The Art of a Hard Spanking…the Cane

It’s that time again. Time to discuss the fact we ALL need a hard spanking and in my opinion often. I’m continuing in my hot and ultra sexy little blog series about….well spanking. We seem to be a society that craves this – me included. There’s something sexy and sensual about the very notion. Spanking is indeed all the rage, both in stories and in real life. I’m often amazed at just how many people have adopted spanking as a form of discipline. Whether or not they are living a true domestic discipline type lifestyle in which spanking is often used or simply when a spanking is given every once in awhile, more and more couple are embracing Pulling her pantiesspankings. Why do you think? Well we all know I speak my theories and the real truth is I think couples know there needs to be one in power – one person in charge.

The balance of power in relationships shifted a LONG time ago into equality. There’s nothing wrong with the woman making just as much money as the man and having the same levels of responsibility, but… The ‘but’ I think is that men tend to need to be in charge of the house and home. Two different aspects here. The house is simply the running of the day to day operations. From making certain the bills are paid to insisting the household chores are done, men want to have the reins. They also want to be in charge of their partners – including their wife or girlfriend’s well being as well as making certain a few rules are obeyed. For those of you not in a relationship like this I bet you’re scratching your head going – NO WAY.

You know two people can’t be in charge and there is NO such thing as total equality. There simply isn’t. If you really think so close your eyes and go back to the last argument you had. What was it about? Money? Kids? Work obligations? Now imagine if the moment wouldn’t have happened because your husband simply said – this is what’s going to happen. Mmm… Different outcome, eh? Then imagine if you disobeyed. What do you think would happen? He’d give you a much needed spanking of course. As I continue this sensational journey of exploring all the options of spanking in general, I’ve come to realize I am allowing so many couples to explore this very incredible lifestyle through my eyes. For all my readers, thank you very much for your support. Anytime you want to ask questions or tell me a story, it’ll remain very anonymous.

So let’s talk implements – shall we? We’ve talked about the hand, a belt and even the spank me outsidedreaded paddle. Can you tell which one I hate the most? Oh I’m shivering. The cane is something that also takes a creative mind as well as a lot of technique. You have to be able to wield the thin rod in a manner that can inflict pain without causing damage. What do you think the cane is made of? Many people use birch as their preferred choice. The wood is pliable and can truly inflict the right about of pain on the ass, the breasts and yes for edge play even a woman’s pussy. No running away – people to indulge in this in moments of BDSM.

But for the spanker and the spankee, the cane is certainly a method that will leave the ass stinging and the spankee in a bit of anguish. Remember, there are different types of pain. Thudding – is like the paddle, a dense hit and you can imagine the sound the paddle makes as it connects across the naked buttocks. The concept is more like…


The cane is a stinging method. The spanker uses the snap of his wrist as he cracks the thin rod. The pliability is the reason this method is such a delicious and very painful manner. The thin stripe after the hit is complete will develop into a welt. It’s easy to land a strike on a particular area of the body, which is another reason this is used on breasts etc. It creates that single moment of stinging and burning, then the sensations drift away – until the next crack. Imagine…

“Bend over,” he said, a growl in his voice.

“But I didn’t do anything!” Amanda insisted, her heart racing. Of course she had. She’d been a very bad girl charging up the credit card to the max. As if her husband wasn’t going to find out. What was she thinking?

“Take off your skirt and panties and lean over the kitchen table or you’re going to get the belt. I can’t even begin to understand why you tried to hide the charges then lied to me. I honestly don’t understand.” David eased the cane from the counter, running his fingers down the smooth wood.


The sound as he slapped the stinging rod into the air was terrifying. This was going to be a painful whipping. There was no getting out of this. Amanda had known better. Maybe she was testing him. “Yes sir.” She kept her eyes on the cane as she removed her skirt, patting the thin material after placing it on the kitchen chair. Next came her panties, red in color, the color of what her ass was going to look like after the spanking. Gulping air, she realized she’d never felt so naked and she still had on her little top.

“The top too.”

Uh-oh. David was really pissed. When Amanda was fully naked she glided toward the table, her heart racing. She glanced out the kitchen window and wondered if there was anyone out there watching.

“Over the table. I need to make certain you understand how upset I am with you. I spanking in the kitchenhonestly thought we had more trust than this.”

The sound of David’s voice alone was devastating. She hated disappointing him. When she was stretched out over the table she closed her eyes. This she needed. She needed to feel pain in order to atone for her sins. Tears slipped past her lashes but they weren’t from fear or even dreaded anticipation. They were because she’d taken their trust and pitched it out the window. She deserved to be punished.

“Thirty strikes today.”


What do you think? The sting of thirty would be just enough to help Amanda remember for the rest of the day that her behavior wouldn’t be tolerated. Mmm… I think I feel the burn. I hope you enjoy and maybe you should ask for a spanking today? If you do, let me know how it goes.

Kisses and spanks…



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