attention – WHEW.

My partner – writing partner and good friend Christian Jensen – thank GOD he was more on that I was during this. He purchased this leather top hat, of which I teased him about, BUT he garnered attention. See he’s the epitome of the dangerous boy with tats everywhere and muscles, the dark brooding look and the attitude to match. I gather few would think we could be friends, let alone write together. But we LOVE our writing. We are magic together. We were on a couple on NOT well attended literary panels and realized more that we are magic. Why? We just click together. We write so much alike it’s crazy.

But this blog is more about having to go to conferences etc. I do love them. It’s time getting away, playing and teaching, having fun and being silly. It’s also a place you hope people will learn more about you the writer and you the person – all in a relaxed Chris and I 2013setting. I don’t know. I am having to re-think going. While Fandonfest isn’t in any way gearing toward writers, the concept is you can gain friends. I’ve gained some but I don’t see any magic in the shows. Still, meeting and greeting is wonderful. I love talking to other writers and those in the industry over glasses of wine – LOTS of wine LOL and commiserating about the times and the experiences.

The writing business isn’t easy. Don’t think I am complaining. This is just realty. So we all try a little harder. What is funny about these conferences is that so many folks dress up – act a little wild – be the person they so long to be. They can be werewolves and witches, creatures of the night and who knows what else. When you see grown men and woman in costumes you know they’ve spent hundreds of dollars on, you have to respect them. The guests and authors etc that go to this are a mixed bunch and yet oh so much fun.

We are all lucky we can do this and retire to a fun bar and share. In Louisville, most of us stayed at the Galt Hotel – right on the Ohio River. It’s gorgeous with all the amenities. There is a cool bar in the skywalk portion called AJ’s that we all simply migrate to – drinking and having fun. We talk business as well as sexy on the townthings (hint Shon and Christian – all these HOT sexual questions) and enjoy being together. It’s bitter sweet having left and going back to the real life.

This is short and sweet tonight. A long drive today and in truth reflections on what and if and why I’m doing the writing business. No worries. I have to write BUT…. Things are going to change. I’m leaving you with a couple fun pics of the event and I’ll get back to the business of writing.

Thanks for being a part of my world.

Kisses   xxx


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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