A Little Chocolate Candy in the Morning?

You do know how I like my deep, dark chocolate. Right? Well, I’m that kind of girl – the one who can appreciate all flavors of men. I have a friend and she always tells me the darker the berry the sweeter the juice. I’ll let your mind really think about that one. I’m happy to be presenting a re-releasing piece and one of my favorites. It’s inspired by a gorgeous gentleman who I used to work with and trust me – he was all that and a bag and a half of chips. So enjoy…


Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit! Jessica turned toward the doors, punched the button to call the elevator and fought cursing out loud. The damn steel enclosure wasn’t sitting on the bottom waiting like it was every other day. She cringed and closed her eyes. UnbridledPassionBKFST_Cover-med“Come on,” she whispered. Holy shit! She was in so much trouble and she knew it. She felt the heat of his breath slicing across her neck forcing a shiver to trickle down her spine.

“Miss Brown.”

“Jessica!” Why did she say her name? Come on damn you elevator. Open up!

His hulking frame slid even closer, now barely inches away. “Jessica. What did you say to me?” He voice breathed whispers of steamy air across her shoulders.

She couldn’t quite tell if Eric was angry, incensed or turned on. His tone was a little lower and a lot huskier but had she really heard him say much before this other than a few questions about the building? Either way, her legs were shaking and her panties were soaked. There was no mistaking the wild erotic scent of her famished need. Jessica refused to turn around. “What?”

He shifted behind her.

Damn if she didn’t feel him, all of him near her. He was rock hard. Oh fuck! Thank back to bedGod the doors opened and Jessica stepped inside so quickly that she almost dropped on of the computers. Forced to turn, she slammed her hand on the button for her floor and backed in several steps, blinking furiously.

But his massive hand stopped the doors from closing. “What…did…you say to me in the hallway?” Eric kept his hand on the door, halting the elevator and the scorching look on his face showed, pure…unadulterated…lust.

Jessica almost melted into the floor but instead she looked up into his eyes. Her heart fluttered as her nipples scraped painfully against the lace of her bra. The ache in her pussy pressured her to clench her muscles. Being in tight confines with him was too intense and she knew without a doubt he wasn’t going to let her go anywhere without hearing exactly what she’d said. Suddenly her mouth was cotton dry. It’s now or never girl. Throwing caution and most of her sanity to the wind, Jessica closed her eyes and repeated her words. “I said…I asked…did anyone ever…tell you…that you were…the best looking breakfast eye candy…a girl could ask for? Fiery hot?” There. She’d said it. Hurrah! Holy fuck. She looked away completely embarrassed and utterly on fire.

Eric stepped into the elevator, keeping his hulking frame just inside the doorway and remained quiet as he glanced down at the length of her beseechingly slowly, his face laced with lust.

The entire world heated up ten, twenty, possibly thirty degrees. A flush rose across her neck reaching to the edges of her cheeks where her dampened locks fought for control. Terror of the unknown forced her to wish she could take back her words and transport herself to another moment in time. Moment? Try planet. Jessica could see the cold steel of the dentist chair slicing into her back during a particularly nasty little procedure. Then there was being strapped open wide at her OB-GYN’s office. No, that wasn’t a good one either. A car wreck maybe? This is silly girl, you’re a woman and he’s a man. What’s wrong with…

     “Oh really?”

Just then the doors closed and they were alone. Eric took one step forward and held closetime stopped. For a solid minute she thought he held it in his hands. She could barely breathe. She took short pants as her blood sizzled and she watched his movements carefully, hoping.

Eric glanced away for a long second, and then placed his maintenance key into the small lock on the elevator wall and turned it. As if with purpose, the elevator stopped with a jolt. She was indeed in so much trouble. Her entire system was straining against a fear that throttled every cell in her body and her heart was thumping like a marching band had taken up residence in her chest.

He said nothing but slowly turned his head to lock his gaze onto hers.

Jessica blinked rapidly, feeling the flutter of her heart against her chest as she backed against the elevator wall. For the first time she noticed his almost feral look as he blazed a sensuous trail from the tip of her nose down to the pointed toe of her high heels. Eric ogled her as if he was devouring a piece of candy. As his wicked smile widened, his eyes settled on her chest and damn it if he didn’t lick his lips.

No! This wasn’t happening. She hadn’t just told him her secret naughty thoughts and he wasn’t standing in the elevator alone with her now with no one else in the building. Yet there he stood grinning, his gorgeous pose statuesque. Every part of her tingled at the crazy notion of him fucking her in the elevator. At the moment, Jessica just might allow herself to say yes to anything the man had in mind. Jessica clawed at the fake wood paneling for support but there was no getting out of this one.

Eric glided toward her, closing the distance between them and she swallowed hard and bit her lower lip, tasting blood.

“You called me eye candy?”

Jessica hesitated seeing the slight twinkle in his eyes and then her head bobbled up and down like some stupid doll in a shop window and she had no idea what to say. She didn’t think he was pissed but she really didn’t know. She didn’t know him. Another bead of perspiration trickled down the back of her neck. As he crowded her she felt the oppressive heat of him and her nostrils flared from the scent of his musky cologne, woodsy and full of rich spices.


Jessica Brown had a daunting task, save her failing company, Dreams for Your Future Advertising. Unfortunately she had one shot to do it. Delicious Foods had tapped her small company for a campaign for the hottest selling condiment in America, Peach kissBliss. The only trouble? She hated the sticky mess and had no slogan. As she ventured into the office one early morning, her fantasy man, and one she had never been able to approach, stood between her and the elevator, tempting her. Eric Gammon was chocolate in flavor and a sculpted God. He also was responsible for the maintenance on her office building and unattainable. Or was he?

Against all rationality, she blurted out her feelings. Stunned, he followed her into the lonely elevator and stopped its movement. Trapped, they explored a taste of their combined pent up desires and planned for the future. Using Eric to experiment exactly what the dazzling syrup could be used on, she garnered a wicked idea. Re-energized, Jessica tackled the account with flair. Everything was going smoothly until she realized that Eric’s ex, Stella, was none other than a top executive of Delicious Foods. Undaunted, she was more than ready for the tempting presentation involving an over heated room, some melting ice cream and a bit of the bubbly. That is until she realized Eric had lied and was going back to Stella. Crushed, she rallied and won the contract easily, but had she lost the man of her dreams?

I hope you enjoyed…

Kisses   xxx


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