I love to touch and taste every day. We taste food, lick stamps, enjoy simple flavors like ice cream and chocolate, candy canes and Red Hots. Mmmm…my personal candy favorite. There’s nothing quite like the “pop” of a red hot in your mouth, the way the flavor sizzles. I truly love the heat. But then you already realized I love just about anything that sizzles, right? Yes, I am purring. The five senses are quite incredible. They give us the opportunity to experience things even if we have some limited senses. There isn’t anything as special as the moment we feel something or taste something, the gorgeous scent of our favorite perfume. What’s after the partyyour favorite scent? Do you remember something your mother cooked, your grandmother?

I’m a very sensual and a touchy feelie person. I love all senses and the sights and smells – give me tingles every day. I love to recreate the sensations in what I write, but I love to experience them more. Don’t you as well? Don’t you enjoy the bubble bath, pick your favorite scent, crave the simple taste of a glass of merlot? Now close your eyes briefly and remember the last time you touched your man, the lady who fills your fantasies. Did you tingle all over?

We touch things every day from people to clothes to objects but do we really “touch” them? I have been writing a lot lately about intimacy in a different way than having sex. While of course you touch while having sex, what about touching simply as an act of affection and admiration? For me there’s nothing more sensual and passionate than having the man touch me. From simply brushing a stray strand of hair from my drinking wineface to rubbing his hand down the length of my back, the little tingles I sometimes get are not only sweet but remind me about love. I think sometimes we forget just how important touching really is. I recently wrote a blog that received a lot of attention about spooning in bed and I actually had a wonderful discussion with some talented folks about not only how incredible their experiences were but there are people who have no idea what spooning is.

For the record it’s when two people entwine their bodies together. Imagine him behind you with his legs and arms wrapped around you, his face buried in your neck and you either snuggle and fall asleep or the intimate moment can be a prelude to something else. For me just the concept that my powerful man is protecting me in such a hold is just amazing and peaceful. But there are so many other ways couples can “touch” each other. Let’s look at a few ways.


Sometimes when you’re down, isn’t a hug from a family member or friend simply the perfect thing to do? No words even need be said and you can melt in their arms or feel compassion racing down their fingers. Now imagine your lover hugging you either good morning or goodbye before he leaves for work or simply to tell you in no uncertain terms he loves you. Again for me, having his strong arms wrapped around me simply reminds me he’s there, he cares and he loves me.


Yes, this is officially touching but with another name. This can be as gentle as a kiss on the cheek or as passionate as a French kiss but either way the moment usually leaves me with tingles all over and sometimes I want nothing more than to spend dripping jamhours kissing him. A lot of women comment that men don’t like to kiss but men I know love to kiss and enjoy spending time holding each other in front of a raging fire or watching a movie together cuddled closely on the couch and merely kissing throughout the production. The shared moment is sensuous and raw but so very affectionate.


For the lack of a better word to use, this for me is when he literally reaches out and touching my arm or the back of my neck with the tips of his fingers. Sometimes he aimlessly eases them down my back while we’re standing in line at a salad bar or when we’ve just made love and he’s brushing them up and down the length of my thigh. Boy, just typing the words gave me a shiver. I love when he sighs and says nothing yet I can tell by the smile on his face what he’s thinking.


When was the last time you did with your lover? Do you go to the mall and hold hands as you’re shopping? Do you hold hands while you’re waiting in line to get into a theater? Do you hold hands while you’re talking in front of the stove, waiting for dinner to finish? My guess is you can’t remember the last time you held hands. It’s a lost art and the closeness is phenomenal.


I truly love receiving a message but what I love even more is giving my man one. This of course can be entirely about rubbing sore muscles but I’m talking more about when you simply wake up in the morning or before you go to sleep at night and you pull back the covers and give him a back rub and possibly a body message. I find for men one of the most erotic zones are their legs. They love having their calves and thighs rubbed and I usually start from behind and then turn them over, making sure I also rub and caress every finger. By the way ladies, yes, it’s a huge turn on and most of the time does lead to something else but I’ve also put him into a dream like sleep with a warm smile on his face.

These are simply a few of the ways we can touch and if you thin about it, many of us really don’t do that any longer. We hustle and bustle about in our every day lives andhot lick on nipple forget that touching is vital. Yes, there have been stories on this and studies about how much longer people live if they’re touched. But in truth, it’s simply about being close to the ones you love. Isn’t it?

I write and hope readers feel every minute of something I describe. It’s very important to me. But what’s more important is what you have and share with the man or woman of your dreams. Never forget the power of touch – including all those delicious intimate parts. A single cupping of his crotch or a brushed finger across her nipple can mean something dazzling. The brush of his lips across yours more powerful than almost anything. Enjoy together and explore new ways to touch. Mmmmm…

I hope you’ve enjoyed.

Kisses   xxx


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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