The Art of a Hard Spanking…the Dreaded Hairbrush and…

A spanking in front of other people. Yep. That grabbed your attention didn’t it? The next book in the cue to be released is Decision, the second in the domestic discipline trilogy and my couple has to tackle the very concept. When I talk with couples who are in the lifestyle, some say they would spank their wife/girlfriend in front of others and some say it’s far too private. I’m not tackling the notion of the decision to do this as either bad or good. The methodologies are simply to each their own. But I do think both concepts are interesting. For couples who live the lifestyle, wooden hairbrushI’ve asked the question – what happens when you go on vacation or are staying at family member’s homes. For many they find a secluded spot, perhaps driving into the countryside, and he pulls her over his lap after retrieving something from the glove compartment to spank her with. What’s the perfect carry along implement that would never attract attention? Why the hairbrush of course.

Do you remember when you were a child and your mama maybe grabbed whatever she could find to swat your little ass? Hmmm… Well for me, the resident bad girl, she managed to snag a hold of her favored hairbrush and pop my butt a few times. The wooden piece managed to sting like a… Well, you know. But the method was definitely effective.

For couples, I think the hairbrush is a very good means of having her over the knee and being able to control his swings. He can land the slap right on her sit spot and have her squirming and crying. He can easily soothe her as he reminds her she’s supposed to be a good girl and not lie, cheat, charge up the credit cards – whatever her infraction. For the couples who discipline in the house, he can give her that look and tell her to go get the hairbrush and that she’s going to get a hard spanking. You can imagine the anticipation she would feel walking upstairs, her feet heavy, and picking up the thick wooden brush from the dresser. Just the feel of the cool wood in her hand must give her shivers. I know it would me. And it would seem like a MILE back to the living room where he’d already pulled out the hardback chair and is sitting with a very commanding look on his face.

Can you imagine standing in front of him, handing him the brush? Then he goes over why you’re here and what you’ve done wrong before instructing you to Girl being spanked with a wooden hairbrushpull down your panties and climb over his lap. Even worse when he tells you to get undressed completely. There isn’t anything more humbling than being naked as he takes you over his knee. You feel like a bad child, the one who deserves the hard spanking. Don’t you? Whoa, I’m shivering at the thought. The sound the hairbrush makes being slapped against skin is both terrifying and somehow exhilarating. And the hard thudding action – powerfully painful.

I think doing this privately, even while being out of the house can happen. It’s easy to hide the brush and carry it. All you have to do is find a remote location and push the seat back in the vehicle, have her slide onto her tummy, then give her the spanking she so deserves. Now imagine if you were out with friends, several couples, and she started acting up. My guess is you’d giver her that look – the one that said in no uncertain terms to behave. And of course maybe she’s had a bit too much to drink and she ignores the oh-so subtle warning. You give her some leeway to see if she’s going to figure out what she’s doing is bordering no man’s land.

When she continues both the bad behavior and usurping your authority you take her hand, perhaps lead her from the table and tell her quietly that if she continues, a spanking will come later.

Maybe for a little while everything is fine but another drink, a terse conversation and the behavior is worse. What would you do? Have your friends noticed something is off or are they used to seeing the couple, in the old days before practicing DD, arguing all they time? Hmmm… Do you simply wait and when you get home you give her the whipping of her life? That would mean you’re harboring anger and could help you lose control. You don’t want to do that of course. The intention is discipline, not a beating. Do you simply give her a little swat on the ass outside the restaurant and hope that stops her right in her tracks? Daunting questions, aren’t they?

What if you honestly realize she has to be helped understand that the disrespect will not ever be tolerated? You are the head of household and your responsibility is huge. You have to take control of the situation before she thinks she can get away with her actions. So you’ve made your decision on how to handle the situation. You politely tell your friends that you two have something to talk about and lead her outside. The truck has been strategically parked in the back of the parking lot and just out of sight of prying eyes… 

“What are you doing?” Samantha gasped.

Mark could tell she was shocked, horrified at what he was going to do. “You’ve been aspanking in the car bad girl and I’m not going to ever tolerate this kind of behavior.” He trotted toward the truck, her hand firmly in his grasp.

“But… But our friends are just inside. What if they see this?”

“You should have thought about that before you decided to mouth off to me.” Mark remained quiet until they reached the truck. He pushed her gently against the passenger door and gripped her shoulders. The sun was just setting and he could see how mortified she was by the look in her eyes.

“I promise I won’t do that again. I promise,” she wailed.

“No, my guess is you won’t. You were completely disrespectful and mouthy. You made a fool of yourself in there and I want better for you. I love you with all my heart, but this is going to stop. I’m going to give you a bare asses spanking here, then we get home you’re going to immediately remove your clothes and stand in the corner in our bedroom until I’m ready to finish your punishment. Is that understood?” He could hear the stern tone in his voice. He needed to make certain Samantha realized how disappointed he was.

”Yes, sir.”

“Good.” He moved her aside and unlocked the door. After pushing the seat all the way back, Mark climbed inside and took the hairbrush from the glove compartment. He could hear her ragged breathing, her tiny whimpers. The concept was going to be much worse than the actual spanking. After a full minute he patted his lap. “Remove your panties and I’ll help you over my lap.”

Her eyes were wide open. Samantha hesitated only briefly before glancing all around her then removing her thong. When she handed him the thin slip of material she moaned.

“Over my knees.” Mark helped her over and lifted her dress, exposing her ass. He rubbed both as he told her again that he loved her and wanted to help her be a better woman. Sighing, he tapped her ass twice with the hairbrush before issuing a series of hard spanks.

Crack! Whoosh! Slap! 

Now I must say, I think I personally would think twice about acting up in public. What do you think? Do you think this would be an effective method, both the implement and the timing? Let me know.

Kisses and spanks and I’ll give you a long taste of Decision tomorrow…



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