How Do You Measure a Man – a VERY Sexy One?

Well I think trying to measure a man period means so many things. Let’s face it, ladies – men are very different from us. We love them. We hate them. We want to kill them but we can’t live without them. And when they are oh-so tender or the dominant of our dreams – we swoon, right? But how to you measure the man himself? Not the sex. Not the gorgeous body. Not the money he makes or the car he drives but him. Is it how kind he is to people around him? Is it the fact he loves animals. Is it that he remembers your birthday and all the favorite things you love?Hot guy in dark car

For me the measure of a man I see in his eyes. I can swear I can see to his very soul with one glance. I look for that spark inside, the one that calls to me telling me in no uncertain terms he is so very amazing. He can be a hot power in business but for me he has to have integrity. Honor. He has to be a good guy – even if he’s all dark and dangerous. I love complex men, those who ride a Harley but look sexy as hell in a tuxedo. A man who can be a man, enjoying hard labor and sweat – lordy you have me.

So I am writing a sexy little piece with the title. I wanted to explore a good man who goes terribly wrong then… Well you know the drill. I hope you enjoy the very first taste of…


“You heard exactly what I told you. On your knees.” Jackson Sheffield gazed down at the man, the way his eyes were open wide, and inhaled deeply. The scent of fear, trepidation and longing to please was a heady aphrodisiac.

“I’m not certain I know what I’m doing. I mean I’ve only sucked a man’s cock a couple of times and I…” His voice trailing off, he wiped his forehead and groaned.

“Don’t lie to me, Brent. I can tell how much you enjoy sucking a man’s dick.” How many men had sucked his cock over the last months? A solid two dozen and none of them giving him any satisfaction. He never went beyond oral sex, found kissing to be reprehensible, but bringing a man to his knees was by far one of the most delicious aspects of his profession.

Brent laughed nervously. “You can tell that easily?”

“I can always tell.” Unfastening and unzipping his pants, Jackson’s eyes never left Brent’s face as he released his throbbing shaft. There was something about the investment business that simply turned him on. And he savored the control factor he had over a certain portion of his clients.

“My God your dick is… Shit. Fuck me.” Crawling forward he eased between Jackson’s legs, rubbing his hands up on the inside.

Jackson shifted against his desk, placing both hands on tops. From this vantage point he was able to see, study and appreciate his mass of personal wealth. He opened his legs wide and simply allowed Brent to touch him. This was a perk unlike any other.

Brent eased his hand between Jackson’s legs, cupping and squeezing his balls. Shuddering audibly he leaned his head down, darting out his tongue.

Kissing stomachThe first swipe of the tip sent him reeling. Jackson had been tense lately. The loss of two fairly important clients was putting Sheffield and Simon on edge. He and his partner were trying to recoup. Brent was merely a morsel but one who had a wealthy father and more influence in Chicago than a solid fifty percent of his clients. Controlling the dazzling Yale graduate and owner of one very up and coming real estate development firm was definitely a requirement. Having Brent as his sexual conquest would certainly solidify the relationship.  “Yes. Taste me. Lick me. Suck me.”

Brent lifted Jackson’s shaft and dragged his tongue down the underside to his balls. Swirling the tip of his tongue around the swollen sacs, he alternated between sucking and clenched them with his fingers.

“Fuck…” Jackson was surprised how much the sound of his voice rattled in his throat. He pushed his pants down past his chiseled hips, allowing Brent full access to his package.

He breathed a swath of hot air across Jackson’s balls before taking first one then the second into his mouth. Wrapping his hand around the base of Jackson’s dick, he pumped up and down, every move practiced and even.

Laughing softly, Jackson gave himself a high five having recognized the man’s need to a solid dick in his mouth. His balls were practically bursting as Brent continued to suck, his hand creating a slice of pain in the heightened level of friction. “Very nice. You’re a natural sucking a man off.  You have had practice.”

Brent grunted his answer as he released Jackson’s balls and licked up and down his shaft several times before taking just the tip into his mouth. He used his jaw muscles to clamp around, the sound of his wet mouth and the suckling effect floating between them.

For a few seconds Jackson was lost to the pure euphoria, his entire body tingling. He envisioned fucking this man, shoving his thick dick deep inside the young man’s ass, driving hard and unforgiving. He was a true sadist, preferring savage and extremely brutal sex. Few men could tolerate his needs. He placed his hand on top of Brent’s head, the gesture merely a subtle reminder of who was in charge.

Brent responded by holding his mouth clenched around Jackson’s shaft, his tongue continuing to trace circles and lines. As he sucked his hand met his mouth, stroking up and down.

“Jesus!” Jackson tilted his head back, studying the coffered ceiling, realizing he’d paid way too much money with the decorator. Every nerve ending stood on end as Brent sucking, taking his shaft down an inch at a time. “Take it all the way down. Every fucking inch.” Pushing Brent’s head, he realized his left leg was trembling, something that hadn’t happened in a hell of a long time.

The tip hit the back of Brent’s mouth and as he sucked, grunting every other second, he slipped his hand between Jackson’s legs. Brent wiggled his fingers between Jackson’s ass cheeks.

“Oh yeah.” As Brent’s fingers found Jackson’s asshole, slipping just inside, he jutted his hips forward, the force pushing Brent back.

He seemed to be able to take even more of Jackson’s dick, his throat so relaxed. His fingers moved further inside Jackson’s dark hole and he began thrusting in and out asThe-Measure-of-a-Man-Cover-small his other hand pumped the base of his cock.

“Yyyeeess…” Jackson was breathless, his balls filling with cum. This was an unexpected surprise. He face fucked Brent, his hips gyrating forward and backward. There was no mistaking the sounds of carnal activity and the realization his assistant was just outside the door was exciting. Grinning, he closed his eyes and gripped Brent’s hair, intertwining the long locks between his fingers. “Keep sucking. I don’t like to cum too soon.”

In the next few minutes Brent brought him close to cumming a solid three times then expertly backed off.

A full fifteen minutes later and Jackson’s balls were becoming blue. “Shit. Suck me off. Finish the job.”

It seemed as if Brent was greedy, his mouth and tongue working feverishly to suck Jackson dry. He continued thrusting in and out of Jackson’s asshole, his fingers flexing wide open.

Jackson almost dragged the boy from his knees and shoved his cock deep inside what he knew would be a tight ass, but he couldn’t. There was no way he was going to compromise the contract or his life. He didn’t give a shit about any man but himself. He squirmed as strings of cum slipped from his shaft, his balls aching to the point he had to grit his teeth. There was no more holding back, no way he could stop the orgasm. “Take it all. Don’t waste a single drop.”

Brent’s mouth clamped around Jackson’s dick, his gaze one of pure hunger and to his credit he didn’t allow a single drop to leave his mouth.


Jackson Sheffield wasn’t just powerful in business. The strapping ex-hockey player was an irresistible force in every endeavor he attached himself to. Feared by almost everyone because of his size and generally nasty demeanor, he savored his alone time, preferring a good cognac and a kinky book to human company. Determined to become a millionaire before turning forty, he parlayed his sexual prowess and keen eye into a business to be reckoned with. His ability? Turning certain investments into multi-million dollars for his very special clients. That is if they were willing to succumb to his unscrupulous terms of the deal. His marketing skills were well sought after and women and men alike vied for his very private time. What few people knew about him was his dark desires, those bordering on dangerous kink. Bored to death with his every day operations, when called to a meeting in Las Vegas by his richest client, he was more than ready for a change in venue.

Logan Reynolds knew a thing or two about jerk-offs and liars. A professional gambler by trade, his harsh tactics were well known on the circuits across the country. Often evaluated by the monies he won and lost, he was tired of being scrutinized. Hungry for a shift in scenery and a change in his life, he was determined to win the most coveted game in the United States and then call it quits. Giving up his God given talent wasn’t going to be difficult, but figuring what the hell he was going to do with the rest of his life certainly was. Faced with the toughest players in the game, he knew he had his work cut out for him, forcing him to push back every distraction and his tactics proved successful. That is until a brooding blond walked into the room, taking an interest in more than his game of blackjack. Instantly Logan knew the man was after more than just a good time. As the exchange of power went back and forth, he feared he’d met his match. Both men knew this was more than just a game, but how could you place value on the measure of a man?

Coming in September…

I hope you enjoyed

Kisses and spanks


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1 Response to How Do You Measure a Man – a VERY Sexy One?

  1. “We want to kill them but we can’t live without them.”

    Sadly, the ladies will eventually have to do just that – live without them. It may take a hundred thousand years or so but the outcome is inevitable. It all has to do with the Y-chromosome, which is sustaining damage it cannot repair. For some melancholy reading see –

    “Adam’s Curse: A future without men”, by Bryan Sykes.


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