Sinful…When You’re Craving the Unknown


He noticed her from across the room and for a few minutes he was unable to breathe. Mesmerized, he had one thought in his mind – a kiss. Laughing, he knew better. Dear God he wanted her body writing underneath him. Sweating, he rubbed his face as his thoughts remained lurid. He didn’t even know her name, had no idea if she was involved or if she’d slap his ugly face for even a mention that they should maybe have coffee. His heart racing, he placed his hand on his chest and moved closer. The light couple holding in black and whitesomehow managed to dance across her long strands of hair. His cock twitched and for a few precious moments there was no one else in the room. Could he approach her? He laughed. He hadn’t done something so bold in years. What a minute, years? Ever? Groaning, he shoved his hands in his pockets and a just at that very moment an incredible vision slipped into the dark and dangerous reaches of his mind – sharing raw sex with the woman of his dreams… This was what he craved.

Mmm… Yes, what I think we all crave – a man or a woman who simply longs for us. There isn’t a single one of us who have fantasies about someone we’ve never met or perhaps have met and have NO clue what they are about. Their sexy butt or willful smile captures our eye and we are oh-so hooked. You bet I’ve been there. You bet I’ve had…um moments of raw passion with a man who I only knew his first name. And yes, the very moment was absolutely incredible. I can sigh and imagine what others hunger for.

I love passion and sex. I love the thought of taking the moment of intimacy to an entirely new level. So I ask you… Have you ever wanted to have sex with someone you just met? You know what I’m talking about. You perhaps have talked on the phone or have emailed over a few weeks or months and you really like the person, develop a Grabbing her legsfriendship and then you have an opportunity to meet. Imagine if the sparks flew and you really liked each other. Would you engage in something so brazen as to enter into a physical relationship? Safe sex is of course very important to all of us and it’s something that we are more consciously thinking about given the explosion of social media. I also know from personal experience that people can be anybody they want to be behind a computer from boasting about their lives to the way they look and they could even be criminals. But…all the fears aside – could you? Could you tempt then taste? Could you push aside all your inhibitions for a very wild moment? We all to. We all need to have something that’s just about us.

We all go about our day to day activity, owning up to our responsibilities. We all work hard and come home at night to do yet another job or five. That seems to be the way of the world. For you and I at times – when we’re very much alone – we hunger to be the person we used to be. You know the one I mean – that guy or girl you were twenty plus years ago, the one who would take…no…crap. And the one who would love and fight passionately, indulge in sexual activity that was simply put – yummy. LOL. I know. Your mind is going back to those moments in time

There’s something I think very tasty and almost dangerous about the thoughts of entering into such a type of relationship. Whether you consider it a one night stand or something that might turn into something bigger. It’s hot to want a guy or gal you’ve never met and enjoy each other’s bodies. I’ve asked friends who I’ve met on line whether they have or would consider and many of us have a crush or five from Facebook to yahoo groups and even over the twitter lines you can spark up some serious heat.

Is there anything wrong with it? Well I think that depends on your definition of whatsexy on sheets you want out of the saucy moments and if you’re in a relationship. The new trend in indeed that social media has destroyed many a marriage and again I think because the dangerous persona and uninhibited aspect is simply so very tempting. Let me ask you a question, what about speed dating? It’s another hot trend that singles usually do in their areas to try and meet someone. Generally a location hosts the event you get anywhere from three to five minutes to talk about yourself and see if there’s a spark before moving on to another table. Hmmm… I think I like the aspect of getting to know a person on line more. The entire concept is sexier to me.

Think about it this way, if the guy is anything like he purports himself to be – if the sparks fly on line imagine in person. I’m not condoning or negating but I can tell you from my wicked little worlds there are a few I wouldn’t mind meeting. There are true consequences to what we choose and in decisions we make but we only go around once. What I’m simply trying to tell you is that don’t hesitate if you hunger, if that man of your dreams suddenly looks in your direction. You never know what’s going to happen. Now do you?

Kisses and spanks…xxx


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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