Spank, Spank, SPANK…

Okay can you tell I need a hard spanking? I do. I simply need to feel the hard strike of wood against my ass or hear the whoosh of a belt as it’s sliced in the air. There is nothing like the connect of an implement on my backside. WHEW – gives me the shivers. I am a woman who so needs to be taken in hand and yet….few men arehard over the knee willing to go that route. I somehow terrify many while others think I am the dominating force. Not so big boys.

I have been fascinated about couples who use domestic discipline for a long time. The lifestyle had only recently come into fashion so to speak in the mainstream. I have dreams of spanking and think of whippings and… Well, you know what I mean. So I’m working on the second in my domestic discipline trilogy. I hope to portray this journey Shannon and David are going through honestly and with the save verve and angst they are experiencing. The courage to enter into this kind of lifestyle is amazing.

Could you do it? Could you change all you know and have your husband take you over his knee and give you the discipline you so need? Hmmm… That’s a tough call. For me – easy. YES. Here’s a little taste of the next in the trilogy – Decision. For a man – it’s just as difficult to know if he’s doing the right thing.


David watched her walk away, her movements jilted. She was exactly like him, so unsure. He wiped his face and slowly looked down at the belt, fingering the soft leather. The belt had been one he’d had for a while, unlike the cheaper ones that never seemed to last. The thick strand of leather had been a find, fifty percent off during a raging sale at Macy’s. He chuckled remembering Shannon had hated the fact the belt was brown – her least favorite color.

As he rubbed his fingers back and forth across the grain of the strap, he tried to comprehend spanking Shannon with the damn thing. Snorting, he had to admit he had thought more than once about the very notion but now. But now? Goddamn. He had to be nuts. But she asked for this. She wants you to take control. Yeah, well he was about ready to punch his little voice. What the hell did him, the asshole, know anyway?

Shannon was right about so many aspects. Of course she was. She’d hit the nail on the head. There was little intimacy and less trust between them, almost from before they’d started the journey. Perhaps there was no way they could figure their way through this. Twirling his hand around the belt, he knew she was trying to please him more than anything, giving him the opportunity to help her understand the level of tension he was feeling. He’d learned a hell of a lot over the last three month, even aspects about living a domestic discipline lifestyle he hadn’t shared with her.

when he arrivesDavid didn’t really hear her behind him. He simply realized her presence. Through all the years of marriage he’d always known when she was near. There was such a strong connection between them, or at least there had been. “Do you understand what’s about to happen?”

“Yes…I…yes, sir. I do and I deserve the punishment.”

Hearing the amount of angst and sorrow in her voice, he clenched his eyes shit for a minute before finally turned to face her. The woman standing in front of him seemed frail, reserved. Her naked body was shaking, her lower lip quivering. At that moment all he wanted to do was wrap his arms around her, tell her everything was going to be okay. He swallowed to prevent himself from stuttering and stroked the belt. “We’re going to do this in here.”

Her eyes flitted around the room as if expecting to see something that would indicate how she was going to be disciplined. “Yes, sir.” She inched forward, fear as well as guilt riding her lovely face.

“Go stand in the corner and don’t move. I want you to truly think about what you’ve done. You can’t continue on like this, Shannon. We can’t. The truth is I won’t allow it. Do you understand at all what I’m saying to you?”

Nodding, she nibbled on her bottom lip and crossed her arms. “I do. You don’t have any idea how sorry I am.”

“I know you well enough to realize you’re honestly sorry, but this time? It’s not enough. I also realize the woman who challenges every single thing I tell her.” David moved closer, not touching her but merely making certain she understood how upset he was with her behavior.

Shannon shook her head. “You’re right. I’ve been pushing.”

“And I know why. If we’re going to make this work we have to trust each other. You know that.”

“I do and…” She hesitated and looked away.

“And?” He touched the side of her face with a single finger. When she flinched so did he. “And what? You have to know you can tell me anything.” A full minute passed before she spoke.

“I don’t want you to give up on us. I haven’t. I refuse to.”

The words touched him deeply. “I’m not and I won’t. That is a promise I’ll make to you. But don’t you give up. Just because we’re having problems doesn’t mean I’ll run into the arms of another woman. And just because you have concerns doesn’t mean you can act like a child. Am I clear?”

A single nervous chuckle floated from her lips. “Yes, I do. I….all I can say is I’m sorry. I want to let go of all the worry and fear.”

“And it’ll take time. Tonight we’re going to begin a new chapter. We’re going to fail at this, fall backwards, but the important aspect is moving forward again and very much together. Do you want that?” He asked the question almost flippantly but he needed to hear her answer, had to know her heart.

Very slowly Shannon lifted her head, her eyes bright and clear. “More than you know. I want us to be so…fabulous.”

“Good. I’m glad to hear you say that. Now go stand in the corner and we’re going to end this tonight. After this we’ll discuss adding more spankings into our relationship. I know you’ve been craving them and I realize I’ve been remiss. No longer.” David looked away, his heart racing. He heard her sigh before walking toward the corner.

David exhaled slowly and knew right now he was doing nothing more than winging it. He glanced around the space and finally decided on the kitchen table. The height was just right for her to lean over. As he walked toward the arrangement, the table and Decision_Cover-smallchairs nestled in the corner and smack in front of the bay window, he realized he was nervous as freaking hell. Not only was he going to whip her with a belt, but he’d selected in front of a window of their home, in a sense invading their privacy. There wasn’t a nosy neighbor close but the very concept of being seen bordered on… What are you doing?

He looked around at his lovely wife, the woman he’d craved more than any other in his life, and was honestly astounded at the reserved way she stood facing the corner, her nose to the wall. She was honoring him with this level of obedience, something he never thought she’d commit to, and he was floored. She needed respect, not some hot dog activity. Quickly closing the blinds, he grimaced and studied her actions.

Shannon’s body was shaking, her right hand moving slighting against her leg, but she remained silent, her nose pressed against the wall.

Reverence and penance. Two words he’d realized were important to her as well as punishment. She didn’t just crave being disciplined. Shannon longed being punished, as if some innate need buried deep inside of her required a stronger hand. He was going to have to suck it up and give the woman he so desperately loved what she needed or he was going to lose her. It was that simple. “It’s time.”

She turned slowly, the look on her face pensive. Her eyes darted back and forth, her lower lip quivering. “David…I…”

“Ssshhh… Come here. I know you’re sorry but I really want you to understand why I’m so upset.”

Nodding, she moved closer, her hands fidgeting. When she was just a few inches from him she stopped and lowered her eyes.

David eased a finger under her chin, lifting it gently. “I’m disappointed in you but you need to remember I’ll always love you. What troubles we’re having in our marriage aren’t just about you fighting following the rules or about our arguments. I’ve been distant as well as inaccessible when you need. I promise you I’m going to make a solid effort to give you the guidance you need.”

“I’d like that.”

“But on the flip side I need you to promise you’re not going to lie to me any longer and that you’ll at least try and talk with me every day, explaining your worries and frustrations. I know you’ve been very tense lately and that your work is just as stressful as mine. I think taking time to give you some stress relieving spankings might help. What do you think?” The article he’d read at least two months before filtered into the back of his mind.

Shannon seemed surprised. “I think I’d like that. In fact I think that would help me tackle the overloading emotions lately and I…” Her voice trailed off as she tried to move her head.

He refused to let her out of his grasp. “And before you say it, doing this will bring us closer. I need the connection with you to improve just like you do with me. Understood?”

“Yes,” she whispered, a slight smile crossing her face.

“Very good. Now do you understand why I’m so upset about what happened?”

“I lied to you not just once but twice.”

“Yes, but its more than that. You never drive recklessly. You never push the true rules and regulations in any manner. For you to do that means you’re on the edge, a dangerous emotional precipice and I’m worried the behavior is going to effect you job,” David could hear his voice was stern, but she needed to understand what she’d done was reprehensible.

“The act came close to destroying our marriage. What I did certainly forced you to tear up the discipline contract.”

Shaking his head, he brushed a stray strand of hair from her face. “And I was wrong. The decision was based on anger, not on what needed to happen. We’ll draw it up again, perhaps with making some changes or additions. Fair enough?”

“Fair enough.”

I hope you enjoyed

Kisses and spanks


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