When You Demand…”Untie Me!”

Is that followed by an “or else”?  Well it just might be. I write about sassy women, the kind of women you want to hogtie down and spank her ass until it’s crimson. Who better that to put her in her place but two very hunky cowboys? I have loved writing what I’ve called the “Un” collection. It started with a sexy little piece for an anthology that moved to a stand alone called Untie Me and something happened. We all like a touch of danger in our pieces we read or that unbridled moment of passion and fire so wild we are left breathless. This one will take a menage out for a spin. And on during one sizzling rodeo event. Come take the first taste. Releasing on the 17th…


Callie glanced at the rather tough looking cowboy sitting at the bar and couldn’t resist teasing him. Ricky was cute, in a rode hard and put away wet kind of way. “You know, I’ll bet I can finish the three shots of tequila before you can say bite me.” Licking her ruby stained lips, she gave the happy go lucky man a sinful grin. She knew how to UntieMe_Cover-smallhandle the men in the honky tonk bar better than most. A rough and tumble gal, she had a reputation for taking no shit from anyone, especially the cowboy wannabes who frequented the local establishments. She winked at her best friend, who promptly rolled her eyes. Nikki loved and nurtured Callie’s challenging behavior, usually giving equal guff. Somehow she had a feeling she’d be getting her usual lecture about how to treat the cowboys in town.

“You’re really gonna bet me, little lady? How about we just arm wrestle instead?” Ricky gave her a toothy grin as he leered at her, his eyes settling on her cleavage.

“I’m game,” Callie purred as she placed her elbow on top of the bar. “Just be prepared to lose more than your shirt.”

“Oh, the feisty woman thinks she can best me, huh?” Ricky reared back, giving her a heated once over.

“No, you don’t,” Nikki said through clenched teeth as she wrapped her hand around Callie’s arm.

“And why not?” Callie demanded. This was new.

Ricky snorted. “Cause she knows you’re a filly and can’t handle the likes of me.”

“The likes of you?” Callie huffed and thrust out her arm further.

“You know, a real man.”

Callie opened her mouth is issue a smart reply then noticed Nikki wagging her finger. “What?”

cowboy in chair“Remember tomorrow, as in your need your arm?” Nikki whispered, her eyes flashing.

Wrinkling her nose, Callie groaned. “Oh that.” She rarely held back but Nikki had a point.

“Oh that? Isn’t the festive event something you’ve been pining away for since God knows when?” Her smile saccharin sweet, Nikki pushed Callie’s drink in her direction. “Have another drink and relax.”

“I see. You know she’s really chicken,” he retorted and pursed his lips. “Women are only good for one thing anyway.” Ricky took a long pull on his bottled beer.

“One thing?” Callie snapped and gave him a harsh glare, more than prepared to give him a piece of her mind, maybe a round of bodily harm.

“Ricky, I’d watch out for Ms. Tigress here. She scratches and bites and given what I know about her she’s most likely rabid.”

“Rabid?” Callie huffed and the moment she turned to snarl at the mystery man she almost melted into the stiff leather barstool. Mr. Dreamy Eyes was her number one nemesis and he was killer good looking with ice blue eyes, sun kissed blond hair and a body that rivaled any man on the range or a modeling circuit. Zane Shepard had everything including money, talent and clout. And the jerk-off knew how hot he was and the kinds of effect he had on women too. She didn’t just hate him for his over the top arrogance. She loathed him for his skills on the rodeo circuit. The rope ‘em and ride ‘em star was the number one rider to beat, something she was determined to do. Then there was the single night they’d almost had an intimate tryst. Everything had been like oil and vinegar since the dubious night.

Ricky chuckled. “I think you might be right about that.”

Zane raised his eyebrow and patted Ricky on the back. “You know how we handle wild dogs in our neck of the woods don’t you, Ricky?”

“Mmm. Why don’t you tell me?” Ricky darted a glance at Zane, his eyes twinkling.

“We rope them, cage them, train them and use them to our heart’s desire,” Zane said casually, his voice deepening.

Callie gave him her sweetest butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-your-mouth smile as she slid off the bar stool and inched closer, hearing Nikki sucking in her breath behind her. She absently brushed the tip of her finger up and down the deep cleavage, the one showing every red-blooded male exactly what God had given her, and pursed her lips. “What’s your name again, Zippy or Zeus? Not that would be the name of an actual real man, not the geeky looking guy standing in front of me.

Zane stood his ground but his eyes flashed fury for a mere instant.

“Awe, cat got your tongue?” Swishing her hips, she closed the distance until she was close enough to inhale the ultra sexy scent of his cologne mixing with adrenaline laced testosterone. She was almost drunk on the fragrance.

“Quite the contrary. Merely waiting for you to make a bigger fool out of yourself,” Zane countered.

“Asshole,” Nikki exclaimed.

“Don’t worry. I can handle Mr. Haughty.” Callie allowed the tip of her finger to travel down from the middle of his chest to just above his thick leather belt, her eyes following her finger. “Besides, he’s just a little bitty boy.” For a split second her hand dropped a few inches and she giggled.

Ricky coughed, beer erupting past his lips. “Shit! Ballbuster.”

“It’s called a bitch.” Zane growled.

“And you’re a flaming asshole,” Callie snapped.


That was all Callie could take. No man called her the ‘C’ word. In a flash she raised her hand to slap him and Zane was too quick, wrapping his fingers around her wrist.Cowboy in jeans

“Don’t try it, sweetheart.” Grinning, Zane yanked her against his chest.

“Looks like a match made in heaven,” Ricky struggled to say.

“Mr. Macho doesn’t the goods to keep me occupied.” Callie was proud of herself for keeping her cool. That is until the electricity sparked between them and beads of perspiration trickled down her neck. She fought the moan that threatened to escape, giving her hot and wet condition away. She’d only been this up close and personal with the man who filled her nightly fantasies once and was having trouble breathing, let alone thinking clearly. He was just about the most delicious creature on the face of the earth but caustic was his middle name.

Zane shook his head. “You’re going to have to learn never to challenge me unless you’re prepared for the consequences. And I know you, Callie. You don’t have what it takes.” The words drawn out, he gave her an all knowing look, one screaming intimacy.

Before she had a chance to string together a nasty comeback, Zane crushed her mouth, instantly slipping his tongue inside. She was shocked to the core, but not just because of his abhorrent behavior. Her body was tingling, her pussy clenching and in a split second the scent of her raging desire wafted between then, perhaps all throughout the bar, screaming how much she wanted the rugged cowboy.

“My, oh my,” Nikki breathed.

“That’s the way to take what you want,” Ricky added.

Zane slid his arm around her waist, rubbing up and down as he arched her back, the kiss becoming more passionate.

Callie moaned into the kiss as goose bumps appeared on every inch of her skin. The moment of passion was off the charts and for a few blissful seconds there was no one else in the room. Her nipples became hard, the buds scraping against the thin lace of her bra. She couldn’t get the thought of dropping to her knees, wrapping her hand around the base of his cock and giving him a blow job like he’d never had before, one that she’d started on the infamous night. And she’d be happy to do so right here, in the middle of the crowded bar with all the patrons cheering them on. The spunky group certainly did appreciate sinful entertainment. That she knew from spending many a night in the wild bar. She longed to scream take me, use me, but knew that wouldn’t bode well.


Callie Bennett was a rough and tumble gal and she loved the fact she could drink a man under the table and still maintain her composure. Determined to be the next rodeo star on the circuit, she lived and breathed roping and riding, something the other all male cowboys seemed to resent her for. Paying no attention to their sometimes ugly comments, she bulldozed her way through, winning event after event. After being awarded the very last and highly coveted spot on the event of the year, one showcasing only the best with a salary to match, she was the talk of the town. Andcowboy 2 not in a good way. While her professional life was exactly where she wanted, her personal life was something else entirely. No man had the nerve to date one some called a shameless hussy.

Zane Shepard was one pissed off cowboy. A damn woman booted his best friend and partner off the rodeo team and he hated her like nobody’s business. The daunting news? He was also so attracted to her he fantasized every night about taking her rough and tumble style. However sleeping with the enemy wasn’t an option. When he found himself in a very compromising position with the red headed filly, he couldn’t hold back his charm. And then she punched him and the gloves were off. Now he was determined to shortcut her domineering ways and he knew just how to do it too. The thought of tying her down literally a powerful aphrodisiac, he developed a strategy and perhaps a deal with the devil himself. Too bad she had a rather kinky plan of her own and one that might just take them into pure ecstasy – the most sensuous ride of their life – if they could come to terms with their differences.

Two cowboys? Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about.



About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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