Hot Summer Nights & Sizzling Sex

I have a HOT little collection from last year that was the beginning of something special. I love doing collections now – giving you the same basic idea all packaged in a few tantalizing stories. Hot Summer Nights was meant to give a moment in time in various wicked and wild locations throughout the world. I thought I’d give you where it all started and a location I personally love. There is NOTHING like the nightlife in Key West. It’s a fun place to be. So let’s get this party started…


Wearing a light colored pair of linen pants and a tight cerulean blue tee shirt, Darnell smiled at his reflection before grabbing his keys and heading out for the night. He could already tell the streets were teeming with raucous activity. Key West was wellKey west Pointknown for many things including bars staying up until the wee hours of the morning.

Starving, his first destination was Sloppy Joe’s, a rather infamous bar and grille nestled on the corner of Duval Street very close to what most locals would call the center of activity. The Southernmost Point was always filled with both tourists and locals partying as the sun set in the stunning ocean. From musicians to artists, mimes to jugglers, you could find almost anything you were looking for on the oversized concrete strip – including sex of every kind. A gay mecca, the festive location attracted some very interesting people and Darnell would fit in easily.

The thought giving him a tremor easing all the way down his back, Darnell sidled up to the expansive bar to people watch, grab a drink and order one of Sloppy Joe’s world famous barbecue chicken sandwiches.

“What’ll ya have?” The burly biker wannabe bartender leaned over the counter and gave Darnell a heated look.

hot in the surf 5perimeter of the bar. Filled to capacity with every walk of life, it was barely seven fifteen and it was easy to tell many of the party-goers were well on their way to a massive hangover.

“Comin’ right up.”

Sighing, he settled into the bar stool and smiled as the rock and roll band started another set. This was the perfect place to come and begin a fun-filled adventure. Wasn’t that a word? Adventure it was. As the bartender pushed his drinks across the bar, he grabbed a menu and perused the offerings – until the man from before caught his attention. Something stirred deep within him and for a moment an echo coursed through his head. “Wow.” Had he said the word out loud?

The man was obviously with a group of friends by their level of camaraderie who were shooting pool in the corner. From where he sat, Darnell could see much more of the handsome man and instantly he was drawn to the shaggy blond haired guy. There was something about the way gorgeous man carried himself that exuded confidence but also a mysterious quality like he was hiding a secret. Observation was one of Darnell’s best attributes, given his status in the military and his painting, and he could almost feel a dazzling story hidden behind the long legs and muscular chest. Or perhaps it was simply his underused libido talking. Then again, he vaguely looked liked someone who’d once been important in his life. The almost crushing blow had thrown him into a self-imposed period of chastity for several years.

Licking the rim of the shot glass, he threw back the tequila, relishing in the burn sliding down the back of his throat and couldn’t take his eyes off of him. Hmmm… Taking a long pull on his beer, Darnell decided he had to see the vision up closer and so he headed for the bathroom was nestled strategically in the back corner near the grouping of pool tables. He pressed his hand down the length of his shirt before heading in the direction, willing himself to act casually.

As he neared the hallway housing the bathrooms, Darnell stopped short and cocked his head. Hell yeah, the guy was much better looking up close and personal. From his chiseled chin to his rippled chest muscles, the guy was a walking stud who could be a cover model anywhere. “Mmm… Damn you’re fucking hot.” While said under his breath, he stole a quick glance around him to make sure no one had heard a thing. And then he headed into the bathroom to re-group and try and figure out how to meet the guy.

When he moved out of the heated space, Darnell looked in the direction of the pool tables and could see the man had left. “Damn it!” He scanned the entire perimeter. Seeing no one who even closely resembled him, Darnell moved back toward the bar to finish his beer. Just as he made it to the barstool, he saw the man just leaving the premises. Follow or don’t follow? Grinning, he jerked out a twenty-dollar bill, threw it across the bar and sauntered toward the front door. There was no need to look at hungry as he was.

When he made it out onto the busy street, he looked both ways and even as the rays of sun was beginning to cast eerie shadows up and down the length of Duvall Street, he could just make out the guy as he was walking toward the Southernmost Point. Taking a chance, Darnell moved in the direction toward him. The closer he got to the point the more the crowd sweltered around him, preparing for the spectacular two men by poolshow of nature.

Grunting, he was tangled in a group of people and lost sight of the man. “Fuck!” He stopped and collected his thoughts. Okay, this was just one guy in a sea of sexy men. Another night perhaps.  Just as he was about to turn around, the golden haired hunk appeared again and Darnell had to follow him.

Allowing his eyes to get used to the growing darkness, Darnell was able to make his way through the crowd of people and watched at the blond purchased a drink from a street vendor and then settled next to the railing. Darnell sighed and decided to take a chance. He purchased a margarita and headed toward the guy, determined simply to strike up a conversation. When he squeezed between a group of people barely fifteen feet away from the guy, he realized his leg was tapping against the iron bars. No man made him this nervous. Why now?

Every few seconds he stole glances toward him until finally his curiosity got the best of him. Shoring up his nerves, Darnell took a gulp of the rather stiff drink and walked toward the guy. When he was barely two feet from him there was a glimmer of recognition that startled him into a vivid moment of memories. While the face was remotely the same, his body had bulked up by a solid fifty pounds and even his hair color was different. Dear God, he was shaking. “Brent?”

As the blond turned toward him, his eyes grew wide. “Darnell? What the hell?” Breaking out into a grin, he took two steps toward Darnell and then shook his head. “I don’t fucking believe it. What the hell are you doing here? I thought you were in the trenches, man.”

Darnell was more than shocked to see the guy. Brent Majors was an old buddy from his hometown and while he was damn glad to see his friend, their last meeting had left a sore spot in both of their minds. Had time changed anything? Was the anger still burning brightly? “Just on R & R. I have to go back. What are you doing here? Christ, you look different.” As he moved closer he garnered a whiff of Brent’s cologne and had to swallow hard. He glanced toward the ocean and was thankful the light was dim. After all, he was horny as hell.

“It’s great to see you and I took up weight lifting in a big was after growing into my body.” Laughing, Brent closed the distance and as the two men stood gazing at HSNKEYWEST_Cover-smalleach other, he finally lowered his head. “Can I give you a hug at least? I mean I know that the last time and…”

“The past is the past, right?” He said and meant the words but the timbre of his voice was unsure at best. They’d grown up together, dated girls together, played football together and on one wild night of drinking when they were teenagers had indulged in a night of passion. It was after that Darnell realized he was gay – Brent didn’t and blamed Darnell at the time for introducing something the man called depraved. The damn moment in time had cost them their friendship in an ugly, vile fashion. You asshole. If I ever see you again I’ll beat the crap out of you.

As Brent wrapped his arm around Darnell, pulling him into his chest, he sighed. “I wish I could take back so many things.”


For marine Darnell Wright, an R & R was long overdue. Stationed in Afghanistan for almost a year, he was bone tired and hungry – for a taste of sin. A carefully planned trip brought him to the hottest spot on Earth – Key West. Determined to have an uninhibited adventure, he made reservations at the best hotel on the strip and prepared himself for two solid weeks of pleasure. His first stop? Watching the sun setting at the Southernmost Point with a cool margarita in his hand. What he didn’t anticipate was seeing a familiar face. Brent Majors was a one-time fling and a long-term friend, lost among a sea of lies. When a chance encounter brought them together, sparks flew, but could they move past their fury? Little did they know one hot summer night would drag them both into ecstasy and perhaps something more…

I so hope you’ve enjoyed…




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