The Art of a Hard Spanking…the Wooden Spoon

It’s been one of those stressful weeks. You know the kind I mean – a few times I was so angry I could scream and other times I had tears in my eyes. So much of the time I had no idea why. I think we all go through stressful periods in our lives where we simply need to vent or do what I call giving a primal scream. I know that many couples who live a DD (Domestic Discipline) lifestyle actually practice maintenance spankings or he gives her stress relieving spankings. AtWooden Spoon first I thought – that’s wouldn’t do anything for me. Then I realized I think concentrating on the anticipation then the pain of having your bare ass spanked would allow me to immerse myself in the moment, cry until I’m sobbing or yell and whine to the world. Mmm…. Imagine how much release and relief you’d feel if you could just ball your eyes out.

I now completely believe in a hard spanking to relieve stress. If my guy knew when I came home it was just time to pull out a chair, sit down and give me that look…. Whew. The tingling and slight hint of fear would truly be a moment of delicious anticipation. Now what could he use as a little reminder that I need to stay in line, follow the rules and in general not bite anyone’s head off? Well perhaps something that’s easy to find and it seems everyone has around the house – a wooden spoon. We stir sauce with it and cream eggs. We usually keep the long handled piece in our handy kitchen drawer and never think anything odd about the little cheap implement – now do we?

Well I can tell you it’s a pretty effective little tool. I’ve talked about many implements during the course of my discussions about spankings. I think the beauty of a wooden spoon is the fact it’s lightweight and can be used in very targeted areas. Whether he’s spanking you on that sit spot that will HURT for a few hours or the tops of your thighs, the hard slap can be given in a very practiced method. I know many couples who keep the spoon in the glove compartment instead of the dreaded hairbrush. There’s something about the sharp sting being slapped against your backside that grabs your attention.

For many couples this is the preferred implement. The head of household seems to have a real handle on the flick of his wrist. He can issue a ‘snap’ and bring instant moans and whimpers. The more I think about it the more I know I need a little discipline. All kidding aside, I think for couples who live the lifestyle there are different implements used for different reasons and sometimes it’s all about the spanking in the kitchenseverity of the rules infraction. I can imagine arguing in the kitchen and the moment getting heated. Maybe I just came home from a very stressful day at work and there’s something that simply sets me off so I snap at him, give him a piece of my mind. Course I’m really screaming at the asshole customer who I longed to reach through the phone and yank off his… Well, you get the drift. Do you think your husband should take the brunt of your bad day? Uh NO. My guess is as a HOH he’s going to realize what’s really going on BUT he’s certainly not going to tolerate your insolence and disrespect. So what’s he to do?

“I have no idea why you always do this shit!” Tammy snapped as she glared at the kitchen counter. Steve’s shit was all over the top, covering just about every inch. The last thing she wanted to do was clean up. “Damn it you make me so angry!” Tossing her purse on the kitchen chair, she huffed and moved toward the cabinet. It was time for a glass of wine.

Steve exhaled slowly but remained silent.

She didn’t even bother to ask him if he wanted a glass of wine. He could get his own. Damn the jerks today. Tammy couldn’t believe the last moron in particular. He’d been abusive and nasty, calling her names and saying in no uncertain terms he was taking his business elsewhere and… Suddenly she realized Steve was quiet – way too quiet. Swallowing a gulp of wine she turned around. The look on his face reminded her of many things, including the fact she’d just broken about a bazillion rules.

Steve titled his head and pointed toward her glass of wine. “Put down the glass.”

“I’m sorry. I mean I didn’t mean to snap at you. It was a bad day and I had these jerk offs for customers and I didn’t get a lunch break and at one moment I had…”

“I said,” he interrupted, the tone of his voice stern, “put down the glass down now.”

A trickle of apprehension raced down her spine. Obeying instantly, she almost dropped the crystal stem on the floor. After sliding the glass across the counter she looked down, heat rising to her face. She knew what was coming and hell, she deserved no less. “I’m sorry.”

“Not good enough. You’ve been nothing but disrespectful for over a week. I understand your job is very stressful right now, but you’re not going to take out your frustrations on me or in our home.” Steve pulled out a drawer and gave her a look.

What was he doing? When she noticed the wooden spoon in his hand she gulped. The damn thing hurt like hell.

He shook his head and tugged a chair from the kitchen table. Sitting down, he pattedwhen he arrives his lap. “I’m going to give you a much needed spanking right now. This bad behavior is going to stop. Do you understand me?”

“But I didn’t mean to and I…”

“Come here now. Remove your panties.”

A bare assed spanking. He was serious. Her nerves racing off the charts, she inched toward him, her heart thumping. She kept her eyes locked onto the damn spoon as she removed her panties, feeling every bit the bad little girl.

“You know better than to backtalk me. We’ve been through this before. I think you need more structured discipline to help ease your tension. We’ll discuss the frequency of your spankings this weekend.” Steve patted his lap. “Come here.”

Very slowly she closed the distance and the moment he eased her over his lap she whimpered. Dear God she needed this, needed to release of all the ugliness pent up inside of her. She longed to feel better and to…


“OWE!” The first slap was hard and grabbed her attention. Tammy jerked up.

Steve placed his hand on the small of her back. “Stay still. I love you and want nothing more than to help you.”

As he issued a series of hard slaps she lowered her head, allowing tears to slip from her eyes. And after a few minutes she felt her tension easing.

What do you think? Would this work for you? A little hard spanking to relieve the stress of a terrible week? I know the answer for me… Tell me what you think.

Kisses and spanks   xxx



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3 Responses to The Art of a Hard Spanking…the Wooden Spoon

  1. Very often the needy is so stressed-out by anger and disappointment that coherent negotiation is impossible. Her words would come across as a hysterical tantrum and his sullen resentment would only amplify her distress.

    I’ve helped more than one couple solve this impasse by a completely wordless approach. She would leave the strap on her bedroom pillow. That would be his signal to go into action. Long, long after the last blow was struck would come perhaps the only word spoken. A soft, almost reverent, ‘Thankyou’.



  2. Tania says:

    Hell ya I could only wish my other half would take the freakin hint , at times I so emotionally need the release of s good spanking that I egg him on and he still doesn’t get it .. Which then makes me more Saucey and rude just wish he would get it, sometimes when he has had enough I get it good, start 10-15 with pants on then 10-15 panties the rest bare leaves my bottom red with a little sting. Maybe he needs to move up an instrument or spank harder


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