Sex Toys & Writing Sin

Doesn’t that title give you a series of hot and wet tingles all over? Well I had one wicked dream last night (I usually do) and I woke up longing to grab a few sex toys. Don’t go running away blushing. I doubt there’s a female (and some males) alive who doesn’t have at least one snazzy little vibrator hidden away in a cubby somewhere. I have a drawer full of them. From vibrators to Ben Wa Balls and butt plugs to nipple clamps – I probably have at least one or four. LOL. Now I can say that Blond whipI use them for writing – and yes I do indeed. My very first book published, Treats in a Plain Brown Wrapper, was all about an erotic writer who orders sex toys off the Internet to add to her collection. Just so she can write about them. And of course the play on words here is that the UPS man in the big BROWN truck and he happens to be deliciously chocolate in flavor. That’s the sexy kicker to the story. It was fun to have her display them and this guy peer in through the window. You can only imagine what he was thinking.

The truth is as authors we do need to know what something feels like to write about it. Of course we all can’t go bull riding or roping, but you can describe what a rollercoaster feels like as you zoom down the hill or the taste of cognac as the smooth liquid slides down the back of your throat. For me purchasing and yes indeedy trying sex toys is not only integral to my writing but quite frankly necessary. And what’s wrong with pulling out one hot pink Rabbit vibrator? Multiple speeds with little nubs designed for sheer pleasure. Mmm… Or how about inserting a solid rubber butt plug and enjoying the feeling of being full, imaging a thick cock thrusting in and out. Blushing is not allowed when you read my blogs! You know I don’t hold anything back.

Have you ever inserted a butt plug and worn the piece out shopping, perhaps going to dinner or even to work? I think the thought is truly sinful indeed. I’ve known many a Butt Plugcouple where the Master requires her to wear a plug to work. Think about how sinful you’d feel as you sat behind your desk, casually talking with clients. No one knows about the thick piece inserted deeply. What about anal beads? The toy has several rubber beads attached together that you can pull or insert more throughout the day. What if your man calls you or texts you and simply says…

Pull two

Would you blush and have dazzling white-hot sensations dancing across your skin? I know I would. Purr-haps I’ve had just that happen more than once. Now imagine going to dinner with your man and he has the controller to the little bullet battery operated vibrator and all throughout dinner he flips the switch, varying between vibrations and pulses. Would you be able to keep your cool? Would you slide your hand in between your legs and swirl the tip of your finger around your clit until you were so hot you begged him to take you home? Devour you? Or would you encourage him into the bathroom of the very upscale restaurant and give him the blowjob of his life? Maybe all of the above.

There’s nothing wrong with exploring sexuality in many ways. I love to write a little bit kinky and a lota bit sexy. For women, and for men too, the very concept of having your partner use a strap on is way HOT HOT HOT baby. Men don’t run away or rule this out. You know that stimulating your prostate can lead to a very powerful orgasm. That’s why you enjoy having a woman slip her finger as well as her tongue inside. For men there’s something very sensual about extremely intimate when a woman feels free enough to rim him. When he lets go and is able to cum he’s drained but almost desperate for more. A strap on is the perfect way to sizzle a man’s prostate. If you Pink Rabbit Vibratorcould allow your woman to ease into one and carefully show you exactly why she enjoys anal sex so much, well I can tell you that you might just have the orgasm of your life.

And women, I can say I have been pleasured or given pleasure to another. Using a strap on is merely another way to enjoy each other, share in the kinky joys of sex. Besides, it’s playful. She forces you to your knees, slapping the tip of her big, thick cock across your mouth, telling you what a bad girl you are. Then she slides her dick inside your mouth, making you lick and suck your juices off. Hot yet? After fucking your mouth she pushes you down on all fours and just as her hand cracks across first one then the other ass cheek, reminding you she’s in charge, she thrusts her shaft deep inside. There might just be nothing better.

There are so many incredible sex toys out there. I’ve asked other writers, have you ever been writing and decided to use a sex toy as you wrote a scene? Have you ever clamped your nipples to truly understand that slice of raw pain that tingles every inch of your body? For erotic authors nine out of ten times their answer is honest and a big, fat yes. Raise your hands lovely ones if you have done this? Don’t be shy. We all have. I can’t help but smile. In a world where we devour erotic and highly kinky books like drinking a glass of water, the words leaving us insatiable and desperately hungry, we shy away from sex toys. There are plenty of discrete places to order online so you can try to your heart’s desire. Guys, order a few little things for your girl and plan a HOT weekend. Add a slinky nightie and a bottle of wine and there you go. You have a kink fest in the making.

Strap OnFor me I love sex toys, purchase them all the time, talk about them at conventions. I enjoy exploring more than most. For that I feel like a lucky girl. I hope you’ve enjoyed.

Kisses, licks and spanks…



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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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  1. Great post Cass and it’s not just girls that like to play 😉


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