When Only Strict Discipline Will Do

I wasn’t surprised yesterday when I received so many hits on my blog. When I mention spanking to any degree I get a lot of readers. Why? I keep asking myself that and I think it’s for a couple of reasons. One – spanking, domestic discipline , head of household and every other acronym you can call the lifestyle is still a bit taboo. And two – we are a society who craves discipline. I truly think the majority of women want to have a man take a strong hand and men want to be in charge of their women. Now, there are just the opposite in how couples are and I think that quite a few men would enjoy a session of her being the Domme… But, as far as a lifestyle – askDecision_Cover-small your self that deep seeded question – do you think you need a spanking girls? Guys – don’t you want to place her over your knee sometimes and whip her ass for her mouth alone – all the sarcasm and the nagging? Uh-huh. Tell it straight.

I’m no different. I long for a strong handed man who will keep me in line, spank my ass when I need and punish me in other ways. Domestic Discipline is being practiced more often than you think. The man is usually in charge and the woman has to obey certain rules. If there are infractions – including when they’re out in public together – they are dealt with swiftly. As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, some HOH (Head of Household) will issue punishment right there, when the moment happens. My hero in Decision – the second in the DD trilogy – is no exception. He’s quite frankly had enough. Granted, as you read this section you’re going to realize there is something rather dramatic going on in their lives but you’re going to have to purchase the book (aren’t I wicked) to find out what. So enjoy and imagine if your husband took you over his knee today. Imagine…


“Guys. This is a celebration and David is right. The woman is not what we need right now.” Bruce’s words were firm.

“You say that now.” Shannon growled and paced back and forth.

“Don’t let it bother you, honey. The woman isn’t nearly the sexy gal you are,” Marcie said, her face beaming.

“He doesn’t seem to choose selectively who he fucks.” As soon as she said the words Shannon sucked them back, her hand floating across her mouth. “I meant…”

“We all knew exactly what you meant, Shannon. Exactly!” David longed to grab her around the wrist and yank her over his knee, spanking her ass. Her behavior was abhorrent and he wasn’t going to allow her to get away with it. No matter the guilt he felt. No matter the fact he’d egged on the event, Shannon needed to learn right now he wasn’t going to tolerate total disrespect. Tossing down his napkin he rose to his feet, thoughts rambling in his mind.

Shannon registered his anger, but the look was one of disdain.

Bruce shook his head. “It’s okay. We’ve all just had a little bit too much to drink and that woman took advantage. Nothing more.”

“Yeah. There’s a lot more. We’ll be right back. Then we’re going to finish our evening together.” Wrapping his hand around Shannon’s wrist, he tugged her gently but with enough power she was forced against his body. He lowered his voice so that only she could hear. “No matter what you saw or think that ridiculous kiss from a woman I hard over the kneedon’t know means, you aren’t allowed to disparage me that way. You don’t seem to respect what we’re trying to do.”

“Respect?’ Shannon asked through clenched teeth. “Like you have for me?”

David reigned in his anger. He merely wanted to teach her a lesson in behaving. For some reason he knew this was a line being drawn in the sand. “Understand what I’m saying to you. I didn’t appreciate what Anastasia did and I will talk to her if she shows her face in my office. I don’t need a client who attempts to play games by using sexual prowess. I also don’t need a wife who disrespects me. Now unless you truly want to make a scene in front of our friends, I suggest you come with me quietly so we can discuss your behavior.” He held the stance, kept his voice full of dark command, and simply waited for her to answer.

Shannon seemed to be debating, but her eyes never blinked. After a full minute she answered. “Okay.”


“Yes…yes sir.”

“Better.” Having no fucking clue what he was going to do, David nodded to the others before turning and pulling her gently but firmly out of the restaurant. The sky was crystal clear, stars filtering into the evening sky and while he walked toward the truck with conviction in his step, nervous energy made his mouth dry.

Shannon huffed but remained quiet until they got to the truck. “What are you going to do?”

Unlocking the door, he jerked it open and lowered his head as he released his hold. “I wish you didn’t push me so hard. Do you not understand that every time you push me, shove me into a corner I have no way of talking with you?”

“What you did…”

“What I did? Yes, I should have pushed her off hard, but I didn’t expect a grown woman to grope a stranger in the middle of a restaurant.”

“And I didn’t…”

“Stop right there!” David turned toward her. “I know what you witnessed coming out of the bathroom was horrible and for that I apologize, but your behavior was reprehensible. There is zero reason you are allowed to act like that. Zero. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Shannon looked away.

David took her chin into his hand, pulling her face forward. “Do you?”

“What do you want me to say? Go fuck her with my blessing?”

“Jesus Christ. You honestly want to go down this path?’

“I want my husband back!”

“Then…” Grimacing, he held back the ugly words. “Then act like my wife, the one who told me she not only wanted to be obedient but craving a strong hand. Do you remember her?”

“I…” Shannon groaned. “I do.”

“Good. Then you know what’s about to happen? Do you understand what must happen?”

Clucking her jaw, she swallowed hard and nodded. “You’re going to really spank me here? I mean right here?”

“That’s exactly what’s going to happen.” David fiddled with getting the glove compartment open. If someone would have told him he’d actually use the hairbrush he’d stashed two months before in a public place he would have scoffed. Now he was glad he had the implement handy. This wasn’t about a severe spanking, but more of an exchange of power, allowing her to truly understand he wouldn’t tolerate such ridiculous behavior.

Shannon remained quiet but her breath sounds skipped. She darted glances over her shoulder and all around them.

They were parked in the back of the lot and while cars were all around them, there were no people close by that David could see. He eased onto the passenger seat and That lookpatted his lap. “Take off your panties and climb over my lap.”

“You’re not serious.”

“I’m very serious. Don’t make me ask you again.”

Taking a step back, she fisted her hands and slapped them against her sides. “This is silly.”

“Just like the display in the restaurant,” David countered. “Now take off your panties and hand them to me.”

Shannon merely hesitated for another few seconds before carefully fumbling under her dress, managing to rip down her panties without exposing anything. Lowering her head she inched closer and held out her hand. “Here.”

“Thank you.” Pocketing the silk thong, he patted his lap. “I’ll help you over my lap.”

Moving closer still, her body rocked back and forth as he place her over his knee. “I’m sorry. I’m just…”

“You don’t have to apologize. We’ll talk more when we get home.” Pulling her over his lap, he raised her dress, exposing her naked ass, and gulped. You can do this. You have to show her you are strong and unwilling to take bullshit. The words screaming in his mind seemed so shallow to him, so jaded.

Her breath sounds strangled, Shannon lowered her head to the seat and whimpered softly.

David rubbed his hand across both ass cheeks. “I understand your frustration. I honestly do. Tonight you simply exploded with concerns and anger levels that only had to do somewhat with what happened with Anastasia. You told me I needed to be a stronger master with you, a better husband and that’s what I’m going to do. There is no question. We start tonight.” He reached for the brush, holding the method of discipline in his hand for a few seconds, marveling at the feel of the cool wood. Yes, this was the right thing to do.

“Yes, sir.”

Slap! Crack!

“Ooohhh…” Shannon moaned, her legs twitching, her hand slapping back to her ass,

David pushed her hand away. “You know the rules. You can honestly be a very good woman, a wonderful wife and I love you.”


Honor and obey. Those were the two words Shannon Parker had committed to when signing the contract and entering into an alternative lifestyle with her husband. Embracing the challenges of domestic discipline with David was without a doubt a last ditch effort to save their crumbling marriage. Discipline and a strict regimen helped her focus and for a few weeks everything was almost perfect. Almost. Then she began to unravel, the willful and highly opinionated woman she’d been bleeding through her newfound restraints. She needed more from him and he simply wasn’t available, so she made a series of choices. Now there was a new word and it was ugly. Betrayal.

David was confused, concerned about his growing resentment toward her lack of obedience and his need to take more control. Instead of being the mentor and teacher she so craved, he was nothing more than an argumentative spouse, allowing Shannon to break the rules. His business booming, time restraints alone kept him for pursuing his dominant role. But there was more. Guilt. Something he was going to have to face in an effort to bring them closer together. When her behavior became increasingly childish, he was determined to tame her – until one fateful night, one that opened his eyes to the woman hiding behind an obvious mask.

A damaged marriage, broken trust and two souls bent on achieving more. Coming to terms with the state of their marriage wasn’t easy, and the decision made was difficult as well as life changing yet again. Finally, they both had to face haunting secrets. Was it too late to save something so precious?

This is the second in the trilogy series starting with Anticipation. Look for the stunning conclusion in the upcoming months.

I so hope you enjoyed…

Kisses and spanks…




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1 Response to When Only Strict Discipline Will Do

  1. Hallo 🙂

    The BDSM manuals tell you nothing about how to handle what looks in the beginning to be straightforward discipline but rapidly develops into full-blown infatuation.

    Her remorse was genuine, as believable as the offence. No role-playing for her. She’d already sentenced herself, and by my standards she wasn’t going to see the rod spared.

    No need of details, they are not the point of my post. Suffice it to say, she suffered. Only when it was all over did it dawn upon me how stoic she’d been. Then the sky began to grow lighter. Another dawn was approaching, and it would have far-reaching consequences.

    She was a loner, at least in her implementation of justice. No close-confidant to approach, to unburden herself. Then Google presented my website to her. I still smile at remembering how she related the research which that gift from Google triggered.

    September 28 in the year 2011. Almost two years ago. That timid knock at my front door. “I almost ran away!” she later admitted, her face that wonderful mixture of embarrassment and elation. Yes, there’d been a flurry of emails beforehand, but they invariably lead to a stillbirth. To use another metaphor, her messages would become a thriving infant.

    She liked toasted cheese sandwiches, with a smear of pickle. She’d bring gifts of chocolate and, choosing her moment, slip them into my hand. We’d go shopping together, walking side by side. She wanted to live with me. I was the father-figure she’d never had.

    There was nothing illegal or illicit about our relationship, and we were never lovers. But others close to her knew what was best for her. The final showdown was traumatic, occurring a few days before Christmas, in the year 2011. Just short of three months since that knock on my front door.

    I still follow her Facebook page, but keep very much in the distance. I have no idea as to what surveillance she might be under. Her Punishment Book is still up, but accessible only to her – and me. Perhaps she visits it at night, crouched in her bedroom wardrobe, tablet upon her knees. And I still love chocolates. Only now, as I screw the wrapper into a tight ball in my fist, I can feel the blazing sting of tears behind my eyes.

    The BDSM manuals are mute. How could they know that love would indeed change everything.

    www dot kurrattan dot net slash audio slash mp3ss82A dot htm

    Eric Carwardine, in Perth, Western Australia


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