Summer Sin… How About a Cowboy Menage?

Everyone who knows my writing knows I’m the rather wicked girl. I tend to write in all genres, enjoying spicing up stories that are HOT HOT HOT to begin with and certainly try new treats. Some thoughts about men and sex are just perfect – such as cowboys, a summer rodeo affair and a good hard spanking. You know a girl always needs a hard spanking before a romp in the hay, right? Don’t laugh… You know you want it.

SummerLovin_ButtonI’m lucky to be participating in Rebel Ink Press’ third anniversary celebration. I can’t believe I had my first story published almost three years ago. Since Treats in a Plain Brown Wrapper hit the e-book shelves I can’t stop writing. It’s simply something I have to do. This blog tour is an opportunity to tell you about all things we love about summer – for me everything but it’s the time I feel most free writing. There’s nothing quite like sitting outside, enjoying the fresh air and writing with music playing in the background. There are certain songs that evoke emotion and particular styles of writing. For those who know me realize I write sinful sex scenes to Nickelback. It’s a trade secret and one I tease about a lot. Let’s just say when you read this piece know that there’s a LOT of Nickelback playing in the background.

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Callie was like a kid in a candy story, ecstatic with joy and her heart racing with glee. And she couldn’t even celebrate her win and her place on the team with anyone. Nikki was on a date. She knew better than to try and buddy-buddy up to her new fellow cowboys and no one from her job truly had any idea what she was doing. They would now. The phone call to daddy had been less than a stellar moment in her life. Telling her father he was going to have to find someone else for four months was akin to sticking a hot poker in his eye. Or maybe her eye.

He’d been gracious enough to call her an idiot before slamming down the phone. She had a terrible feeling he wasn’t going to save her job for her. What the hell? Well, she really didn’t want to be an accountant for the rest of her life anyway. Boring. Suddenly the thought of ending up an old maid flitted into the back of her mind. Nope. She refused to be the plain Jane.

She turned on her favorite CD and took a step back. Fall Out Boy was exactly what she needed tonight. The heady alternative rock beat was invigorating, suiting her wicked mood. She swung around in a circle, sloshing wine out of her glass. She was already tipsy after three glasses of wine, but who cares? She was celebrating a hard win and she was going to do something incredible. Taking a sip of the rich cabernet, she danced around the couch, singing at the top of her lungs. Callie was as giddy as she’d ever been. This was the perfect day. Well, except for the nasty words Zane had said to her in the hallway after the event. You’re never going to amount to anything. The ugly words she would never forget. “Bastard.”

As My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark ended, she sauntered toward the kitchen. Hearing the door she stopped and debated whether to bother opening the door. She’d actually had to push away a reporter, one with a penchant for hating females in the riding arena. This was Texas living in the dark ages. Well, she was in a feisty mood tonight. She could handle them. Sliding her glass onto the counter, she smoothed her hair and headed for the entrance, throwing the door open with flair. UntieMe_Cover-smallShe couldn’t have been more shocked to see Zane standing on her porch. “Zane.”

He tipped his head back and studied her, his eyes blazing. “Unbelievable.”

“That I won?” When he said nothing for a full minute, merely stood gawking like an angry loser, she almost slammed the door in his face. She smelled liquor on his breath. “Well?”

“That you cheated.”

Hearing the defiance and certainty in his voice pissed her off. “You’re an asshole. You know that? You’ve always been an asshole and for some ridiculous reason I thought maybe we might be able to get to know each other better and maybe even…” There was no way she was able to hide the fact she was still turned on. Her simple cotton dress managed to accentuate her hardened nipples.

Zane pressed his hand against the door before lowering his gaze to her chest. “Even what, princess?”

“Don’t you dare call me a princess!”

“I’ll call you anything I want including a bitch.” Taking a step inside, he slammed the door and closed the distance.

Callie stood in her bare feet and suddenly felt very vulnerable around him. “And you’re a bastard.”

He held his finger up. “Sweetheart, you have no idea what kind of a hard time you’re going to have. Mark my words.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Oh yeah,” he glowered down at her.

cowboy in chairEvery part of her body was tingling and the combination of fury and desire was dragging her breath away and her mind into the gutter. Her lower lip quivering, Callie longed to find the right words to say, in truth to entice him, make him want her but she could tell he was disgusted with her. Maybe she was of herself. Blinking rapidly she looked away. “I’m not a cheat.”

“Yes, you are! Knowing you, you probably paid off one of the judges.” Zane scoffed.

“With what? I don’t care what you boys think. I don’t take my daddy’s money! I make my own.” She was now infuriated.

His eyes twinkling, he leaned over her so that his face was a mere inch from hers. “With…your…body.”

Whether he was being serious or goading her so that she’d quit, Callie no longer cared. Reading back, she put all her muscle into cold cocking him, but he was too fast for her and in a split second had both wrists in one hand, her arms above her head and her back shoved against the wall.

“Don’t think about it, princess. Ever. No matter what you think, you’re not going to get the better of me. Do I make myself clear?” Crushing his body against hers, he snarled, the words sharp.

Callie tilted her head in defiance. “And who’s going to stop me?” She knew she was playing with fire in several ways but she wanted him so desperately she no longer cared.

“Be careful little girl.” Zane shoved his groin into her, moving his hips from side to side.

“Yeah, or what?” Her words were more a whisper, her blood pressure rising.

“Or…” Swallowing hard, he darted his eyes back and forth. “Or I’m going to teach you who’s boss.” Capturing her mouth, he cupped her face and chin as he pushed his tongue inside, exploring.


Callie Bennett was a rough and tumble gal and she loved the fact she could drink a man under the table and still maintain her composure. Determined to be the next rodeo star on the circuit, she lived and breathed roping and riding, something the other all male cowboys seemed to resent her for. Paying no attention to their sometimes ugly comments, she bulldozed her way through, winning event after event. After being awarded the very last and highly coveted spot on the event of the year, one showcasing only the best with a salary to match, she was the talk of the town. And not in a good way. While her professional life was exactly where she wanted, her personal life was something else entirely. No man had the nerve to date one some called a shameless hussy.

Zane Shepard was one pissed off cowboy. A damn woman booted his best friend and partner off the rodeo team and he hated her like nobody’s business. The daunting menagenews? He was also so attracted to her he fantasized every night about taking her rough and tumble style. However sleeping with the enemy wasn’t an option. When he found himself in a very compromising position with the red headed filly, he couldn’t hold back his charm. And then she punched him and the gloves were off. Now he was determined to shortcut her domineering ways and he knew just how to do it too. The thought of tying her down literally a powerful aphrodisiac, he developed a strategy and perhaps a deal with the devil himself. Too bad she had a rather kinky plan of her own and one that might just take them into pure ecstasy – the most sensuous ride of their life – if they could come to terms with their differences.

I so hope you enjoyed!

Kisses   xxx




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