A Submissive’s Promise to the Man Who is Her Sir

For couples living the D/s lifestyle, both the Dom and the sub honor each other with certain promises. Some are stated in words only while others are put in writing. Sometimes there’s a contract and sometimes the special and very sacred words are merely a telling, almost a poetry of the inner self of the couple. They are pledging not only honesty, loyalty and devotion, they are also promising they will take their respective roles seriously. Being in a D/s relationship is, in my humble opinion, an utterly amazing acknowledgment of needs versus wants. A Sub Needs to Feel

From the submissive’s point of view, she’s found the one man she can trust with everything she has and know that no matter what happens, her Dom is going to protect her, guide her and nurture her. There will be times he will be strict, a strong disciplinarian. There will be other times he’s almost romantic, giving her undying love as well as his full attention. He’s always going to expect her to follow the rules, be obedient in all manners of sexuality and to be true to herself. For her utter devotion she will have all of him – all his good and bad, his love and hunger. 

For her, the moment she’s realized this is the moment, the man and the one she can call her Master is not only eye opening, but will fill her with blissful peace. For so many submissives, they want to make their own promises, their vow of loyalty to the man who captured not only their heart, but their body and soul as well. Can you imagine the concept? Can you imagine giving your life, health, happiness and well being over to one man? Can you imagine calling him your Master? Daunting thoughts for those in a vanilla life. Powerful ones for those longing for D/s. 

Bonding SayingAnd when you find the right one – you are nothing but euphoric. From my beloved On Becoming His collection is Jessie’s promise to Luke. She had nothing but absolute undying love for this man. She wants nothing more than to please him, honor him, but she is human. And yet she so believes. Enjoy and if you are lucky enough to be in such a wonderful relationship – I applaud you.


I will be truthful at all times with my Sir as well as with myself

I will strive every day to be a better and more loving person

I will honor my Sir in every act and every word, realizing the reflection of our life I share

I will understand I will falter in my behavior and learn to forgive my misguided ways

I will never fault my Sir for punishment given

I will ask for what I want, knowing I may not be allowed

I will learn how to please him in my continual journey into devotion

I will willingly take any punishment Sir requires without complaining, allowing my inner self to learn

I will educate myself every day with regard to our journey in order to completely embrace the lifestyle and my place

I will realize my Sir will falter in his methodology and help him understand more another hold 2about my inner being and our combined desires

I will never deny him sex for any reason, as the shared intimacy is a special connection and one that must grow stronger

I will never disrespect my Sir in public

I will strive to become more spiritual in my thoughts and needs about our lifestyle

I will allow him control in every aspect of my life, knowing he only wants the very best for me

I will promise to love and cherish his needs above my own

I will honor his requests and relish as my own

I will forever give him reasons to want more

I will…love

I promise

I so hope you’ve enjoyed.







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