You’re a Woman Who Needs a Hard Spanking

I actually woke up to that phrase this morning from a Dom friend of mine, one who knows I’m a bit ballsy, willful and at times needs to be tamed. I honestly hear that a lot. Maybe cause I am and I do. LOL. It’s been a tough few months for me – adjustments with working again full time and night meetings. I’ve had some people I thought I respected treat me like crap. I’ve had friends die – most recently the incredible cover artist for Naughty Nights Press. I’ve had some joys When only a spanking wil doand made some good friends, but in truth, I’ve changed a hell of a lot as a woman. I’m not certain all for the best. I think I do need strict discipline. What do you think?

It’s Labor Day and in truth a day that I will always remember as being very personal and life changing. Three years ago today I submitted a book I’d been editing and fixing, had sent in to four publishers with various comments and had been turned down. Sure, I was at the point I wasn’t certain what to do and self pubbing was not on my radar back then. I had a nice email from a guy friend on Facebook who asked me to take a chance on a new e-publisher and I thought – what the heck? I have nothing to lose.

On Monday, Labor Day, I sent in Treats in a Plain Brown Wrapper – one of my favorite books today – to Rebel Ink Press. On Tuesday morning I had an acceptance letter. As you can imagine I was thrilled to death. I was going through some VERY difficult times personally then and the nod was bittersweet. My writing has changed. It’s very prolific and I’m not well liked – I think honestly because I’m so prolific and so many people think I’m wealthy now. Guess what? HA. The business of writing, like anything else, takes time. It takes hard work, a hell of a lot of marketing, more time, more crafting, more talks, more socializing, more bullshit. more… Well, you get the picture. Don’t worry – I’m not complaining. In fact I am  honored to be a part of the world of writing. It was my dream since I was a little kid.

I have been writing since I was five – no kidding. The very first writings were poems so I’m also proud to now say I have a poetry book out with a second coming soon. I have a wildly graphic imagination so I’ve written everything from interracial to BDSM, Domestic Discipline to aliens playing with the Food Network – yep I did one just like that. I love vampires and horror, were-tigers and same sex pieces. So I write them. Maybe I write too much. Maybe I saturate my own market. I love what I do.

I have learned to respect so many people. I was never prejudice but now I am floored by the things I’ve learned from couples in Domestic Discipline relationships and BDSM or D/s situations. I try and really learn my craft and one of the highest compliments has been that I do indeed bring the reality of a D/s relationship or play partners with BDSM into a real light – a real story. What an honor.

So on this day – where I know that some things will have to change with my writing, marketing etc to get me to the next level, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been here guiding and goading, prodding and yelling at me – and the readers and fans who make this a joy. I want to give back so tell me your favorite character/book and why it touched you and you get a choice of any of my back books. I’ll limit it to five today so think about it and let me know.

Here’s the synopsis from the very first book and the one from my HOT next collection that will be coming out September 17th. Later today I’ll give you a long excerpt of Sin City – Deception and see what you think.

Thank you again. As always you inspire me.

Kisses and spanks and yes I am needing volunteers to really spank this girl.



It was fascinating how everything yummy seemed to come in plain brown wrapping. Indistinguishable. Just like the naughty little toys Trista Rogers ordered for research to enhance the writing of her erotic books. Treats almost always delivered by her fantasy lover in chocolate brown – the UPS man. The dark cocoa hunk, Al Weatherby, had been on her hit list since he’d taken over her route several months before. The TIABPW_CoverNEW-smallman filled more than one night of her raging fantasies. Sometimes she ordered from the Internet just to tease him with her long red hair, creamy skin and perfectly selected clothes. Sadly, she’d never tried anything with him. Until one blustery fall day. Asking Al inside for a frosty drink, the afternoon quickly turned passionate. As sparks flew they both knew they wanted more. Or did they?

After planning a sinfully delicious event, another driver appeared in Al’s place. Devastated, Trista had no idea what happened and she grew incensed, promising never to allow UPS to deliver again. Fortunately Trista quickly learned that the best surprises came in six foot something discrete brown boxes.

But Al had everything under control, including just how to handle the feisty woman. Complete with his own special basket of toys to help her with research, copious rounds of hot sex, a little voyeurism, and bodacious amounts of experimentation ensue.

Deliveries will never be the same again.


What sins of the flesh do you hunger for and exactly what would you offer in order for a taste? 

For entrepreneur Taynen Salinger, Sin City meant more than simply paying homage to the sizzling desert town. The highly respected and equally selective firm, catering to men who lived vicariously every day, had made him a millionaire. A tough taskmaster, anonymity was the name of the game in a town where mistakes could prove to be deadly. Providing everything from well-coiffed escorts for premier events to the kinkiest of fantasies, only the amount of monies spent held any inhibition. His SinCityDeception_Cover-smallemployees were hand picked and specially trained in the areas of art and music, politics and finance, fine dining and wine – as well as the black arts of BDSM.

For the men of distinction, protecting a town ridden with questionable politics, crime-ridden streets and difficult financial times, Sin City was more than just a respite. Only Taynan’s carefully selected men seemed to soothe the savage beasts dwelling inside his clients. For some of his customers, understanding the ramifications of certain decisions made had proven to be costly, yet the men came back for more. However, in a town where everything is on the menu for a loaded price, what happens within the hallowed city limits must stay locked inside Pandora’s Box. Or else…


For Cody Wallace, life as an undercover DEA agent had garnered him respect, but he was weary from enduring the seedy life on the ugly streets of Reno. His last case had taken him deep inside a family of drug lords for almost two years. Arriving back in Las Vegas, he was forced to hide out for fear of retribution. Battle weary and hungry for companionship, finding a lover who could tolerate his arrogance and desire for the darker side of sex had proven to be next to impossible.  A secret recommendation had brought him to Sin City and he was instantly taken with the owner’s personal selection. After all, the man personified dark and dangerous.

Ruger Collins was an ex-Green Beret and was well versed in methods of torture. Known as the toughest of the Sin City men, he specialized in providing aspects of perceived peril for those craving a moment of euphoria. Few could handle his raw brutality and fewer still came back for more. Cody was the exception. Embarking on a steamy adventure, their time together was cut short when Cody was called back into service. After a series of mistakes proved to be costly for Cody, he was forced to trust Ruger with his life. Drawn into a world of pure evil, the art of deception managed to keep them both alive – that is until one man unraveled the secret and the threat became real.


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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2 Responses to You’re a Woman Who Needs a Hard Spanking

  1. It would have been much better if you’d woken up to a quietly-spoken “I’ll be somewhere close when you need me.”

    The scene is littered with the picked-clean bones of Dom’s who thought “Have hand! Will use it!” The reason some spankers are in great demand is their uncanny gift of making known their ability and their considerate willingness without ever announcing it.

    The best-ever demonstration I have ever seen occurred at a ‘vanilla’ party. She was growing more and more obnoxious. Maybe it was the drink, maybe the laxative that hadn’t yet worked. Or maybe she was just being unconsciously precocious. Whatever the reason brows were beginning to wrinkle.

    I hadn’t noticed his approach, and indeed I don’t think anybody was aware of his presence – not even her – until he spoke …

    “Do we need to talk?”

    You could hear the bubbles bursting in the champagne. Or maybe it was the enormous strain on her face, neck, and chest, as they struggled to cope with the violent blush that engulfed them. Guests seated within earshot seemed also to undergo a colour change. Perhaps it was envy, possibly a dash of schadenfreude for the sole male. Everybody who heard those softly-spoken words instantly completed a picture around them.

    Sometimes words fewer even than five are all that are necessary. I watched as her coffee cup descended, like a hovering moon-lander, toward its saucer. Touch-down, but her fingers retained their grip. Then, the raised eye-lids, the moist, wide-open, unblinking eyes. Her teeth savaging her lower lip. Message received – and understood. With the sound still in my mind of those five little words, spoken at a party so long ago, I half-smiled “Come here.”

    Not all the scientists alive today, nor all those yet to be born, will ever understand the awesome magic of human communication.


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