Beware of the Darkness

The shadows can consume you – drag you straight into hell. I just finished my editing portion on the erotic horror piece I penned with Christian Jensen. We truly put together a horrific little tale about BDSM and creatures who suck the life out of you. It’s a very creative take on snuff flicks and I was amazed how much I loved the way it ended. I realized a while ago I enjoy writing thrillers and horror even more than the erotic pieces. So… This one is all m/m and very sexy. But be afraid of the darkness…


Detective Dino Scavuli lifted his head, sniffing the dense air as twilight settled in, hovering over the city like a warm blanket.  He groaned as he paced the alley, the The-Darkness-WIthin_cover2stench of rotting garbage and vomit filtering into the dense humidity filling his mouth with bile. He was exhausted from working what seemed like an endless single case. The ugly truth was violent crime after crime was occurring, each one more horrific. Murders were rampant in and around the township and he was beginning to question whether or not South Philly was a decent place to raise a family. One corner was littered with prostitutes and druggies searching for the never ending fix, while the same basic corner across the street was adorned with pricy art galleries and bistros.

The aging borough was a bizarre dichotomy, yet everyone called the area fashionable. What the hell was so fashionable about the highest number of violent crimes in a ten block radius? No decent folks should be living in such a crime infested area. Then again, he was never going to have a family. His brutal line of work was only half the reason. He glanced at Kevin, his partner of a few years, and sighed. They’d been called to the scene for specific reasons. They were damn good at solving crimes of this nature.

“Jesus Christ does this fucking bullshit ever end?” Kevin asked. He stood stoically over the body, his face drawn.

“I don’t know what to tell you,” Dino said quietly. They’d been around too many kills as of late. Too many. This one was pure slaughter.

“Ain’t been a banner year for this snazzy little neighborhood.” Kevin’s voice came out in a husky vibe followed by a ragged cough. “God, I need a fucking cigarette.” Fumbling in his pocket, he jerked out a pack of Malboros and a lighter, his gaze drifting to Dino. “What?”

“Those fucking things are going to kill you, man.”

“You say that kind of bullshit to me as we’re standing over a mutilated hunk of flesh? Give me a break,” Kevin wheezed as he took a long drag. “I’d rather die by these things than what that fucking monster did to the poor bastard.”

Dino glanced at Kevin and shook his head. More like brothers, and both highly decorated officers, they’d seen more than their share of horrendous murders during their tenure together. Somehow the recent murders had left them haunted. Dino studied the filthy alley surrounding the victim and sighed.

“There are days I wish I had chosen another profession like oral dentistry.” Kevin Creaturelooked away and took a series of puffs. “You know?”

Oh, Dino completely understood but he was rough around the edges and capable of handling the gore. Kevin Jameson was different. He’d never been able to stomach the sheer level of violence that occurred on a day to day basis since joining the heinous crimes department. Why the hell the solid God fearing family man had asked to join the elite group of obvious deviants was beyond him. At least Dino was an atheist.

“I don’t get it. Who could do that kind of shit to a person?” Kevin hissed through clenched teeth.

Dino exhaled and snarled as he heard a commotion from down the alley.

“You need to let me go.”

The woman’s shrill voice cut through the sounds of sirens blanketing the row of dilapidated brownstones. “Perfect. A demanding reporter,” Dino huffed as he raked his hands through his hair. Sweat dripped from his brow onto his fingers and he was having difficulty looking at the victim. Shit. There wasn’t enough of humanity left to actually call the slab of glistening flesh human. He’d seen torture of every kind during his stint in the Marines. Three long tours had left him disgusted with all mankind. Being a police office was a piece of cake in comparison until a crime like this filtered into their city.

“How in the hell does the Press find out about this shit the second we do?” Kevin demanded.

“They listen to the scanner activity, honing in on every detail. You know that.” The statement was true enough and to be expected, however, a television van from Channel 12 had been on the scene before a single member from the police department had arrived. Someone had tipped the fuckers off. He made mental note to ask the crew how the hell they’d learned of the murder.  Dino surveyed the area. There was enough street action around them, given the area banked a major thoroughfare. Still, Dino knew the alley was nothing more than a lure of supposed safety for some and a breeding ground for every sin known to God and man for others.

“Yeah, and you know how they love the dramatic bullshit.”

“Hey, we have a right to know what’s going on. We have a right to know if we have a serial killer!” the woman screeched, the echo of her shrill voice making it all the way down the length of the alley.

“Did she say a serial killer?” Kevin snarled as he glared down the alley. “I hate reporters.”

“Yeah, she did. Just the fuck what we need.” Dino was pissed. There had to be a leak in the department. “You know, every once in a while I’d like to drive a ragged knife through their tongues, make them shut the hell up.” His talk sounded callous but he was having enough difficulty dealing with the survivors and family members who weren’t just shell-shocked as well as a true hindrance to their investigations. Vultures, otherwise known as the Press, were in a class all their own. Sadly what they didn’t need was another overblown story blasting across every television station in the city. Their department took enough heat.

“I hear you buddy. Who the hell called this one in?” Kevin slipped a camera from his pocket and snapped a series of pictures.

“Some guy using he alley as a cut through after his car broke down.” Dino tried to envision the man’s face upon discovery.

“Christ. He’ll have nightmares for the rest of his life.”

Shrugging, Dino knelt down and his entire body shivered.  The close proximity, even Bad Thingsin the dim lighting, was almost too much for him. He never got used to seeing carnage of this nature. While the head was still attached by a few neck muscles, the bloodied gaping holes where the victim’s eyes used to be already had what appeared to be larvae slithering from the gouged out sockets. Coagulated blood was smeared over every surface of the upper torso and arms, the stomach nothing more than a gaping wound, puss and tissue haphazardly stuffed inside. A little house cleaning perhaps? He shuddered, his stomach churning. Dino could tell the body was that of a man, probably in his late twenties or early thirties, but the condition of remains had been brutalized by more than just critters of the night. “At least our witness found the body.”

“Witness? You mean unlucky fucker. Who knows. Maybe he noticed something,” Kevin suggested. He took several drags until the cigarette was done and flicked the butt, exhaling the smoke as he ground the ember into the pavement.

“I doubt it. I think the body was dumped here. There’s no evidence of a struggle or blood anywhere on the scene except for on the body.”

“You mean covering the body. He’s freaking covered in it.”


Darkness is not simply the absence of light. It is a place where evil lurks, hunting and culling the victims of their very souls. Nightmares live in the shadows, ceaseless and voracious. They feed on the very concept of the humanity. What few understand is the abominable desire lurking with all of us to be freed of the trappings of mankind, to be free as those within the shadows. The capacity to maim and torture is alive within every single one of us, waiting to be freed by the darkness within.

A horrifying series of murders grip the heart of Philadelphia. The callous brutality of these crimes impossible to understand. Standing on the front lines of this slaughter fest is decorated detective and ex-marine Dino Scavuli, and man perpetually caught with one foot in the darkness and the other in the light. When a brand is discovered on one of the mutilated bodies Dino is thrust back into hell, the damning symbol a painful reminder of his past as a slave to the very demons that were now ruining his beloved city. One after another the disfigured bodies are found devoid of organs, their very flesh ripped away from harsh whippings and torture. Soulless eyes cry for salvation that will never come.

The demons of Asgrath were proud, their ancestry dating back to the beginning of time. They moved within the shadows, lurking as they searched for prey, their need for human flesh and blood growing until a feeding frenzy enshrouded the city. What few knew was that the ancient race was ready to take what they considered their rightful place, one created by Lucifer himself. As Dino was forced to face the very demons lurking inside, he was given three tests, a gift few ever received. Fail even once and he would lose more than just his life, he would lose his soul as every one he loved perished. The fight for control dragged Dino into Hell. After all, he was becoming one of them. He was facing the darkness within.

What do you think? Mmm…  Coming in about two weeks.

Kisses   xxx



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